June 29, 2008


The video treats portion of DW is about to get real nice with some exclusive stuff.
Here we go with Leaders of the New School performing 'International Zone Coaster' the remix version, live. I'm diggin how they cut up some New Birth drums for the intro. This is back when Busta Rhymes would wear those Dr. Suess hats and raaar raaar like a dungeon dragon. Lot of early 90's performances on the way, I might drop one every Sunday but don't hold me to that...


Forgot to throw these up...

Here's a mix from my boy Matt aka Stackswell (contributing writer on Turntablelab's blog)

and a beat CD done by your boy DJ Blueprint over @ This is Tomorrow

and while you're at it, peep Mass' interview with Fusion Unlimited

June 28, 2008


to everyone who showed support by contributing a guest post
and to everyone checking in and enjoying what's going down
Unfortunately my boy Force and I didn't get to link up to work on a post
this week, but we have something really dope planned in the future
that you won't want to miss...

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

Oh and for those of you curious, the magic number was 23.
Nothing to do with Jordan or anything really, just a lucky number for me
All of the shows offered in the contest were ripped in mp3 format
and will be posted here soon enough, so you all win.

Peace to

Stretch & Bobbito 8-21-1997

Here we go with another guest post from my boy Andyman out in Canada. He just recently started his own blog, RekordsOnWheelz, with lots of great material. Andy hit me with a classic Stretch & Bobbito show filled with treats, and some flicks of one Ecko's Stretch & Bobbito T-shirts from the mid 90's. Enjoy..

"Nes congrats on your 1 year of bloggin & thanks for reaching out and asking me to guest post! Shout out to all the guest posters thus far y'all mos def came thru with some goodies...

In appreciation I give you another Stretch & Bobbito show from 8-21-97. This show features a freestyle session with Organized Konfusion & Lord Finesse as well as some routines from Total Eclipse, Rob Swift, A-Trak & Mista Sinista. Here's to another year... Enjoy!"

Stretch & Bobbito 8-21-97
(Organized Konfusion, Lord Finesse, X-Ecutioners, A-Trak)

*updated links w/full show courtesy of Aleph/Steve B/Nobs/Philaflava

Thanks to Andyman for his post
be sure and check his site

June 24, 2008


I just saw this video of Shaq cracking on Kobe during some
freestyle he was doing, pretty funny. Apparently he's losing his
special deputy's badge in Maricopa County because of language he used.
Maybe it was when he asked the crowd to join in with him repeating
'Kobe how does my ass taste?' Shaq really rubs the loss in...

What's up with ball players trying to make music and put out records? Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson, Jerry Stackhouse, Ron Artest, Tony Parker, etc., have all made attempts at music careers. We may have different feelings about this, but who from the NBA (or any sport) can/could really handle theirs on the mic? anyone?

One sports figure I give credit to for their music is Shaquille O'Neil. While he's not the greatest lyrically, imo, the guy had the right idea with the collaborations he's gotten into. 'What's up Doc' with the Fu-Schnickens was a nice little party joint in 1993, but what really surprised me was the quality of some of the cuts from his 'You can't stop the reign' LP from 1996. I caught a sampler from the LP back in the day and I really have to give him his props..

'The Game of Death' was probably one of my favorite joints of 1996. Borrowing it's name from Bruce Lee's final movie, the song features an appearance from Rakim, and production from Easy Moe Bee.

'No Love Lost' is a cut featuring verses from Lord Tariq and Jay-Z, with production from the Trackmasters. When I first heard the song I didn't realize Shaq was the one rhyming at the end.

One or two more guest posts still on the way...

June 22, 2008

Dirty Water Jazz

I wanted to make a mellow Jazz mix so I dug up around 2 crates worth, and used almost all of them to make this mix. Unlike the DW Breaks and Make it Funky mixes which were done in one take, this one is a little more thought out, cleaner, more cuts, and better eq'd, well hopefully. I threw on some classics (lot of stuff that's been sampled) and some other stuff you might not know.

Peace to Phill Most Chill aka the Soulman for hooking me up with the drop used in the beginning. In case you aren't familiar with how things work on this site (downloads from pictures) Here is the link to the mix -

Gangstarr - Jazz Thing

Test Your Knowledge

'Test Your Knowledge' was a mixtape I made after I bought my first 8 track, before I got any samplers. I used all the best samples I had at the time and cut, blended them up. The mix is kinda dodgey to listen to as far as sound quality and timing, but I'm just throwing up for those who remember. The A-side was all hip hop, here's the B-side, all breaks and cuts, and some old school routines...

DJ Nes - Test Your Knowledge (Side B)

June 21, 2008

Trippin' Out

Isn't it the best when your girl finds you a record spot you weren't up on? This is actually an antique place that happens to sell records, and it's 3 blocks away from her apartment. Sometimes it's the little things in life... Apparently the dude gets records in on a weekly basis as well. I went there this afternoon and pulled a Jackie Jackson for $2, and a promo copy of this gem for $5, one of Curtis Mayfield's later works that was sampled by Camp Lo... fitting for the day...

Curtis Mayfield - Trippin' Out

Knowing is half the battle...

If you don't know good music, then you should definitely check in with A-one. His blog has been one of my favorites since starting my own because he is knowledgable about hip hop from the true school as well as the hip hop of today. I don't trust your opinion about hip hop if you weren't around to see it through the 80's and 90's, no offense if this pertains to you as a reader. A-one not only brings you the classics, but he checks for the new artists that are out today and brings you the rundown of what's good and whats not from what's coming out these days. The site features quality writing and reviews, not only limited to music. A-one came through for me with some Stretch and Bobbito and Doo-Wop tapes from back in the day, some of my personal favorites as well as reader favorites... Enjoy...

Congrats to Nes on his blogs first birthday. I still remember when he first made me aware of Dirty Waters. I was happy to see a blog that highlights the DJ. Maybe I don't know the right places to go but usually when I see DJ's mentioned on blogs it's some producer DJ who has a new album out. Usually. Nes hits on everything from breaks to digging to upping mixtapes/radio shows. As a former DJ myself, I appreciate that.

In celebration I wanted to share a couple tapes I ripped from my collection at random…

This is a Stretch & Bob show from 94. I used to cop these tapes from Tape Kingz. They'd take a 90 minute cassette & fill it up so it's not the complete show or even official but it was the cheapest way for me to hear the show so I rolled with it. Highlights of this tape are freestyles from Common & some guy named Billy G aka Infinity who I don't think I've heard of before (or since). He's kinda nice. Its crazy going back & listening to this & hearing the "Stretch Armstrong Exclusive" drop over Shook Ones Part 2. If anyone knows who that "Questions" song is by hit me up, knowgoodmusic{at} I think it's Mad Kap but I'm not certain.

Stretch & Bobbito

Side A

Side B

I didn't do anything to try to clean up the sound on this one.

Everyone knows Doo Wop's 95 Live I & II but nobody really talks about any of the intros after that. On this tape he has Smoothe Da Hustler & crew, Heltah Skeltah & OGC, Busta Rhymes & Flipmode, Lord Finesse, Sadat X, & even Ed Lover. My personal highlight is when Busta does the reggae style. I also always liked that Uneek song. This tape came out around the time Tupac put out "Hit Em Up" & towards the end you hear Doo Wop going on an anti Death Row rant. Earlier in the tape he plays the joint he put out with King Sun (aka Sun Dullah) dissing Tupac. There's also a Nas freestyle on here that I forgot about until just now. I don't think it's exclusive to this tape though. I remember Nas had some "freestyles" over classic beats that were on every DJ's tape. I think I even had a promo tape of it that came with my Source subscription. Remember when The Source used to come with a cassette single/sampler?

Doo Wop

Side A

Side B

I didn't try to clean up the sound on this one either. And honestly, the rip is recorded a little hot. Sorry.

I invite everyone to come through my blog & grab some of the other classic mixtapes that I've ripped. Check the "Classic Mixtapes" link towards the top of the page. Again, thanks to Nes for the opportunity.

Thanks to A-One for his entry
Be sure and check out his site
Know Good Music

June 20, 2008


I didn't know they had a video for this song...

Selections from Martini & Jopparelli

Next up we have the inspiration for this guest post extravanza, Martini & Jopparelli, straight from Italy. They come consistent with good material and share the same taste in musical selections, a little bit of everything; and being that I'm part Italian, you know I got mad love for my peoples overseas. They blessed me an exclusive mix, sample, and some kind words, enjoy...

This comes straight from Italy to USA, crossing the Atlantic ocean and stopping alongside the New Jersey coast. Yes…right there, where the Water gets really Dirty. All this kilometres/miles to deliver nuff respect to one of the best bloggers out there. If you are regular of this page, you know perfectly well what I am talking about! To cut it short: we are really proud to participate to your 1 year anniversary celebration with something made by us in an exclusive way for your blog birthday.

That’s it from M&J, now let IlMago introduce his work, we hope you will like it. Check also his One Love remix. (Sorry for this subliminal advertise)

This is a little tribute to one of my favourite mcs, member of one of my favourite rap duo. It's a pleasure to be hosted on your blog, I really dig your work.

To be honest it's my first experiment with what I think can be defined as 'trill music', but I tried not to sound too much crunk ;-).

The main sample for this beat is from Roy Hamilton "Crackin' Up Over You", but the tune also contains some drum breaks from Tyrone Davis 'It's All In The Game'.

The guy screaming 'Magic Johnson' is the all time number one Basketball commentator : Dan Peterson. He is also one of the greatest coaches ever, here in Italy. He taught Mike D'Antoni how to play, so if the Knicks will get some rings in the next years... you know who's responsible.

Thanx for the hospitality Mr. Nes... keep on digging!

-IlMago aka Magic Johnson

Listen to Pimp C Tribute – International Playa RMX by IlMago

Listen to Roy Hamilton – Crackin’ Up Over You

Thanks to Marty, Jopparelli, & Illmago for the guest post
be sure to check their site
Martini & Jopparelli's Music Selections

June 19, 2008

It's a celebration, bitches...

Lots of good stuff still to come for the 1 year extravaganza...
Some more feedback (comments) would be most appreciated
especially for all the guests nice enough to post up on here.

Gotta say peace to the Celtics on their win over the Lakers, as much as I don't like both teams, the Celtics had a really good lineup this year and I'm glad to see Garnett with a title..

DJ Blueprint's Dirty Water Mix...

This next guest to post I am most excited to have come aboard for a spot. DJ Blueprint from This is Tomorrow blessed me with a mix he did personally for dirty waters. He's been having trouble with his internet connection and is in the middle of relocating, but found time to put together this really dope mix and I am most appreciative. He even included a tracklist for all, a nice mix of soul/funk and hip hop. I really have to give it up to Blueprint and his knowledge of records. Blueprint has tons of great mixes on his blog as well as a lot of guest mixes, including one from your boy Nes. Everything from soul, funk, raggae, hip hop, can be found on his site, highly recommended... get a taste from this mix here, enjoy...

DJ Blueprint - dirty waters guest mix

01. a-ko - soul 69 part 2
02. marco polo & large professor - the radar
03. damu - pulse
04. jay-z - roc boys (mike love rmx)
05. supreme team - see
06. edreys - i like it
07. sweet charles - soul man
08. phil flowers - if it feels good to do it
09. johnny frigo sextet - scorpio
10. the new mastersounds - give me a minute part 2
11. kool blues - i'm gonna keep on lovin' you
12. the bamboos & ohmega watts - get in the scene (basement freaks bootleg rmx)
13. earmax - reality slap
14. d day one - sea change
15. dawson smith - i don't know if i can make it
16. nate evans - main squeeze

Thanks to DJ Blueprint for the guest mix
be sure to chech out his site
This is Tomorrow

June 18, 2008

Get your weight up

Here goes a nice little mix from my boy Ollie in Australia over @
I'm loving all these guest appearances, keep them coming.
Peace to everyone world wide promoting good music...

(update..Ollie sent the wrong mix link has been corrected, both mixes available below)

-Here you go Nes, a half hour mix, tracklisting to come shortly. I'm using the mix also for this weeks edition of the podcast DJ Myme 01 the Wizid of Oz and myself do - "Mothership Reconnection", but as you can tell from the "Blow Your Mind" instro - this is for specifically for DW. It's a little loose in parts and it's one take.

Mix from Ollie (Size 13)

Redman - Blow Your Mind (Instrumental)
De La Soul -The Dawn Brings Smoke
Donald Byrd - You and Music
Eric Sermon - Music
Just Four - Girls of the World
That's Them - Get Up
Double Edge - Larger Than Life
Reks - Say Goodnight
Doujah Raze - The Breakoff feat. Team Demolition
Self Scientific - Of Our Own
Cookin' on 3 Burners - Gravel Rash
Def Wish Cast - Complete
Rob Natrule - A Night On The Tiles
Delta feat. Trem , Motion, Prowla - The End Is Here
Sly & The Family Stone - Brave & Strong

Thanks to Ollie for his entry
Be sure and check his site
weight of a nickel

June 17, 2008

Halftime Big Playback

This is a treat for all you fans of the older (80's and early 90's) hip hop. The Halftime Show used to do Ego Trip nights dedicated to the older stuff, and this might be the second or third installment of those shows. You get a nice blend of old school gems along with a little history lesson in the mix.

You'll hear a good 60 minutes from DJ Riz and DJ Eclipse with special guests including the writers of the 'Ego Trip's Big Book of Rap Lists', promoting the book which just came out in stores (a really good book). Also in the studio they had MC Mitch-ski who put out 'Brooklyn Blew up the Bridge' a record dissing MC Shan and Marley Marl during the KRS-One Vs MC Shan battle that was going on back then. During their live interview Mitch-Ski explains how the record came about and follows with a freestyle. Enjoy...

Halftime 9-27-2000 (Ego Trip Night)

June 15, 2008


Here are two old WKCR Nighttrain shows from 1999. This is when DJ Eli and crew hosted. I ripped these on request and wasn't planning on posting, but I'm throwing out all kinds of rips for the celebration so here you go. For those who remember the show had a run in the late 90's on Tuesday nights 1-5am. Lot of good samples on these, there may be a few pause edits but not that many. Enjoy...

March 1999

Sometime in 1999

Trees anyone?

Next up on the guest post is my boy Josh from Tree Beats, which always has some good writing, good music, and good humor. He's been putting in a lot of work this past year with his blog as well as his excellent conceptual site in IHABU (I hook up a beat). The site calls for a group of producers (anyone is welcome) to sample a record to and compete among other producers to claim braggin writes, or just showcase. The site has changed addresses but remained the same, so all of you producers be sure and check it out, some pretty good competition, including the man running it...

Somehow Nes thought it would not be a bad idea for me to do a guest post. For this I thank him and apologize to the rest of you for having to read this, I will not be offended if you scroll down to the download link. So, I was trying to figure out what to post and doubted that many of you enjoy Saxon's "Power and the Glory" as much as I do, so I went with a little dopeocity in the form of Uneasy Listening Volume 1 from the charming DJ Z-Trip and the barely known DJ P.

Some people like Mash-up. Some people don't. Some people call it bastard pop. Some people are bastards. The fact of the matter is, if you like DJ's you've probably been here before and didn't get here doing a google search "Kim+Kardashian+boobs" or "rare+Kenny+Loggins." The other fact of the proverbial matter is Uneasy Listening isn't really a mash up. It is a lot of songs that on paper look ridiculous. Exhibit A: Kansas' along side LL.(I guess Rick Rubin technically). Exhibit B: Bruce Hornsby skipping down the center of an misspelled atom with Run DMC. The exhibits continue with Pat Benatar making out with The Pharcyde and Rush and The Beastie Boys robbing a 7-11 (I made that part about them robbing a convenience store up). And you look at this and say "why the fuck would I want to listen to this?" Fair question. The reason is they put these songs together so well that you say "oh that's dope" and "that's some funny shit" and "these dudes are fucking brilliant" in succession more than once. There were only 1000 copies made and this rip comes from on of the original copies. Not only that, it was handed to me from Senior Trip himself. Not only that, he was DJing the wedding I was the best man in. Not only that, but Doze did a mural at the reception while Z-Trip spun. That's some dope shit man. You can't front. Enjoy and Happy B-day dunny.

Uneasy Listening

Thanks to Josh for his entry
Be sure and check his sites
IHABU and Tree Beats

June 12, 2008

Dres Interview 1991

Some more video treats??
Here is Dres from Black Sheep getting interviewed in Central Park
circa 1991, promoting his newly released 'Wolf in Sheep's Clothing' LP

I can dig it.

June 10, 2008

DW Contest #2

Since this is a celebration here at Dirty Waters, I'm holding another contest. Anyone who can guess what number I'm thinking about right now (between 1-50) will win 5 old Stretch & Bobbito cassette tapes. All classic episodes. I will mail them to you free of charge. Limit of one guess per person. Leave your guesses in the comments with your name or send them through e-mail.

As a bonus, you can also get the Bozak! That's right, the winner will also receive a Bozak for you and your Bozettas. Bozak, the official prophylactic of Dirty Waters. Like EPMD said, get the Bozak, the B-the-O-the-Zak.

Eric's treats from the castle

The next guest post comes from my fellow dirt brethren Eric over at Dirtcastle. He's been doing his thing since September and has accumulated quite a healthy stash of mixes, hours and hours of great music. He was nice enough to accept my invite to guest post, and I even got him to do a little writing for me to go along with the mix he sent over (which is a little outside his MO). Some bloggers opt not to give their opinions and criticisms along with the music they share, and I can respect this. When it comes down to it most of the 'bloggers' I see aren't qualified to throw their two cents in (including myself, hopefully the writing I present is free from pretension and containing some useful info, I am in no way an authority on any subject), and at the end of the day, most visitors go directly for the downloads anyway. The Dirtcastle is designed specifically for you fans of good music who need it now, which is all of us...

All praises due to the original dirty blogger, DJ Nes! May he live long... and decay even longer.

Before returning to our irregularly scheduled programming... Is it me? Or is my Google reader becoming a compost pile of abandoned, rotting, and decaying blogs? Long live the new dirt!

I thought I might post a long-winded rant about the ethics of music sharing. Zzz. But I recently came to the conclusion that ethics need not be invoked. The government and record labels didn't use ethics to justify commodification (they used political power). And we need not use ethics to justify its de-commodification (we use technological power). The dirty shall inherit the earth!

OK... obligatory music talk.... People often ask me... Why no track listings on your blog? Why no boring, self-important blathering? Why no history, context, or background on the music you post?.... Well, well, well... all of a sudden ignorance has gone out of style! The answer to these questions is no. I am in decay mode. And that's word to dirty digits and lazy leechers. And please don't tell your friends about my blog. That is, unless they are a trusted friend... a real DIRTY trusted friend.

DJ Jedi - Blowout Breaks

Thanks to Eric for his entry
despite his request not to tell you,
I must insist that you
check out his site

June 8, 2008

Boogie & The Barber

The DW extravaganza continues with more Stretch & Bobbito, here we have what I believe is the 2nd 'Boogie and the Barber' show Stretch & Bobbito had on Hot 97, from February 18, 1996.

This is when they were calling the show Boogie and the Barber, before Bobbito left and Stretch changed the name to the XL Show. You can tell they were pretty new to the studio as the transition from track 2 to 3 is slightly interrupted (there was about half a minute of silence that I edited out). Stretch goes on to explain at the end of the show they were experiencing technical difficulties. The tape starts maybe 20 minutes or so into the show. The Hot 97 commercials are edited, but aside from that there are no pause edits, talking included. It runs about 78 minutes, just enough to squeeze onto a CD, download, enjoy...

Oh and check out the M.O.P. track on here (track 11). This is an unreleased goodie that Stretch used to play all the time. Raise hell!!!

Boogie and the Barber 2-18-1996

1) Dutchmin
2) Smooth the Hustla
3) Keith Murray
4) Jay Z & Foxy Brown
5) Erick Sermon
6) Paula Perry
7) Busta Rhymes & ODB
8) Artifacts
9) Cella Dwellas
10) Mobb Deep
11) M.O.P.
12) OC
13) One & One
14) Capone & Noreaga
15) Large Professor
16) Erick Sermon & Redman
17) Beatnuts
18) Smooth The Hustla
19) 25 to Life

June 7, 2008

pop, lock, and freeze with Relm

This next guest post is from my boy RELM from the UK. RELM is among one of the many members of the philaflava forums with really great taste in music. After I saw him dropping a couple of gems in the forums and leaving some comments here on dirtywaters I knew we had similar tastes, so I had to ask him to do a guest spot for me. He blessed me with this old mixtape that will have u backspinning in no time. Peace to everyone in the UK and worldwide...

First of all I’d like to say a big thank you to Nes for letting me come aboard and write a short piece for Dirty Waters. This Q-unique tape I’m submitting for Nes’s blogspot was purchased back in 99 If my memory serves me correct. I was on a weekend break in NYC taking in the sights and visiting as many record stores as I could in a short space of time. I remember visiting Fat Beats & Bobbito’s Footwork and purchasing a lot of stuff but not as much as I should have. This tape stood out for me especially as I regarded Q-unique as a dope lyricist and was a big fan of the Arsonists. I remember riding the train going to see relatives in Glen Rock, NJ and rocking this tape to death on my walkman. I still play this tape as much as I did back then. I hope you have as much enjoyment outta this as i’ve had. Check the elmer fudd and daffy duck samples. peace……

Beats For The Breakers

Side A
Side B

Thanks to RELM for his post

June 5, 2008

A Pisces, Fish, and a Doctor

Next up to guest post is my PNC from way back, official DW representation, Keef Kash aka the Halo Effect. Keef is one of the most knowledgable people you will meet, particularly when it comes to sports, music, and culture. He is literally a walking sports almanac. I still remember the Radio Ruckus show with special guest Kool Kieth (when Keef and I were co-hosting) where Keef & Kieth went tit for tat talking sports trivia for nearly an hour. One of these days I'm going to rip that show in it's entirety for this site. Keef has recently started a blog called Greenlight Halo which comes highly recommended, lots of humor and sports write ups. He was nice enough to do a piece for the site here about the classic film 'The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh'. Enjoy...

Many times, one can associate music with a sport (this time the example is basketball). One prime example are “The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh” featuring Julius Irving, or more often called Dr. J. Many critics out there, in both particular genres view this movie to be excellent, as well the composed musical soundtrack tracks to be top notch.

Dr. J plays a character called Guthrie in the movie, he is a star on the squad, but can’t seem to take the team to the next level. Being a talented individual player, the team is at the at bottom of the division, some may use the term pisspoor. As the movie progresses, the towel boy goes to see a psychic (not like Miss Cleo). To make a long story short, she realizes Dr. J (Guthrie) is a Pisces, and should only be playing with other Pisces. The team is not concocted of a bunch of odd balls, from an open tryout. After the team is composed, they start to run shit, and become virtually unbeatable. Sort of like the transition did from early days of the ABA (American Basketball Association) to the likes of the NBA, playing and bringing a title to the city of brotherly love in ’83. Philadelphia aka illadelph is still searching for a title in any sport since ’83. So it goes to show, how good the doctor was in his prime. At that time basketball had many hall of fame dudes from: Bird to Magic, and many in between. Dr. J went on to revolutionize the game, pre-MJ. His moves, dunks and ability to score might not ever be duplicated, even in this day and age.

Throughout the movie we hear various tracks that have been instilled in instant hip-hop classics. Tracks off this soundtrack have been sampled by: Lords of the Underground, Krs-One, The Lox featuring Mase and Black Rob, Talib Kweli. Lots of these tracks have a slight form of disco, some swirling horns to jams with a wah wah guitar. Check out 'Moses Theme' with music from Thomas Bell, Leroy bell, and Casey James, and vocals from Frankie Bleu.

DR.J Highlight Mix

ABA 1976 Slam Dunk Contest

Thanks to Keef for his entry
be sure to check his site
Greenlight Halo

June 4, 2008

Turntablist Sessions

I just got word of this through the comments on my 5th Platoon post, looks pretty interesting...

FYI: Members of 5th Platoon are kicking off our opening night of Turntablist Sessions @ Queensbridge Park!

June 5, 12, 19 & 26, 2008
Thursdays from 5pm - 9pm

Queensbridge Park
41st & Vernon Blvd.
LIC, Queens NYC 11101

Free. All Ages! Turntablists, Partyrockers, Top battle DJs unite to rock legendary Queensbridge Park!

June 5: 5th Platoon DJs Daddy Dog, Roli Rho & Neil Armstrong
June 12: Ill Insanity DJs Rob Swift, Total Eclipse & Precision
June 19: Roc Raida, Steve Dee, Boogie Blind & Mista Sinista
June 26: Davy DMX, DJ Supreme, Spictakular, Glenbrowski Just added : Johnny Juice Rosado!

Trains: F to 21st, Queens or N, W, 7 to Queensboro Pl. Bus: Q102 to Vernon Blvd. Fastest route?


As you can tell I don't normally post new music on this site, but DJ Stealth over at Beatology sent me this new Redman joint featuring Yukmouth and it's pretty good. Since I'm taking submissions for the one year celebration I figured I'd throw this up, the track is called 'Hard Like a Criminal' (a play on the Das Efx joint). Peep it

June 3, 2008

Dom's Essentials for your ears...

I've asked all my favorite bloggers to guest post this month for the one year Dirty Waters celebration, so I had to ask Dom over at The Essential Elements if he would get involved. He has been running one of my favorite blogs for nearly a year now with consistent outstanding material; turntablist mixes, old school radio shows, the Breakonomics series, and lots and lots of treats. I especially enjoy hearing some turntablism, watching the videos and hearing the mixes, and Dom definitely knows the deal, son. He was nice enough to submit some exclusive material for the extravaganza! Enjoy...

First of all, gotta say thanks to DJ Nes for coming up with the idea for doing a guest post on his blog. He will also be returning the favor on my blog in the near future so stay tuned for that. I know he'll come up with something that heads will be interested in. Hopefully this is something we can build on and do again down the road.

This is a pretty obscure mixtape featuring freestyle sets from both emcees and DJs. The content comes from a radio station in Oxford, UK that has undergone a number of changes since these segments were recorded. Check the article from my man DJ David RB to shed some light on the strangeness of the events that led to the demise of the station in its original form. Oxygen 107.9 FM, now Fusion 107.9 FM was a student run station and on Friday nights they had a show called "The Boombox". You can see by the artist names below and also by the number of radio promos featured on the tape that this show was pretty important stuff. It's a nice piece of hip-hop history and one that a lot of people might not remember or have never even heard about before. As far as the content goes, I do like the freestyle sets by the emcees but Rob Swift and also Tony Vegas and Mr. Thing (Scratch Perverts) deliver classic turntablism sets. Fans of Rob Swift will probably recognize the routine on here. The run time on the tape is about 105 minutes and is split in to Side A and Side B. Grab it and enjoy!!!

Side A
Intro - Bennie G + DJ Go - May 99
Company Flow - Nov 97
Tony Vegas + Mr. Thing - Feb 97
Mud Family + Bury Cru - April 97
Grazzhoppa - Nov 98

Side B
Rodney P, Supa T, Profound, Apollo, Braintax + DJ MK - June 98
Mista Sinista - Jan 98
All Natural - Jan 99
Rob Swift - Jan 98
DJ MK - May 98

Thanks to Dom for his entry
be sure to check out his site
The Essential Elements...

June 1, 2008

Feel The Love From The Bricks

For the first guest post, I want to give the honors to my personal favorite blog run by my man Mr. Mass. Masscorporation is one of the blogs that really inspired me to start my own site. I'm sure that everyone who visits his site has found something that really set them off, from his collaborative mix CD's, ill photoshop skills, to his insightful interviews. Mass specializes in classic mixtapes, he is knowledgeable, has great taste in music, and a unique way of presenting it. He has more records and more mixes than you, but he shares. I think everyone out there owes Mass a huge debt of gratitude for the hard work he's been putting into his site for the past few years. I'm honored to have him bless my page with a guest post, and he definitely blessed it. Here we go with the first guest post for the one year Dirty Waters celebration extravaganza direct from my ace, Mr Mass...

Ok So It's Been More Than A Year For My Man Nes
To Give Us Our Daily Dose
Of Hip Hop Culture

Nes And I
Share The exact Same Love Of Our Culture
the Hip Hop Culture

An Undefeatable Love
That We Try To Share With The Rest Of You Kidz.

Our Tastes and Knowledge
To Make You Feel Our Hip Hop Point Of View
Ruff,Rugged And Raw
Point of View

So To Celebrate The Birthday Of The Dirty Waters
We Welcome you to New Jersey
Home Of My Bro Nes

And You're About To Get Some Supa Hot Treats For Your Ears
Be Prepared For A Proper Education
The Mass™ Way
Cause You Damn Well Know That I'm All About Educating The Ignorant Kidz
To Let You Know
That There Was A Life Before Diddy And Souljah

Education For Your Ears
Is Definitly What's It's All About

A Birthday Is A Special Day Isn't It?
So For A Special Day
I Got Mad Treats Out Of My Gift Bags

Let's Start Nice And Slow
With A Slept On Mixtape/Album

You All remember This Black Album Madness
Everybody Remixed It

But Then There Was One Who Happened To Be As Good
(If not better)
As the Original

The Red Album
All Tracks Flipped By Japanese Super Producer
Bach Logic
Hosted By Mr GGGGGG
Whoo Kid

Bach Just Flipped The Acapellas Upside Down
On Some Productions That Are Way Too Hot To Handle

This Could Be Devastating To Your Ears

Then We Continue Softly
With This 23 Minutes Mix
From Kno, (of the Cunnilinguists Crew)
From 1999
Where He Plays The Original Tracks That He Sampled For His Production
And Yes, Kno Is One Hell Of A Digga,
He Can Flip Any Styles,
tracklist included

For Those Of You Who Don't Know The Cunnilinguists,
Damn, You Should Seek The Blogosphere
For Their Dope Albums

Then we Get Back ,
Back Into Time
And Spend The Day At Hot 97
It's April The 24th 1996

You're Lucky Enough To Ear
The Future Flavas Radio Show
One Hour Of True Hip Hop
Hosted By Pete Rock
And Legendary Marley Marl

Then Later On The Same Day
Stretch Armstrong
Will Blast You Off
His Own Personal Radio Show

So Keep On Swimming Deeper In Dirty Waters
At The End Of The Day You'll Be A Better Man
Blessed By The True Essence Of Hip Hop

See You Next Year Nes
Stay Dirty As You Are My Brother


Thanks to Mr Mass for his entry
be sure and check his site

Dirty Water Extravaganza

Here we go with the Dirty Waters one year celebration extravaganza. After doing a guest post for M&J's Music Selections for their one year blog birthday, I thought it would be a good idea to do the same thing for my own site. I've asked all my favorite bloggers and friends to submit guest posts and so far the response has been great, nearly everyone I've asked to get involved has contributed. Be sure and leave feedback for all the guests, thank them for what they bring, check out their sites, and all that good stuff. I've got a lot of treats coming up as well so stay tuned all this month for the celebration...

After seeing Stretch's site, Mr Mass' site, and a few other sites running primarily by one person and gathering a good amount of interest, I decided to start this site a year ago. I can't begin to tell you how appreciative I am for all the DJ's, producers, bloggers, forum heads, and everyone out there continuing to spread good writing and good music (hopefully legally). I just want to say thanks to all and I sincerely hope that I can set people off the way I have been through my fellow friends and affiliates in blogland. And to everyone leaving positive feedback I really appreciate that as well, I'll try to stay consistent with good material as long as I have it. Peace- Nes