July 16, 2010


Here's a mix of early 90's hip hop and samples. I left off a track list so you can be surprised when the joints come in, but if anyone needs a track ID just ask. Feel free to pass this along and enjoy!

DJ Nes - Goldmine

Essential Elements

For those of you who check The Essential Elements blog as regularly as I do and are wondering where it has disappeared to, The Supreme Unknown (the blog's moderator) has informed me that it has been shut down due to file sharing violations. He is currently working on a replacement blog, The Essential Elements 2.0, which will be run differently to avoid getting shut down again.

July 6, 2010


I just copped this one on the bay for a decent price. It's some nice 1969 psych/prog rock from a group called Pookah. The joint featured here, 'Merlin's Party,' might have been sampled as I've heard it on a break mix, but I couldn't tell you by who (if anyone knows let me know). Anyway, the singer has a real scratchy voice and some bad acid trip lyrics. There's some nice bass, drum, guitar and organ sounds all throughout this LP, definitely gets a DW thumbs up.

Pookah - Merlin's Party