December 29, 2009


Here are some Stretch & Bobbito/ Halftime radio freestyles hitting the decade+ old mark, aged to perfection.

Black Thought on Hot 97 with Stretch & Bobbito, 1999
(freestyling on OC&Buckwild's 'Burn me slow' instrumental on Stretch & Bobbito's XL Show)

Pace & Young Zee on WNYU Halftime Show January, 1999
(I threw this one up last year, but here is the re-up by request)

Rahzel & Scratch on WNYU Halftime Show February, 1999
(Scratch lays down the human beatbox for Rahzel to freestyle)

Cella Dwellas on WKCR Stretch & Bobbito, 1999
(freestyling on Eminem's 'Scary Movie' instrumental)

Prince Po on The Halftime Show, 1999
(I think this is an Xzibit or Alkaholiks instrumental?)

Stronghold crew on The Halftime Show February, 1999
(threw this one up on Mass's site for his Life Long interview)

Enjoy the New Year in 2010!

December 20, 2009

Drum Crazy 17

Here goes part 17 in the Drum Crazy series. Check out my youtube page to see all 17,
send a friend request, subscribe, hit me up, etc.

December 17, 2009

The Live guy with glasses

This weekend I checked out the seasonal Rt. 22 record show that goes down at the Holiday Inn in Springfield N.J., and peeped none other than the 'mad scientist' Large Professor on the set. It was surprising to Extra P there not only because I'm assuming he lives in Queens, but also because at this point in his digging career I would assume he has damn near every break known to man. It goes to show how serious of an addiction record digging can be, and also how dedicated and serious Large Professor is with his craft, even after some 25 odd years of producing and collecting. Seeing him there made me respect him that much more than I already do, and IMO your a fool not to mention Large Pro as one of the top 5 producers of all time.

Here's a clip from the CM-fam-a-lam show sometime in February of 1999 with Large Professor playing some beats from his Sp-1200 live in the studio for Neek the Exotic and Royal Flush on rhyme. Large Professor jumps on the mic for a verse or two as well. Bobbito goes in to a mix of Neek the Exotic joints from his 'Backs and Necks' LP after the freestyle session

Regulation Status

I caught a good handful of breaks and some new drum breaks, Drum Crazy part 17 is coming soon. Peace to all the record fiends still copping joints.

December 7, 2009

Inbetween time...

What's up all? I just wanted to jump on here real quick to throw your attention to some stuff I've been checking out during my absence here. I got some things lined up for the end of the month towards the holidays for posting so stay tuned. Thanks to everyone continuing to drop comments and visit the site.

Phil Most Chill a.k.a. The Soulman has been killing it on the mixtape tip recently, he dropped 3 quality mixes in the past couple of months that I suggest all of you out there go and check out. For some reason Zshare has not been working for my lately, and for the life of me I can't figure out why.. anyone out there having the same problems I am having or know how I can go about getting Zshare to work? I'm debating whether or not I should continue using it to host my downloads on here.. Anyway, check these three mixes here from Soulman...

DJ Kool Breez, a fellow digger I met through our youtube channels, recently dropped a mix featured on It's a nice mix of rare breaks and beats that I'm listening to as I type this...

Also, I recently found J-Zone's blog that has some really funny posts about random stuff like why he doesn't like Twitter, and why he won't rock Ipod's and sticks to using a walkman. He's got a post on there about his Top 10 diggin' adventures, one of which includes a story about the now defunct 'All Ears Records' in New Brunswick, N.J. This used to be one of my favorite spots and I caught many great pieces out of that gutted out diner he used for a record store (and also warehouse to store and sell heroin from what I heard, which is why it got shut down). The dude never answered the phone provided on his business card, and when you went to see if he was open it was hit or miss. I can say that depending on the mood my dood Charlie was in, he would let you slide off with some really good deals. I can remember copping Kool and The Gang's 1st self titled LP, 'Live at the PJ's' Ike White's LP, Jimmy Gordon's 'Hog Fat', Pleasure's 'Dust Yourself Off'' and a bunch of others I would have paid a lot of money for in other spots. Wherever Charlie is now I hope he's doing well. Be sure and check all the aforementioned stuff and I'll be checking back soon, stay dirty...

October 5, 2009

Dirty Waters

I just wanted to drop a line to all the regular readers of this blog to inform you all that I'll be stepping aside from the blog game to focus on other things. Being back in school demands most of my time, and I'll soon have to plan for after graduation, so the blog is going to have a take a back seat. It's been enjoyable, for the most part, providing exclusive material for the past two years, but I'm sure as many of my fellow bloggers can understand, this is hard work that can be very time consuming.

I want to thank everyone who's helped me work on this site during the past two years, all the guest bloggers, all of the artists I have interviewed, all of the artists whose music I have posted, and also everyone who has shown support through comments, e-mails and visits to Dirty Waters. This may not be the official ending of the site, but posting from here on out will be considerably less. I've got plenty of treats in the archive, so be sure and check the back catalogue. The links that are dead I may not be able to re-up as I've changed computers twice in the past two years, but I would say a good 70% of the links on this blog are still active. Thanks to all for your support. Peace and Blessings.


October 3, 2009

Brand Nubian - How Ya Livin?

I just saw One Leg up released a Brand Nubian record in their series of limited exclusive demo re-releases that included 'How Ya Livin' which you may remember I posted two years ago. I caught a rip of the record with this song on it, and it seems like they cut out the last verse and almost half the track, why? Well in case you wanted to hear the whole thing, here it is re-upped by request, enjoy...

October 1, 2009

Mr. Magic & Mister Cee

Here's a nice R&B mix from Mister Cee from the Sunday night Hot 97 show he did with Mr. Magic during the late 90's. This one is from 1998.

Check out this old interview with both Mr. Magic and Mister Cee.

Mister Cee Hot 97 1998

September 21, 2009

Biz Markie 89.9 Promo

Check out this Biz Markie Promo
done for Stetch & Bobbito's show..

Do do it, let's get on down
listen to the grand groove with the funky sound...

September 20, 2009

Roc Raida Tribute

Here are some classic radio appearances
from the illest of all time on two turntables.
R.I.P. Grandmaster Roc Raida

Live on WNYU Halftime Show: ? (5 min battle set)

Live on WNYU Halftime Show: 1999, march (5 min battle set)

Live on Hot 97 XL Show 1996 (with Mista Sinista & Rob Swift)

Live on WNYU Halftime Show: 2000 (5 min battle set)

Live on WNYU New York Live 1996 (with Mista Sinista & Rob Swift)

Live on WKCR CM Fam-a-Lam Show: 1999, january (30 min DJ set)

Live on WKCR Stretch & Bobbito Show: early 90's (with X-men)(30 min DJ set)

Live on WKCR Stretch & Bobbito Show: 1994, july (5 min battle set on show with Mobb Deep)

R.I.P. Grandmaster Roc Raida

September 16, 2009

new blog...

Just heard from my boy DJ Kaos (Artifacts, El Da Sensai). He just recently started his own blog so be sure and peep what he's got goin' on there and show some love...

Also, peep Kaos on the Halftime Show, WNYU, doing some routines in 1998, that Biz routine is a classic!

August 23, 2009


Here's another example of how much I prefer demo versions over album versions. This version of Doom and Madlib's 'Pretty Blood' is far better than the original in my opinion. I read somewhere that the Madvillain LP leaked and so they re-did all of the tracks. Whether that is true or not, don't fix it if it isn't broke. The chop Madlib did for this is sick.

Madvillain - Pretty Blood (demo version)

August 19, 2009

Bumpy Knucks

Here is Freddie Foxxx aka Bumpy Knuckles on WNYU's Halftime show in 1999. This was right before the release of his second solo LP, Industry Shakedown. The session here starts off with what might be Freddie Foxxx's first appearance on vinyl, in 1986, on a song called 'Handling Things' under the name Supreme Force. Then you'll hear a more recent song from Freddie Foxx, followed by a freestyle session.

"that's right sweet baby my rap is for you, and my rap is for your mother if she's fly too."

August 17, 2009

Poetical Prophets

For those of you who don't know, Havoc and Prodigy carried the name Poetical Prophets before changing it to Mobb Deep. I don't know much about this first group they had or how many tracks they made under the name, but I have one here. Company Flow fans may recognize this one as the sample for Juvenile Techniques, 'The juvenile, delinquent living foul.' I'm not sure if this was even released on vinyl? I got this from a Stretch & Bobbito show.

August 13, 2009

Les Paul R.I.P.

Not only was Les paul an amazing guitarist who intoduced solid body guitars, he also introduced multi track recording and overdubbing; an incredible contribution that revolutionized music recording. R.I.P.

August 9, 2009


All my old school heads out there...Does anyone know the name of the group/song that does the track that comes in at 43:53 on Prince Paul's Halftime visit?? "Don't think that your too cool, to listen to the beat with the rap about school." Man, this is the freshest, funniest song. Drop a line in the comments if you know...

And once again, any other comments/feedback is always appreciated to keep me motivated at this...

August 8, 2009

Dorothy Ashby

'Afro Harping' and 'Dorothy's Harp' from jazz harpist Dorothy Ashby are/were two records near the top of my want list. I couldn't imagine paying less than $50 for even a VG copy of either of these, but I just came up on a pretty decent copy of 'Dorothy's Harp' for $20. It was one of those dream thrift store finds all you record nerds can relate to. The store owner seemed pretty knowledgable about the record, saying it was worth a lot more. Maybe he said this because he saw me eyeballing the shit out of it to inspect it before I brought it up to the counter, or maybe it's just a buyer's market right now.

Dorothy Ashby - Windmills of Your Mind

This album includes a cover of 'The Windmills of your mind,' originally composed by Michael Legrand. Pacewon took this track for his song 'Got it Locked' and Pete Rock sampled this for Rahzel's 'All I Know.' This record is a banger front to back, recorded in Chicago, 1969, and Produced by Richard Evans.

August 2, 2009

Halftime Show (12-9-1998) featuring Prince Paul

Prince Paul makes a visit to WNYU's Halftime Show to promote his 'Prince Among Thieves' LP. This was an old school (late 80's, early 90's) show they did on December 9, 1998. DJ Riz and DJ Eclipse play the first half, and Prince Paul jumps on the wheels for the second half.

Mos Def & Kweli (Stretch & Bobbito Freestyles)

Mos Def, Kweli,
& Mastermind Freestyles
(WKCR September 1997)

Mos Def & Kweli Freestyles
(Hot 97 July 1998)

July 30, 2009

Radio Ruckus 2/6/05 (Mr Sinista)

Here's WRSU's Radio Ruckus show from February 6, 2005, featuring DJ Mr Sinista formerly of the X-Ecutioners. Your boy Nes jumps on the wheels for the first 30 minutes, then you'll hear DJ Force interview Sinista, some tracks from his mixtape 'Free at Last', and finally some juggles from Sinista. Enjoy...

Peace to Force, Halo, AB, Knowledge, all the Radio Ruckus fam. AB has some video footage from this night, where you at, need to youtube that...

Radio Ruckus - 2-6-2005

July 24, 2009

The Whatnauts

The Whatnauts - Why Can't People be Colors Too?

The Moments featuring The Whatnauts - Girls

The Whatnauts - Soulin With The Whatnauts

The Whatnauts - Help Is on the Way

I first discovered The Whatnauts after hearing 'Why Can't People Be Colors too,' which has a drum break used on many classic hip hop songs. After digging deeper into their catalogue you'll see all of their albums are pretty bangin' with a lot of good material for samplers. The group experiments with a variety of genres, ranging from disco, soul, and funk.

The Whatnauts and Stang label mates The Moments recorded 'Girls' dedicated to the ladies of all shapes and sizes (one of my personal favorites). 'Soulin with The Whatnauts' is the song used for Mike Zoot & Tek's 'Midnite Run', produced by Mr. Walt. Fans of De La Soul will recognize 'Help is on the way' as the track used for 'Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey).'

July 22, 2009

To each his own...

The Natural Elements made a nice re-make of EPMD's
'Kick Knack Paddy Wack' in 1995. They actually did a few remakes, this one features all of the members: Mr.VooDoo, L-Swift, A-Butta, and Essence.

Natural Elements - Knick Knack

July 17, 2009

Kool G Rap & Papoose

I'm still diggin' through the cassettes over here. I know I've been slackin' on the postings lately, but I still got treats for everyone so don't worry. Hope everyone out there is enjoying the summer.

Here we got some Kool G Rap, Papoose, and some other dude on Marley Marl & Pete Rock's Future Flavas show on Hot 97. The date on this is January 1999.

Kool G Rap & Papoose Freestyles Hot 97


Peace to everyone on the west coast..

Saafir Freestyles
(from the Stretch Armstrong Show August 1998 )

July 5, 2009

Hawthorne Radio #2

If you liked the first one, this one is just as good but a little shorter...

Hawthorne Radio, Episode 2 Playlist:

Robert Parker “I've Caught You In A Lie”
The Mighty Lovers “I Ain't Gonna Run No More”
The Toys “Deserted”
The Continental Four “The Way I Love You”
Sly, Slick & Wicked “Ready For You”
The Marvelettes “Don't Mess With Bill”
The Moments “So This Is Our Goodbye”
The Ethics “Searching”
The Main Ingredient “Spinning Around”
OC Smith “On Easy Street”
The Impressions “A Woman Who Loves Me”

June 25, 2009

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

Just heard this news. Despite all the scandal with this guy, he made some really good music. He made Thriller dog, Thriller. R.I.P.

June 19, 2009

Stretch & Bobbito 4-7-1994

This is probably one of the first times I recorded the Stretch Armstrong Show back in April of 1994. There is no guest MC on this one (at least in the two hours I have recorded here) but the tape has treats throughout. The first hour has some new music for that month, and the second hour Stretch takes it back to the 80's. They have a guest in the studio tlking about skateboarding, and how Nike should put out a skateboarding shoe (8 years before the SB line was introduced).
I had the pleasure of meeting Stretch Armstrong with my friend Greg Wednesday afternoon and I definitely want to say thanks to Stretch and his friend Dominique for their hospitality, and also for transfering Greg's cassettes to mp3's. Be sure and check out the projects Stretch is working on for his Plant music label, and if you have some old WKCR cassettes, he's definitely the man to bring them to.

Peace to StretchBobbito and my homie Greg T.

May 27, 2009

Halftime (Best of 93-97) featuring Dutchmin

The Halftime Show on WNYU 89.1 used to do what they called the summer sessions, where they would play strictly 1993-1997 hip hop joints. I'm wondering if they still do these in the summers? I think it was the first Wednesdays in each summer month, so maybe they'll start next month or the following? I'll be tuning in so who knows. What I have here is one of the later volumes from May 2004 with special guests the Dutchmin. DJ Eclipse serves up a nice set with a lot of independent label treats. You'll have to excuse the static throughout this one, but it's not overwhelming.

Halftime best of 1993-1997 (2004)

1) J-Force - Bullseye
2) Rubbabandz - Purple Rain
3) Dutchmin - Get your swerve on
4) Dutchmin - Surrounded
5) Dutchmin - Freestyle
6) Necro - Get on your knees
7) Heltah Skeltah - Operation Lockdown
8) Show & AG - Next Level
9) Big Daddy Kane - Show & Prove
10) The Points
11) Trigga Da Gambla - Remix
12) Nas & CNN - Music makes this thug come down
13) Mobb Deep - G.O.D.
14) Pitch Black - I Gotcha Back
15) Lord Digga - Mandigga comin through
16) Natural Resources - I Love this world
17) GrassRoots - Grass Roots Drama
18) Cipher - Peeps

May 21, 2009

When I say Heltah...

Here's one half of Heltah Skeltah,
Rockness Monstah with a radio spot
on WNYU Haltime Show, August 1998

Roc & Lil Roc Freestyles on WNYU, 1998.

May 17, 2009

Marley Marl Scratch

I came up on four copies of Marley Marl Scratch one day, all for like a couple of dollars each. I sold one, hooked my boy up with one, and kept two for my self. One VG+ and one sealed with a 'Love that Wiz' sticker on it. You've probably all heard the regular version so check the Demo version.

Anyone who met Bobby Nystrom from the NY Islanders at this Wiz grand opening in 1986 will get a free mix CD courtesy of DW.

Coke La Rock & RC La Rock

I think a good majority of DJ's or turntablists are aware of (and correct me if I'm wrong) Cool Herc being the pioneer of hip hop and hip hop DJ'ing circa 1973, and Grand Wizard Theodore inventing the scratch, but what about the first MC? Who was the first?

Apparently, the answer to that is Coke La Rock, down with Cool Herc. For more insight into the history, check the youtube video below for words from the man himself.

Speaking of La Rock's, I had a beat up original copy of RC La Rock's record under the name Radiance called 'Micstro', which is amazing. It's got a disco/party vibe and a really good energy. RC La Rock kills it with no hook for like 5 minutes until a bridge comes in. The Ego Trip compilations featured this one on singles from 1982, and then a reissue was going around, seen here. If you've never heard this I urge you to check it out.

Radiance - Micstro

Despite some of my posts here where I might sound like I know what I'm talking about, I'm not really going to pretend like I know anything about hip hop or the history of hip hop. The truth is, as a young kid grabbing my older brother's cassettes back in the late 1980's, listening to albums like Rasin' Hell, Liscence to Ill, Paid In Full, etc., I wasn't even 10 years old, and we're talking about some fifteen odd years of hip hop being around. I don't really mind the era I grew up in but I completely missed a lot of good hip hop years and a lot of good records like this one I'll probably never know about. Anyone who actually remembered this song when it came out or knows more about Coke La Rock or RC LA Rock I'd love to hear about it..

*update.. peace to DJ RC LaRock

DJ RCLaROCK said...

646 387 8129..
VEGAS/ 702 463 2918

May 15, 2009

Big L

Here's a Big L freestyle I'm pretty sure isn't floating around online, it's a quick 2 minute verse on WBAI's Underground Railroad. The beat used is Raekwon's 'Heaven or Hell' and the year is 1995. Check out Underground Railroad's host Jay Smooth at Illdoctrine.

Big L Freestyles (underground railroad)

May 13, 2009

Nighttrain January 1998

Here's a Nighttrain Show with DJ Eli and friends from January 1998. For those who don't know, the show was on WKCR, Tuesday nights from 1-5 during the late 90's. The show was primarily funk/soul/jazz incorporating some hip hop.

This might be two different nights, there are some pause edits on this one so it jumps around a bit. I cut out most of the talking and certain songs here and there when I recorded this. Towards the end some freestyles from Sir Menelik, Percee P, Saga, Kweli, L-Fudge, and Shabaam Sahdeeq. This was a good show for those who remembered.

May 9, 2009


I finally caught this record on ebay recently, an album of Syreeta doing Stevie Wonder covers with Stevie on production. The album is really amazing and highly recommended, especially if you are a Stevie Wonder fan. This joint here, 'I love every little thing about you', if I'm not mistaken was sampled by someone (the intro) but can't think of who...

Syreeta - I love every little thing about you

May 5, 2009

The Gutso is going home with me

Enjoy this one from my boy Relm, this time taking it way back to 1981 to hip hop's more formative years. Thanks again to Relm for his contributions, taking us out of the 90's on this site for a second. Words from Relm..

"Got another treat for ya and for the blog. This is a vinyl version of the Cold Crush Brothers vs Fantastic Romantic 5 live at Harlem World 1981. I have hunted everywhere on blogs and stuff but have yet to find this vinyl version on any so in a way it's an exclusive sort of. I have included the artwork and a tracklist and the quality is superb."

Cold Crush Brothers vs Fantastic Romantic 5
live at Harlem World 1981

Side A

1: Intro, Yes Y'all, 1981, Other Mc's, Taken on stage

Side B

1: And it's us. Charlie Chase never leaving the base alone - Tony tone never leaving the girls alone, Hey Y'all freestyling.

Side C

1: Freestyling, Cold Cold Crush, The Fantastic 5 Intro.

Side D

1: The Gusto is going home with me, Freestyling, Charlie Chase Outro

May 4, 2009

Kool Keith WRSU 7/25/2004

Kool Keith is a legend, and I don't know how my boy Keef Kash convinced him and his boys to drive their beemer all the way from the Bronx to New Brunswick, N.J., for no money, but he did. It just goes to show how kool Kieth really is.

Keith rolled down with his DJ Jaycee, and his other friend to promote his Personal Album on WRSU's Radio Ruckus in 2004 (as you may have read in this post from 2007).The Personal Album is just that, a personal album made by Keith that supposedly wasn't released or made available for sale. Fortunately for those of you interested, you'll hear two tracks from the album on this show. Kool Keith was nice enough to hang out with us at the station, answer some questions, drop a few rhymes, sign a few things, take some pics, and chop it up with us for a minute. It was definitely one of the more memorable nights at the show.

For those who don't know, Radio Ruckus was one the longest running hip hop radio shows in the NJ area on WRSU, 88.7 f.m. My boy DJ Force was holding it down there for a minute, and we were able to meet a few well known artists through doing it. You'll hear the throwback intro (from 2000 when Radio Ruckus had the 2nd roster line up) in the beginning of this mix, but at this time AB and DJ Knowledge were the residents and I was filling in. From time to time I might drop a few of these Ruckus shows on DW, I need to rip the ones with Rugged Man and DJ Sinista next. Leave some feedback if you have any interest or enjoy this one here...

Anyway this is the show in its entirety, the full two hour broadcast dated July 25, 2004, featuring special guests Kool Keith and Oktober, who was featured a few posts back on the CM fam show Relm sent over. You'll hear your boy DJ Nes on the wheels, then host DJ Force on the wheels, followed by special guest Kool Keith getting interviewed by Keef and AB and Oktober closing the show. Peace to DJ Force, Keef Kash, AB, and all the WRSU heads.

Radio Ruckus - July 25, 2004 (featuring Kool Keith & Oktober)

1) Intro
2) Ultimate Force - I'm not Playin
3) Unique - Pure Dynamite
4) Boogie Down Productions - Poetry
5) JVC Force - Strong Island
6) Positive K - Quarter Gram Pam
7) YZ - In Control of Things
8) Too Poetic - God Make Me Funky
9) N.W.A. - Something Like that
10) Alliance - Bustin Loose
11) Divine Sounds - Bedstuy Do or Die
12) Schooly D - Saturday Night
13) Eric B & Rakim - Paid in Full
14) Ultramagnetic MC's/Kool Keith joints
(about 30 minutes worth)
15) Kool Keith Interview
16) Kool Keith - It Gotta Be That Way
17) Kool Keith - Girl Wants to Kill Herself
18) Kool Keith - Freestyle
19) Oktober/2 for 5 joints
20) Oktober Freestyle

To hear another track from the Personal Album, check this post.

May 3, 2009

Feel That

This next post goes out to my boy Greg T, a good friend of mine from high school who I caught up with today. Greg and I were avid Stretch & Bobbito listeners, and between the two of us have a pretty decent tape collection. After a few Heinkens (a la 1995) I convinced him to write a guest post for DW, so stay tuned for a guest spot from Greg in the near future...

This joint was one of our personal favorites from 1995 from a group called the Constant Deviants, "feel that." You may know this group from their 12" single "Competition Catch Speed Knots" on Vestry records. This jont here I'm not sure was released on vinyl or if "Feel That" is the title. Basically the song is about the dude's aspirations to live great and do his thing, so feel that.

Constant Deviants - Feel That

April 29, 2009

Stretch & Bobbito 5-11-1995 (Whodis)

This is an unlabeled tape I had from sometime in 1995: Update: May 11, 1995. I'm pretty sure I fell asleep and let the tape ride because it sounds like the last hours of the show. The guest MC's are from New Haven, Connecticut, a group called Whodis...

CM Flood

My boy Relm now has official Dirty Water status, this is his third guest post for us here on Dirty Waters, again with some unedited 130 minute CM Famalam goodness. Dirty Waters is getting flooded with radio shows and it won't stop soon. Peace to Relm, Beat Detective, everyone in the UK, and also peace to Bobbito.

This show is dated May 18, 2000 and features freestyles from Maseo, D.V., Scienz of life, Point Blank, and maybe some others in there, along with some Roc Raida/ Lord Sear skits...enjoy..and don't forget to say peace to Relm for his contributions...

On a side note, I've been on a mission to find Mo Majid's "Wall of Fame" Vol 3 CD, I have the first two CD's he did and really dig them, I heard there was a third but not sure where I can get. Can anyone out there send, trade, or put me on to where I can get my hands on this?

Also I rejoined youtube to promote the blog here with the drum crazy videos, feel free to embed/post on your own sites if you want to. Thanks to everyone out there sending music, leaving comments, checking the site, and showing support. Prepare for some heat this summer!

April 28, 2009

Soul Strut Mixes

I don't know about all of you out there, but I can't get enough of dusty crate mixes. Peace to all the DJ's putting down quality break mixes. I haven't had time to post lately so I want to put you all on to some mixes from Soul Strut if you haven't already peeped. You can find both of these and many more for download on their site as well.

Raj Mahal - Royale With Beats

Steen Rock - Rock Science