March 31, 2012

Step Up

This is a cool little party joint I caught back in the day at Fat Beats, maybe around 94/95. This must have had a limited run because I never saw it again after I bought it. It's on a comp called Jackin' 4 Beats, no label, no artist names, no phone numbers, nothing. I have no idea who made it, but it's dope! Always gets a party going..

Jackin 4 beats - Step Up Remix

March 30, 2012

Archie Whitewater

Here's a rare psych rock joint from
Archie Whitewater. This group only had one release on the Cadet Concept Album in 1970, and I just recently found out how rare and pricey the LP is.

I caught this one sealed a while back, buying it strictly on the strength of the bugged out cover. I was pleasantly surprised to find not only a Common sample (Chapter 13) but also a Blahzay Blahzay sample (Danger Remix). The entire LP is pretty incredible aside from the samples. Cadet Concept always had a good roster. This group comes through with a psych rock, jazz mixture and some really nice grooves (horn section, vibes, guitar, drums). Upon further investigation, I found this dude who posted a bunch of unreleased tracks that were shelved from their Cadet label recordings. I've listed this record and a few others on a discogs account I just created (trying them out this time around), so if anyone is interested peep it.

Archie Whitewater - Cross Country  

March 22, 2012

DJ Nes - Old School 80's Mix

Been a while since I put a mix together...Here's an all vinyl mix of some old/mid school hip hop (mainly 1980-1986). 32 Tracks, 60 minutes. Peace to everyone who helped out with a drop for this mix (DJ Eclipse, DJ Premier, Mr Len, Phil Most Chill, Tim C, Susio Smash and Emskee). Also peace to my boy Jay aka DJ Dirty for mixing this down for me. Feel free to repost, share and spread  this mix as you please and enjoy.

March 20, 2012

Channel Live Freestyle

Jersey's own Channel Live killing it over Mobb Deep's 'Shook Ones' instrumental on Stretch and Bobbito's show, November 1994. Peace to Aleph, Steve B, Nobs on this one.

Channel Live Freestyle 89.9

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Also, check my boy (a frequent DW contributer) Greg T's new venture,
for those of you who may be interested in buying/selling ideas

March 16, 2012

Halftime 1999 (w/Truck Turner & 50 Cent)

Here goes another 30 minute clip of a Halftime Show from October 27, 1999 featuring Truck Turner and a pre-blowing up (and even pre getting shot 9 times) 50 Cent. Apparently these two had some on wax beef and were accidentally booked to do the Halftime Show on the same night. There was no conflict in the studio according to DJ Eclipse, but the two were taking shots at each other during their mic time.

Halftime 10-27-1999 (w/Truck Turner)

50 Cent Freestyle WNYU 10-27-1999

Count Chocula goes to Hollywood

This joint just jumped to the top of my want list..
Shout to my boy Eric putting me down on this..

March 11, 2012

DJ Mayhem beat

I have this instrumental on a few of my WNYU, New York Live tapes. I'm pretty sure this is DJ Mayhem's production, but not positive. I also don't know if this had a track made with an MC on it, was released, or just an instrumental played on the show. They played it during the talk breaks consistently for a few months. If anyone has a clue, feel free to inform. Nice laid back piano groove on this one..

DJ Mayhem Beat (WNYU)

March 10, 2012

Halftime Show

For those who checked WNYU this Wednesday, you know the Halftime crew served up an amazing 14th anniversary show loaded with classic freestyle sessions from the early years of the show. Peace to DJ Eclipse for inviting me up to the show to hang in the studio, and my boy P Original for taking the ride. Peace to DJ Riz, DJ AV, Lyn, DJ Skizz, Pete, Marz, TO Sweet and everyone else I met up there. Was definitely an honor to be involved. (audio in this post)

Halftime 1999 w/Rahzel
Here goes an early Halftime Show with Rahzel from sometime in June, 1999. Not sure who the DJ is cutting in the beginning, but you get a nice 30 minutes here with Rahzel and DJ Riz in the mix.

DJ Steve Dee Interview

Check out this Interview with DJ Steve Dee spotted here.
Steve Dee is the creator of beat juggling and one of the founding members of the X-Men DJ crew.

March 7, 2012

Halftime Freestyles

Don't know much about these guys, Copywrite, MHz, Spontaneous?, maybe some other people in there as well. Grabbed this nice lengthy session for all you freestyle heads on a Halftime Show from some time around 2000.

Halftime Cipher 2000

March 5, 2012

Halftime Show 14th Anniversary 3-7-12

"this upcoming Wednesday is our 14th Anniversary of The Halftime Show on 89.1 FM WNYU. Along with the current Halftime crew we will have the original team of DJ Riz & Lynn Gonzalez up as well. Usually we invite a ton of guests for the anniversaries, but being that NEXT year will be the 15th (and crazy big), we decided to do a retrospective and focus on earlier past guests for this year. So for those that weren't around since '98 or want to hear some of those classic sessions again, make sure you tune in this Wednesday (3/7/12) from 10:30pm - 1:00am (maybe longer) to hear some ill freestyles." - DJ Eclipse