October 26, 2008


Apparently zshare sucks. A shitload of links got knocked out as a result of hosting issues (practically every zshare link on DW). Don't ask me why I'm continuing to use their services (lazy), but Here are some DW exclusive treats that I wanted to re-up for everyone. These are some of my favorites from previous posts, if anyone has any requests let me know and I'll try to find them and get them back up and running... Also I'm starting to re-up some of the older posts starting with the most recent, hopefully I'll have a good perecentage of the stuff available again soon.

October 23, 2008


I haven't had that much time to
rip the joints lately, but I dug up something nice from my old WNYU New York Live tapes. It's a nice little freestyle from INI and Pete Rock, who were up there promoting the 'Fakin' Jacks' 12", one of the better 12"s to come out that year in my opinion, especially with the remix and Props on the B-side. Unfortunately these guys had label issues and didn't get to release the full length album out on Elektra in 1996, it was later put out on a bootleg orange label, and then officially released through Pete Rock on his Lost&Found series. For those who don't know, INI consists of Pete Rock's brother Grap Luva and Rob-O. Check the freestyles from 1996.

I've heard zshare is having some problems, does any know anything about this? I'm not sure if my links are working or what...

October 1, 2008

Mr Complex

Readers of this blog are
probably familiar with Mr Complex, who got his start with Organized Konfusion as part of the Organismz. He was also a part of the Polyrhythm Addicts, and he went on to do plenty of solo material. He's one of many artists who got a lot of exposure working the radio circuit, and here I have a few WKCR/WNYU freestyles from the late 90's, and some of his early 12"s. He definitely has a distinctive style, you have to pay attention to what he says, you may even have to play his shit a few times before you catch everything. You can get everything below in the zip or or peep them individually...


Live WNYU April 1997
Live WNYU April 1998 (with Apani B Fly)
Live WKCR CM Fam show (with J-Live)


A lot of people probably first heard about Complex on 'Visualize' produced by Spinna, but this is Mr Complex's first solo release in 1995 on Core records. My favorite track on here of the three is 'Feel me'

I caught these next two 12"s recently in the dollar bins, don't sleep on Complex . This joint is called 'Imakillit', from 1999.

This one is from 2000 called
'Do it Up' on Blindside records