February 29, 2012

Halftime Show 2001

Here's a Halftime Show from 2001. I'm having trouble ID'ing the guest MC on this one, so if anyone if familiar let me know. Stay tuned a week from today for the 14th Anniversary Halftime Show on WNYU. Peace to DJ Eclipse.

Halftime Show 2001 

Uptown Kickin it

I was flipping through some old school hip hop videos and landed on this one. If Dr Jeckyll storming in in on a record executive meeting with a dozen gold chain wearing back up dancers isn't great enough, peep how great of an entrance Heavy D and his dancers make at the :30 mark. They jump from completely off screen on and start dancing. Then you get the classic 80's hip hop stunt where you find the oldest looking white guy in a suit and rhyme in his face. The mixer Marley is using is crazy Jurassic. This video is just all around great. This is what's missing in hip hop videos nowadays... back up dancers, matching outfits, typical badass/prankster moves, etc. R.I.P. Heavy D. Not sure if this was his first appearance here in Uptown Crew's 'Uptown Kickin it' in 1986.

February 22, 2012


Here's another random indie label joint Stretch used to run a lot
circa early 1995. This was also featured on one of those Echo Underground Airplay tapes.Triip with 'Keep it Flowin', her one and only release. One to add to the short list of female MC's. There might be another mix for this track, I prefer this remix here..

Triip - Keep it Flowin

February 12, 2012

Agent 106 Freestyle

As Stretch says, this was one Hefty Bag of a session. Some real deep lyrics. This was from a Stretch & Bobbito Show sometime in the summer of 1995. Because I didn't tape the interview, I actually had no idea who this was until recently when someone on the Philaflava forums mentioned that it was Agent 106. The beat he's on is a beat brought up by G-Bo the Pro. Enjoy...

Agent 106 Freestyle WKCR 1995

February 10, 2012

Ebay and Paypal ranting

eBay and Paypal are really starting to screw over eBay sellers. The fees associated with using their services are becoming more and more astronomical. Excuse my ranting here, but I need to vent and those of you selling on eBay need to know what these people are doing (if you haven't figured it out already). Click on photo or 'track listing' to read more...

February 1, 2012

Maze & Mussolini Freestyles WNYU

Couldn't find any press photos for these two, but here's
Maze & Mussolini on the Halftime Show, WNYU
sometime around 2000? Thug it out!

Maze & Mussolini Freestyles WNYU 2000