August 23, 2009


Here's another example of how much I prefer demo versions over album versions. This version of Doom and Madlib's 'Pretty Blood' is far better than the original in my opinion. I read somewhere that the Madvillain LP leaked and so they re-did all of the tracks. Whether that is true or not, don't fix it if it isn't broke. The chop Madlib did for this is sick.

Madvillain - Pretty Blood (demo version)

August 19, 2009

Bumpy Knucks

Here is Freddie Foxxx aka Bumpy Knuckles on WNYU's Halftime show in 1999. This was right before the release of his second solo LP, Industry Shakedown. The session here starts off with what might be Freddie Foxxx's first appearance on vinyl, in 1986, on a song called 'Handling Things' under the name Supreme Force. Then you'll hear a more recent song from Freddie Foxx, followed by a freestyle session.

"that's right sweet baby my rap is for you, and my rap is for your mother if she's fly too."

August 17, 2009

Poetical Prophets

For those of you who don't know, Havoc and Prodigy carried the name Poetical Prophets before changing it to Mobb Deep. I don't know much about this first group they had or how many tracks they made under the name, but I have one here. Company Flow fans may recognize this one as the sample for Juvenile Techniques, 'The juvenile, delinquent living foul.' I'm not sure if this was even released on vinyl? I got this from a Stretch & Bobbito show.

August 13, 2009

Les Paul R.I.P.

Not only was Les paul an amazing guitarist who intoduced solid body guitars, he also introduced multi track recording and overdubbing; an incredible contribution that revolutionized music recording. R.I.P.

August 9, 2009


All my old school heads out there...Does anyone know the name of the group/song that does the track that comes in at 43:53 on Prince Paul's Halftime visit?? "Don't think that your too cool, to listen to the beat with the rap about school." Man, this is the freshest, funniest song. Drop a line in the comments if you know...

And once again, any other comments/feedback is always appreciated to keep me motivated at this...

August 8, 2009

Dorothy Ashby

'Afro Harping' and 'Dorothy's Harp' from jazz harpist Dorothy Ashby are/were two records near the top of my want list. I couldn't imagine paying less than $50 for even a VG copy of either of these, but I just came up on a pretty decent copy of 'Dorothy's Harp' for $20. It was one of those dream thrift store finds all you record nerds can relate to. The store owner seemed pretty knowledgable about the record, saying it was worth a lot more. Maybe he said this because he saw me eyeballing the shit out of it to inspect it before I brought it up to the counter, or maybe it's just a buyer's market right now.

Dorothy Ashby - Windmills of Your Mind

This album includes a cover of 'The Windmills of your mind,' originally composed by Michael Legrand. Pacewon took this track for his song 'Got it Locked' and Pete Rock sampled this for Rahzel's 'All I Know.' This record is a banger front to back, recorded in Chicago, 1969, and Produced by Richard Evans.

August 2, 2009

Halftime Show (12-9-1998) featuring Prince Paul

Prince Paul makes a visit to WNYU's Halftime Show to promote his 'Prince Among Thieves' LP. This was an old school (late 80's, early 90's) show they did on December 9, 1998. DJ Riz and DJ Eclipse play the first half, and Prince Paul jumps on the wheels for the second half.

Mos Def & Kweli (Stretch & Bobbito Freestyles)

Mos Def, Kweli,
& Mastermind Freestyles
(WKCR September 1997)

Mos Def & Kweli Freestyles
(Hot 97 July 1998)