November 16, 2014

M.O.P. - Breakin' The Rules (Laze E Laze Remix)

As dope as the original DJ Premier version of this song was, I always preferred this remix from Laze E Laze. Laze E Laze did the bulk of the production for M.O.P. over the years, along with Primo. This was a white label unreleased remix that was on the B-Side of  'Downtown Swinga '98.' I always dug the laughing hyenas he had going on the background.

November 5, 2014

Stretch & Bobbito 1996 (Hot 97)

I'm not sure if this a re-up or what. I have trouble remembering which shows I've posted after doing this blog for so long. This one has a good track list and a few exclusives here and there. Enjoy

October 21, 2014

Showbiz & AG - Stand Strong

I consider Showbiz & AG's 'Goodfellas' a top ten hip hop album. You never really hear this LP mentioned when people talk about favorites, but for me it is's definitely up there. The production sound Showbiz had during this time was so unique. It was a departure from the jazzy, funky stuff they were doing on 'Runaway Slave' to a more cryptic, grimy sound.

I picked up this 'Unreleased Shit' a while back for 'Under Pressure,' which was an incredible track I thought needed a spot on the LP. Going back to it recently, I forgot about this track 'Stand Strong,' which was equally as dope. You had AG at his best, Lord Finesse on the hook, and Showbiz with the gutter beats that matched the rest of the album. The way he throws the samples in and out at the end is pretty fresh too. 

Showbiz & AG - Stand Strong

October 20, 2014

20 years of DJing

It was around this time 20 years ago, in 1994, when I got my first DJ set-up. A pair of Technics 1210s and a Gemini Scratchmaster mixer. I don't often do editorial pieces on my blog, but seeing this year marks my 20th year of DJ'ing, I wanted to write up a little piece to mark this occasion.

October 1, 2014

Fuse Crate Diggers

Really diggin' these episodes.
This should be a show on the History channel.
Here are some of my favorites...

September 29, 2014

Platter World

Platter World in Garfield NJ will be closing this November after an incredible 40 year run. They are eager to get rid of all their stock and have dropped the prices down to $3 per record. Just wanted to give them some promotion to help out as it's been one of my favorite spots, and a staple in Garfield, for a very long time. Check them out if you get the chance.

September 14, 2014

Re-Up: Future Flavors 6-15-1996

Here's a Future Flavors show, with Pete Rock & Marley Marl on Father's Day, 1996. Ed Lover was in the studio. This one is courtesy of DJ Emskee from the Underground Railroad, so definitely big shouts.

July 31, 2014

Underground Railroad DJ Spinna

Peace to Hectic Eclectic for this upload, DJ Spinna blending in some of his sample sources

July 29, 2014

Stretch & Bobbito 10-13-1994

This is another Stretch Armstrong Show from Koop's collection. Featured guests include The Genius, Killah Priest and Mad Skillz. The second half of this show that features Common Sense and Infinity and comes courtesy of A-One posted here back in 2008. Peace to Stretch & Bobbito and everyone looking out with tapes and rips.

July 15, 2014

Underground Railroad 3-4-2000

Here's an Underground Railroad show from March 2000. You get a good 90 minutes from DJ 3-D, MonkeOne, Jay Smooth, and co.  Monkone plays some older stuff on here too. Enjoy.

July 13, 2014

Stretch & Bobbito 1996 (w/Tragedy)

Boogie and the Barber on Hot 97 with
Tragedy Khadafi and his peoples in the
studio. This one is early/mid 1996.
Peace to Stretch & Bobbito and Greg T.

July 11, 2014

Re-Up: Stretch & Bobbito 3-16-1995 (w/Masta Ace Inc, The Roots, Bootcamp)

This might be my all time favorite Stretch & Bobbito show. This was one of those wish-I-still-had-this-tape kind of deals, until recently. This one is a collaborative effort, the first 2 hours brought to you by Steve B via Nobs and Aleph, and the 3rd part is what I was able to fill in afterwards. Not sure if Organized Konfusion showed up this night, but they were scheduled. You do get some good freestyle material from Masta Ace, Lord Digga, Paula Perry, Malik B, Black Thought, Dice Raw, Tek, Steel and Buckshot. Crazy line-up.

Stretch & Bobbito 3-16-1995
(w/Masta Ace Inc, The Roots, Smiff N Wessun, Buckshot)

July 3, 2014

Re-Up: Supernatural VS Craig G

Remember the Supernatural VS Craig G battles that were going on a while back? This is a clip from one of them. Towards the end of the battle they both get real heated. Craig G ends it by saying Supernat 'stepped on the mic chord.' I guess he forfeited and Supernat won this round. The movie 'Freestyle' has a segment where Supernatural talks about another battle they had where Craig G supposedly won. Personally I think the both of them are dope, and I couldn't really tell you who I like better. I think as far as freestyle abilities I'd probably go with Supernat, but as far as records I'd say Craig G.

Drum Crazy 25

June 18, 2014

Stretch & Bobbito 10-16-1997

Straight from the deep tape collection of Halftime / RIOC's  
DJ Eclipse is this Stretch & Bobbito show from October 16,
1997. Featured guests are Thurst, Diamond D & K Terrible. Peace to DJ Eclipse & Stretch & Bobbito and Lord Sear.

CM Famalam Show 2001

This might be a jumble of different shows around November of 2001


Not sure where this was officially realeased, I clipped it from a Stretch & Bobbito tape
Noreaga drops a verse over Mobb Deep's 'Street Life' Instrumental

June 12, 2014

Dirty Waters

This month marks the 7th year for Dirty Waters. Peace again to everyone checking in, and for those new to the site definitely peep the archives, or enter any search term in the top left and dig through the files.

June 7, 2014

Big L on Stretch & Bobbito's Hot 97 show

You may have heard Big L's WKCR appearance on "The Big Picture," but this is Big L's promo stop on Stretch & Bobbito's Hot 97 Show. I'm pretty sure it's from the same month, August 1998. This is a 90 minute clip from the show, including the full interview with Big L and two verses over Pete Rock's 'Tru Master.' Shouts to Aleph and Philaflava on this one.

June 6, 2014

New York Live 1995

This one's a pause edit special, a 30 minute side from a dusty old New York Live tape. DJ Riz and DJ Mayhem on 89.1 WNYU with a bunch of guest MC's. First up was Big Daddy Kane, next was Mad Lion, and it ends off with Mic Geronimo. This might be a combination of different shows from around October - November of '95. Kane kills it on here.

May 27, 2014

Blues Effort - Get Out my Life, Woman

Rare cover version of Allen Toussaint's classic on Imperial record label.
 From what I'm reading limited to 100 copies pressed. Dope drums.

May 22, 2014

Re-Up: Future Flavors 1998

Pete Rock and Marley Marl with another episode of Future Flavors circa 1998. Lot of treats on this tape, stand outs are exclusive Future Flavors promos with Raekwon and one with Jane Doe and Consequence. Shouts to Greg T. (Thanks to Brandon for Re-ups)

Future Flavors 1998

May 21, 2014

Re-Up: Future Flavors 1996

Another treat from DJ Emskee...

Future Flavors circa 1996 with
Marley Marl and Pete Rock.

Re-Up: Future Flavas 1997

Marley Marl, Pete Rock and Half Pint bring you a Future Flavas show, probably sometime in the summer of 1997, around the time Wu-Tang Forever came out. Peace to Greg T for this one.

Future Flavas 1997

May 2, 2014

Re-Up - New York Live WNYU 1996 (w/Lord Finesse & Onyx)

This tape is pretty crazy, came to me via Talib. Lord Finesse shows you why he's the total package in hip hop as a DJ, producer and MC. Finesse jumps on the wheels for DJ Mayhem's New York Live on 89.1, on what is most likely one of their Thursday shows. After a 45 minute DJ set, Finesse plays some unreleased beats for a freestyle. Onyx was also in the studio promoting their new material.

Live from the Boogie Blind Residence

Lord Finesse mixes are gold, peace to Ego Trip

April 28, 2014

The Basement

If you've been enjoying the Solo Vibes stuff from P-Love, check out his boy James DL, he was host of the "Basement" radio show in Stonybrook, NY on WUSB 90.1 fm, sunday nights 12-3am during the late 90's. He s been posting freestyles from their old show on his blog so peep it.

April 24, 2014


to two of my favorites for hooking this up for me

April 22, 2014

Boogie Blind Lord Sear Special 2002

Total Pack, Large Pro, Fatal, and MC Serch on WBAU 1992

Shout out to Ce-Style aka Corey Drumz for posting this classic radio material.
This is a clip from a WBAU Wildman Steve Show featuring DJ Riz on the wheels,
and Total Pack, Large Professor, Fatal and MC Serch on the mics.

April 2, 2014

Re-Up: Future Flavors 1997

Another Future Flavors show
Pete Rock & Marley Marl
laying some treats on you...
Peace to Greg T

March 27, 2014

Eminem & AL Freestyles WBMB

Big shout again to P-Love, hooking up the Eminem demo version of Bad Vs Evil,
and a freestyle session featuring AL & Eminem on the Solo Vibes show.

Eminem - Bad VS Evil (Demo Version)

Eminem & AL Freestyles

Drum Crazy 24

Still Diggin..

March 18, 2014

45 King/ Lord Sear styles

Most heads know The 45 King's 'Lost Breakbeats' series had some real treats for DJ's. With sites like Discogs I'm able to go back and check out the ones I missed out on, and it seems like there were at least 10-12 of them. The 'beige album' was one that came out around 1996, and uncharacteristically had some MC's on it, including Mark himself (usually the one side had hip hop beats and the other side had house beats). This song 'Tell me How You Like It' Stretch used to run a lot in early 1996 and until recently I never knew where it was released (shout to Serch4beatz). I've also uploaded a few other 45 king beats from the lost breakbeats albums, and Lord Sear getting busy on the Beige album.

March 17, 2014

Marley Marl - In Control Reunion

Marley Marl links up with Pete Rock, DJ Clark Kent, and DJ Kevvy Kev
for an In Control reunion on Golden Era Radio...

Marley Marl - Golden Era Radio WBLS 107.5 - 02-28-2014 (In Control Reunion) by Mosesjonesjr on Mixcloud

Gee & Jay

Caught this obscure 12" in the collection I picked up recently. This is the one and only record from the group  Gee & Jay called 'X-Rated Lyn' on M.O.B. Records, which according to the Freddy Fresh Rap Records was distributed by B-Boy Records. I love the lo-fi demo quality, the old school sex rap, the randomness. The dude drops one long verse about how he meets some chick, hits its, forgets to pull out, kicks her older brother in the nuts and then bounces. Seems like everyone was killing Grace Jones' 'My Jamaican Guy' in 1988 (2 Much, Kid N Play), way before LL used it for 'Doin it.' The B-Side on this 12" isn't that bad either.

March 13, 2014

Solo Vibes Freestyles

More Solo Vibes freestyle sessions circa 1998 courtesy of P-Love and DJ Sincere. This round features Punchline, Wordsworth, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Apani & Royce Da 5'9 Freestyle...

Records for Sale

            Picked up a decent collection, listed some here on ebay for those interested..

March 2, 2014

Black Star

Here's an unreleased Black Star track called 'I get High,' courtesy of P-Love and the solo vibes crew. Check out his partner from WBMB, DJ Sincere, at his blog.

February 22, 2014

Solo Vibes

Just got in touch with Peter Vazquez aka P-Love (who you will hear as one of the studio guests on the MF Doom show I just posted), and he has some treats to share with all of us. Peter had a radio show with DJ Sincere at Baruch (590 AM), and it had a pretty heavy line-up of guests during it's 4 year run. Words from Peter..

 "Solo Vibes" was a radio show from 1996-2000 based out of Baruch College in Manhattan, New York (WBMB). Hosted by P-love and spun by DJ Sincere, what it lacked in listeners (due to the poor frequency: 590 AM), it gained in acclaim by some of hip hop underground' finest: Bobbito, DJ Riz, Cipher Sounds, DJ Spinna, Basement Crew (DL and DJ Crossphader), DJ Eli, DJ Avee, Fingatip, etc and blessed with numerous guests including Eminem, Craig G, I G Off, Breez Everflowin, Punch & Words, Pumpkinhead, Royce da 5'9, Poisen Pen, Pack FM, and the Arsonists amongst others...

I'm going to be dropping some of the freestyle sessions from the Solo Vibes show in the next few weeks, so let's start off with an ill session with Craig G and Wordsworth from 1997...

February 19, 2014

February 15, 2014

MF Doom on Stretch & Bobbito 4-24-1997

Update: Peace to Chris and Squires for helping me ID the date on this one, April 24, 1997. MF Doom guests with Megalon and has Stretch throw on some old school G Rap instrumentals to flow over. Some weird pauses in the middle of this tape, but a great krunchtime session towards the end..


February 12, 2014

Survey (commenting is back)

Lately, the posts here have been few and far between. Most of the old radio material I have has already been shared, but I'm constantly digging for new things to bring to the blog. I just wanted to drop a quick post to see if people are still checking the site....

I was wondering why I haven't gotten many comments on this blog, and realized I changed the settings. I was getting bombed with spam comments a while back and must have turned off the commenting altogether by mistake. It's back in effect so comment away, I do enjoy hearing from heads who check in.

Anyone who has any material they'd like to share here on the blog, feel free to email. Also if there are any requests to re-upload dead links, I always do my best. Peace to the heads over at Philaflava for preserving the bulk of the stretch and bobbito shows that were uploaded here with fresh links, and everyone who still check in on the regular.

A perk to this blog is getting in touch with heads whose work I've admired over the years. And those who have follow my site know I'm all about my signed 12"s. Peace to Skillz for hooking this up for me.

Re-Up: DJ Muro WNYU 1996

This was one of my first uploads here- DJ Muro with a 30 minute set on WNYU, New York Live from 1996. This was Muro's first radio appearance in New York.

February 4, 2014

January 15, 2014

Halftime Oct 1999 (w/Royal Flush and Neek)

Here's another buttery Halftime Show with Royal Flush and Neek the Exotic going back to back on the mic. Also you get a quick verse from Tash towards the end. 30 minute side from a paused up show from October, 1999.

January 8, 2014

DJ Nes - Jeep Mix

Celebrate the new year with some old school. Dug in the crates to pull out some mid 90's joints, rare remixes, slept on joints, party joints, blends, all that. I pretty much stayed in the 1993-1996 area, and kept the pace moving pretty quick. Feel free to share & repost, and thanks to P Original on the lookout.