August 23, 2009


Here's another example of how much I prefer demo versions over album versions. This version of Doom and Madlib's 'Pretty Blood' is far better than the original in my opinion. I read somewhere that the Madvillain LP leaked and so they re-did all of the tracks. Whether that is true or not, don't fix it if it isn't broke. The chop Madlib did for this is sick.

Madvillain - Pretty Blood (demo version)


  1. Yeah, the demo tape was leaked about 3 months before it was due to be released..i dig the old joints more. think i've got it around somewhere, i'll have a look around an upload it later this week

  2. Yeah, the demo definitely leaked. I know I have it on a CD-R somewhere ... might even still have it on an external hard drive. I'll look around for it and try to get it up.

  3. wowo pretty blood was one of my fav tune off the demo/leak. anyone locate their CDR of this?? would lovelove to listen to this again. . .