May 3, 2009

Feel That

This next post goes out to my boy Greg T, a good friend of mine from high school who I caught up with today. Greg and I were avid Stretch & Bobbito listeners, and between the two of us have a pretty decent tape collection. After a few Heinkens (a la 1995) I convinced him to write a guest post for DW, so stay tuned for a guest spot from Greg in the near future...

This joint was one of our personal favorites from 1995 from a group called the Constant Deviants, "feel that." You may know this group from their 12" single "Competition Catch Speed Knots" on Vestry records. This jont here I'm not sure was released on vinyl or if "Feel That" is the title. Basically the song is about the dude's aspirations to live great and do his thing, so feel that.

Constant Deviants - Feel That


  1. Oh Shit!! I been looking for this demo for maaaad years. Never realized it was Constant Deviants.
    Their demos were way better than their vinyls, IMO.
    I don't know if I asked you about this one a while ago or not. But, thanks either way.
    This is such an ill summer time joint. Here's the other CD's demo that I know of called 'Problem Child'.
    I think I had it from one of your tape rips, but this quality is a little better. Pretty sure Blockhead over at TROY upped it. -

  2. Sorry to post twice, but if 36Zero - Maintain is the joint that plays right after that, then that's the same night I taped from. If you need a good quality of the 36Zero, let me know. I got an album or EP from them on mp3, but none of it is as good as Maintain.

  3. I think this song cost me a few grand in legal fees. I was always wildin' out when I heard it.

    haha, it's still just as dope as the 1st day I had ever heard it. I believe out boy BEAR was throwing a bottle of champagne out of my sunroof on Rt 3 in NJ.

  4. road sodas..the good ol days.. lol