April 29, 2009

Stretch & Bobbito 5-11-1995 (Whodis)

This is an unlabeled tape I had from sometime in 1995: Update: May 11, 1995. I'm pretty sure I fell asleep and let the tape ride because it sounds like the last hours of the show. The guest MC's are from New Haven, Connecticut, a group called Whodis...

CM Flood

My boy Relm now has official Dirty Water status, this is his third guest post for us here on Dirty Waters, again with some unedited 130 minute CM Famalam goodness. Dirty Waters is getting flooded with radio shows and it won't stop soon. Peace to Relm, Beat Detective, everyone in the UK, and also peace to Bobbito.

This show is dated May 18, 2000 and features freestyles from Maseo, D.V., Scienz of life, Point Blank, and maybe some others in there, along with some Roc Raida/ Lord Sear skits...enjoy..and don't forget to say peace to Relm for his contributions...

On a side note, I've been on a mission to find Mo Majid's "Wall of Fame" Vol 3 CD, I have the first two CD's he did and really dig them, I heard there was a third but not sure where I can get. Can anyone out there send, trade, or put me on to where I can get my hands on this?

Also I rejoined youtube to promote the blog here with the drum crazy videos, feel free to embed/post on your own sites if you want to. Thanks to everyone out there sending music, leaving comments, checking the site, and showing support. Prepare for some heat this summer!

April 28, 2009

Soul Strut Mixes

I don't know about all of you out there, but I can't get enough of dusty crate mixes. Peace to all the DJ's putting down quality break mixes. I haven't had time to post lately so I want to put you all on to some mixes from Soul Strut if you haven't already peeped. You can find both of these and many more for download on their site as well.

Raj Mahal - Royale With Beats

Steen Rock - Rock Science

April 22, 2009

CM Fam September 1999

Here is another reader submission from my boy Relm in the UK, more CM famalam goodness. This is just about a full show from September 1999, featuring Oktober, BOE (?), Lord Scotch and James TOP.

The first side features Oktober and BOE dropping some freestyles over a variety of beats. I had a chance to meet Oktober down at WRSU, Radio Ruckus a few years back and he's definitely cool peoples. Anyway, lot of treats on here and some I don't know so I didn't get time to make a track listing..

The second side features grafitti writers Lord Scotch aka Keo (dude who designed MF Doom's Doomsday cover) and James TOP chopping it up with Bobbito for a minute about grafitti and other topics, so al the writers out there might want to peep this one...

Peace to Bobbito, check him out at Bouncemag and
Peace to Relm and thanks to everyone leaving comments and sending stuff in!
Relm I got you on those rips in a minute...

One Leg Up

I'm sure a lot of you out there already know about this, but for those that don't, I definitely want to mention and give props to the people over at One Leg Up records. These guys get at hip hop artists to unearth and release demos and unreleased recordings from back in the day. Among the list of artists included are Herb McGruff, Cenubites, Godfather Don, Shorty Long, Lord Digga, The Beatnuts, and most recently Pete Rock and CL Smooth. It's an incredible series and I just want to show support and express how siked I am to see people doing this sort of thing.

Here's one of the cuts off the Beatnuts vinyl called 'You Got my Back'. The Beatnuts is probably my favorite from the series so far, but I haven't heard the Pete Rock joint yet...

April 11, 2009


You must have a loco motive...
Alkaholiks Buckwild Remix...heat

Alkaholiks - Daaam!! (Buckwild Remix)

Rotten Apple

Royal Flush - Rotten Apple

April 6, 2009

Last Emporer

Last Emporer had two of my favorite demos back in the day, this one I'm posting here, and another one where he did impressions of all of the MC's out at the time, Busta Rhymes, Common Sense, it was a good concept. I have it somewhere but can't locate it. Anyone out there who has it send it over. I saw Last Emporer perform live here at Rutgers this same year 1996 (on some real backpack shit), with DJ Scribble and a bunch of other people. It was a good show and the best kind, free.

The WNYU appearance has DJ Cypha Sounds on the wheels playing an Outkast and Paul Nice instrumentals for Last Emporer, who drops a lot of outdated movie references.

Last Emporer WNYU New York Live 1996

This WKCR appearance has Stretch playing Kool G Rap's 'Foul Cats' instrumental. I think he kicks one of the same verses as he does on WNYU but still dope.

Last Emporer WKCR Stretch & Bobbito 1996

And here is the forementioned demo, 'Wild MC' one of my personal favorites.

Last Emporer - Wild MC

April 1, 2009

Boogie & The Barber 1996

Keeping up with the Stretch & Bobbito motif I got going lately, here is another one. Unlike the rest of the shows posted here which are from my collection (unless otherwise noted), this one is a reader submission. Peace to Dan out in Buffalo NY who sent me this Hot 97 Boogie and the Barber show from September 29, 1996, Stretch's Birthday broadcast. (Peace to Bobbito for helping out with the date) Apparently this one has been circulating on the internet, anyone out there who hosts a site with old Stretch & Bob tapes feel free to drop a weblink to sites, zshare links for shows in the comments below or send through email. I'm always interested in hearing these shows...

This night features Royal Flush right before his debut LP release on Blunt recordings. Stretch opens up with the unreleased 'Rotten Apple', which remained promo only due to the uncleared Dave Grusin sample. I really thought 'Rotten Apple' was a sick track that should of been on his LP, but the fact it's promo only gives it more record nerd mystique. I think that joint is priced at like a hundo now, one of those joints you would see a stack of on the floor at Fat Beats (on 9th) one week and gone the next.

Also in the mix you had the Bush Babies promoting their Gravity LP. This was shortly after Tupac's death so Y-Tee (I think) drops a little dedication verse for him. These dudes always had a good vibe and I thought the Gravity LP was a slept on gem.

This one came in two parts but I cut out a commercial and some talking at the end and squeezed it into a little under one 80 minute rip so you can fit onto an audio CD if that's your thing. The sound quality is pretty good and this is classic shit right here, enjoy...

Stretch & Bobbito - September 29, 1996

1) Royal Flush - Rotten Apple
2) M.F. Grimm - Get Down
3) Akinyele - Love me For Free
4) Dutchmin - Surrounded
5) Shabaam Sediq - It Could Happen
6) Royal Flush Interview/Freestyle
7) Royal Flush - Iced Down Medallions
8) M.O.P. - Brownsville
9) Thrust - Lights, Camera, Action
10) Bush Babies Interview/Freestyle
11) Gauge - Cranium
12) Mr.Live - Relax Yaself
13) Heltah Skeltah - Place to Be
14) Company Flow - Population Control
15) M.F. Grimm - Emotions
16) Hilfiguz -
17) Royal Flush - Worldwide
18) Money Boss Players - Walk With the Limp

More shows to come, show some love in the comments>