April 29, 2009

Stretch & Bobbito 5-11-1995 (Whodis)

This is an unlabeled tape I had from sometime in 1995: Update: May 11, 1995. I'm pretty sure I fell asleep and let the tape ride because it sounds like the last hours of the show. The guest MC's are from New Haven, Connecticut, a group called Whodis...

1) Q-Tip - Glamour & Glitz
2) Ro0ts - Mieso
3) Raekwon - Freestyle (Mad Ism)
4) Jughead Freestyle
5) Fab 5 - Leflah
6) Das Efx - Dedicated
7) Money Boss Players - Player's Pinnacle
8) Powerrule - Dawn to Dusk
9) Tucka Da Huntaman - What Goes Up
10) Ten Thieves -
11) Mobb Deep - Give Up The Goods

Peace again to Bobbito, check him out at Bouncemag,
and Stretch at KonstantKontact.


  1. Digital StimulationWednesday, April 29, 2009

    Good lookin' on this old KCR stuff, can't get enough of it...

    The Ten Thieves track is "Black Reign". I want to say the freestyle is a crew called "Who Dis?", it was on one of the freestyle tapes. I may be wrong though, hopefully Bobbito can set it straight.

  2. no doubt, who dis was a group of connecticutt that we brought up in on may 11 1995. the mc's were chemistry and a.p. i don't have time right now to peep the stream, but if they shout out who dis then that's who day R!

  3. that sounds about right, don't know why they said Jughead at the end there.