October 28, 2015

Ol Dirty & Rza on Stretch & Bobbito

Re-Re-Up: Stretch & Bobbito Hot 97 show from November 1998 with special guests the Rza, promoting his 'Bobby Digital' LP, and Ol Dirty promoting 'Cocaine.' Dirty is nuts on this one. The tape also features ACD and L.E.S., probably from the following week. As always big shout to Stretch & Bobbito..

October 23, 2015

Breaks In High Fidelity

Spotted this at a flea market, it has the vocal samples DJ Revolution used for his Hi-Fidelity mix, one of my favorites. If you haven't heard, check it out.

October 19, 2015

Kool Keith & Xzibit Freestyles Hot 97

Kool Keith buggin' on Hot 97, doing his famous 1-2-3-4-5 style and more.
Xzibit tries to keep a straight face long enough to get a few verses in.
Real funny session from Stretch & Bobbito's 'Boogie and the Barber' show, 9-27-1998.

Re-Up: New York Live August 1996

This is the A side to one of my old New York Live tapes (8-28-96) The tape  jumps around a little bit, but you get a good 30 minutes of DJ Riz in the mix and a freestyle session with Xzibit and Phil Da Agony.

October 16, 2015

The Bizness (Vinyl Reanimators Remix)

This was one of my favorite De La Soul remixes, done by the Vinyl Reanimators. These samplers and remix EP's were floating around back in 96-98. Vinyl Reanimators did one of my favorite break mixes 'Traveling Through Sampleland' as well as production for the BUMS, L the Head Toucha, and a few others. Check this remix for 'The Bizness'

Hip Hop Spot 4-17-1995

Another DJ Eclipse classic tape rip. DJ Riz and Wildman Steve, 1995 style.

The Hip Hop Spot w/WildMan Steve & DJ Riz 90.3 WBAU April 17, 1995 by Itsdjeclipse on Mixcloud

October 2, 2015

Re-Up Stretch & Bobbito Hot 97 (w/Problemz & Black Attack)

From the Boogie and the Barber show on Hot 97, with guest Problemz and Black Attack. Peace to Stretch & Bobbito and Greg T. No exact date on this one, probably sometime around March 1997. Lot of tracks I can't identify if anyone knows..

1) Laster - Off Balance
2) Godfather Don - Seeds of Hate
3) RA the Rugged Man - 50,000 Heads (w/Sadat X)
4) Black Attack - Holdin It Down
5) Beatnuts - Do You Believe?
6) Defari - Lock Shit Down
7) OC - My World
8) Craig G - Sing-A-Long
10) Mic Break
11) Black attack & Problemz Freestyle/Interview
12) Phone Skit/Cage
13)Shadez of Brooklyn - Diamond Mine
14) HDM - Real MC's
15) Jigmastas - Iz U Dee (Remix)
16) Krimb Snatcha - Gangster Disease
17) La The Darkman -
18) DJ Muggs - Devil in Blue Dress 19)