March 30, 2008

Sirfin USA

I'm hitting you with 3 mixtapes this week, feedback on anything you like is most appreciated. I ripped this tape along with the Juice, so figured I might as well put it up, gotta keep these mixes alive. This one is DJ Silva Sir-Fa Master Mix Tape #16. He hits you with a little of everything, R&B, Raggae, mostly Hip Hop. I used to like his tapes because he would play a lot of stuff before it came out.

Words From Sir-Fa & Ron G.from something called Mixtape, Inc. The Movie

Juiced up

Here goes DJ Juice from Trenton NJ with
tape #29. He's won 7 mixtape awards and all the votes for next mixtape to post (3 votes to none vs.
Sir-Fa for those that paid attetion) even though
I'm going to post Silva Sir-Fa's mix too

DJ Juice has the best intros on his mixtapes, he claims to be one of the first to cut different records together to make different phrases for mixtape intros. On this tape he does his intro cuts over a Craig Mack instrumental, and he's got some pretty good remixes on there as well. For tape #27 and another write up, check out this site. Also peep this Youtube clip with some words from Juice on how and when he got started, what he's done, etc...

House music all night long

I've been burning all sorts of mixtapes lately. Here at dirty waters I'll hit you with all types of shit, hip hop, reggae, jazz, rock, soul, rare grooves, break mixes, even some house. I don't know how many fans of house music I have reading this blog, probably not all that many, but for those of you into it here is a little treat. I know there are sub divisions of house, I'm not sure what you would label this type of music so don't give me heat if this is actually trance or techno or whatever. It's a mix from DJ Richie Hawtin aka Plastikman. It's an unlabeled dub of one of his mixtapes so I don't know the name of it or when it came out, but it's pretty good regardless. Bust out your glow sticks and get down to this one.

Side A
Side B

March 26, 2008


This is an unreleased treat from Supernatural featuring KRS-One. They talk about holding up a music store for all types of equipment. KRS doesn't drop a verse, but adlibs; he assists in the robbery while Supernat rhymes about each item he wants specifically. I grabbed this track from a Stretch and Bobbito Show, and Bobbito definitely lets you know where you're getting it from. This isn't on his first unreleased album, or any of his released material to my knowledge, not sure where it's from. The beat knocks but the sound quality isn't that great.

'Bring me the 1200's! five boxes of those so I can freak flows, ---- cuttin scrtatches at shows'

Supernatural - Kleptomaniac

March 25, 2008

Underground Railroad 2001 (w/TameOne & Boom Skwad)

Just found this tape
with some TameOne &
 Boomskwad Freestyles
from the Underground Railroad
99.5 WBAI, in January 2001.
They kill it for like 8 minutes

Underground Railroad 2001
(w/Tame & Boom Skwad)

All these anniversary radio shows that have been popping off had me thinking about the 10 year anniversary of the Underground Railroad. Parts of that anniversary show are also on the tape

March 20, 2008


I'm sure all of you are familiar with The Roots, here is a live version of 'Respond React' (from Iladelph Halflife) that was recorded for a WNYU studio session around 1996.
All the way live from 215. I like this version more than the album version.

I've been ripping a lot of old radio shows and mixtapes and have a bunch of stuff to sort through. More to come in the next few weeks..

The Roots w/ Common - Clones Live

March 19, 2008


This is a clip from one of the first times I DJ'd live on radio along with DJ Force, and DJ Jet C in 1999 on Radio Ruckus, WRSU. This was shortly before Force took over the show the following year. On here you'll hear some funky fresh (dated) turntablism from the 3 of us.

Radio Ruckus - 12-26-1999

1) DJ Nes
2) DJ Force
3) DJ Jet C

Just heard from Force in the comments and thought I'd throw this one up
Shout to out Jet C who I haven't seen in a mad long time, Keef Kash and Cap A.

Here's another set I did from a different night on Radio Ruckus in 2000:

1)Ultramagnetic MC's - Make It happen
2)Large Professor - Hard
3)Jungle Brothers - JB's comin through
4)Craig G - Duck Alert
5)Lord Finesse featuring Percee P - Yes You May
6)Redman - Time For Sum Aksion
7)Eric B & Rakim - Don't Sweat The Technique
8)Boogie Down Productions - Questions and Answers (remix)

March 16, 2008


Coming up I got
DJ Juice Tape #29 and DJ Silva Sir-Fa Master Mix #19
which one do you want to hear next?
First 5 votes wins it.

Dee Dub

This is a tape made by SeanOne of the vinyl dogs. This wasn't released or sold, it's just a bunch of reggae tracks on a tape made in 1998. You may know the Vinyl Dogs from some of the compilations or instrumental records they put out in the 90's, or even buying records from them at the conventions back in the day. If you heard the Fatboy Slim song with the Lord Finesse vocals 'Check it out now, it's the funk soul brother', that was a line taken from a Vinyl Dogs record.

If anyone wants to help me identify some of the tracks on here it would be greatly appreciated, the only one I know is the John Holt song on side B. The song that comes in at the 8:30 mark on side A is bananas and I'm dying to know what it is, if anyone can help. Enjoy the tape, there's some good stuff on there. If you dig it leave some feedback.

peace to Vinyl Mike and Sean, K Lew, and Shank Williams

*Bonus - This record will definitely set people off. Kenny Dope's Super Dub Remix of Johnny Osbourne's 'Budy Bye'

March 14, 2008




I saw these on knowngallery and had to do a double take. This is a piece done by Mac. It was painted like a photo negative that only looks regular when you photograph it and invert the colors. Crazy!

March 12, 2008

The Rhyme Inspector

I've had these photos lined up in a draft for a month or so trying to think of something to write about Percee P I'm glad to see he's released a full length on Stones Throw. The album has been out for awhile now, I just heard some remixes and different tracks and it's pretty good. I like most of the stuff I've heard from him, the promo 12" for the 'Lung Collapsing Lyrics/Now they wanna see me', the indie 12's on V-Max were dope (Don't Come strapped, Respect costs more than money), tracks he did with Lord Finesse, the Cenubites, etc., he always had some good lyrics.

I remember hearing his first appearance on a 12" and not knowing much about it. I didn't find out until later he's under the name Top Priority and it's on a record that just says BQE in Full Effect. If you haven't heard it peep it. This track is from 1988, dude was way ahead of his time IMO. I remember seeing him outside Fat Beats on 7th selling tapes, I know he's got a decent live old school tape collection. Someone should tell him to get to ripping, and blogging...for now...

...let the homicides...begin...

March 6, 2008

For those who haven't heard the half...

Whats up peoples? Just wanted to throw up a couple live DJ sets from last night's Halftime show and a few other live sets from previous Halftime shows. If you tuned in last night you might have heard Revolution and Scratch kill it something terrible. To download the entire show from last night click here. Revolution's set is cut into two clips so click on his name and the picture to get both parts. For those of you wondering where some of the downloads are on my posts, click the pictures, it's where most of them are.

DJ Revolution

DJ Scratch

DJ Klever

DJ I-Emegre

DJ Roc Raida

March 4, 2008

Nine Pound

More 95 Stretch & Bobbito for you, lot of slow tempo joints. Starts off with the Clark Kent remix to Mic Geronimo's 'Natural'. Enjoy

The real rap comes @ Halftime

After a hiatus from the New York Live Show, DJ Riz returned to WNYU radio along with DJ Eclipse and Lyn Gonzales to form the Halftime Show in 1998. This is a clip from the first ever Halftime Show on March 4, 1998, 10 Years ago today!

You'll hear tracks from the God Sunz (featuring OGC), The X-Ecutioners, Gangstarr, and a freestyle session from the Natural Elements (L-Swift and A Butta). What's funny is while they are rhyming the beat switches, they both stop, saying 'I don't like this joint', so they go into 'Triborough'.

The lineup on Halftime has changed since 1998, but the show is still running every week, check the myspace for more details. Congratulations to the crew for holding down a great show for 10 years. If all radio shows were as good as this one the world would be a better place...

You can catch the show this Wednesday (and every Wednesday) from 10:30pm - 1:00am on 89.1 fm (for those in the area), or listen online on the wnyu website. I read on Grandgood special guests are to include DJ Premier, Pete Rock, and Alcemist on beats along with MC's: A.G., Boot Camp Clik, Big Noyd, Masta Ace, Reef The Lost Cauze plus 25 more. Should be a good show as most of the anniversary shows are...

Also big Shout to my homie S-one celebrating his 30th birthday today


March 2, 2008

The Awakening

This is a record I tend to throw on a lot when I'm in lounge mode. It's a laid back, cool out Jazz record from a group called The Awakening. The first cut on the b-side, Kera's Dance, is a 10 minute long mellow groove with some horns (flute, trumpet, trombone) playing in off each other, along with an electric piano, bass, and drums. (anyone recognize this song from a mixtape?)

The Awakening - Kera's Dance

The group produced only two albums, 'Hear, Sense, and Feel' (1972) and 'Mirage' (1973) both on Gene Russell's Black Jazz label. For those who don't know, the label had a limited number of releases (22) in the early/mid 70's with some really good music. The albums that I have/ have heard are pretty damn good.

*The Black Jazz roster consisted of ten superior instrumentalists and vocalists that included:

Gene Russell - Piano
Rudolph Johnson - Saxophone
Calvin Keys - Guitar
Walter Bishop, Jr. - Piano
Chester Thompson - Organ
Henry Franklin - Bass
Doug Carn - Piano, Organ, Keyboards
Jean Carn - Vocalist
Kellee Paterson - Vocalist
The Awakening - Instrumental Group

Check the record's back cover for more info on the band and the players.

Shout out to Len Williams who autographed this copy before he sold it to whoever sold it to me.

March 1, 2008

Beat Kings

This DVD has been out over a year now, but I just recently had the chance to see it and definitely want to recommend it for anyone who hasn't. I always like to watch documentary videos on DJing, producing, digging, or any aspect of hip hop for that matter, and this one is definitely worth watching...

'Never before has there been such a comprehensive documentary about the art of beat making. DJ Mathematics (of the Wu-Tang Clan) reveals the science behind the origins of hip-hop music with the genre's greatest producers in the all new DVD, BEAT KINGS: The History of Hip-Hop (Nature Sounds)

Beat Kings is a 66 minute film that gives the viewer an exclusive look into the architects behind the rhyme. Hear it first hand from the musical legends that shine light on Hip Hop's brightest stars like Jay-Z, Biggie, and Nas. Beat Kings brings the public into the producers private studios as they reveal the secrets behind making hit records. Mathematics interviews stars like Kanye West, Just Blaze, Havoc (Mobb Deep), Trackmasters, Swizz Beatz, RZA, DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Marley Marl, Alchemist, David Banner, Easy Moe Bee, Prince Paul, and more as Beat Kings chronicles the history of beat making from its early beginnings into the 21st century.

Producers provide information on the equipment they use, how they learned how to use it, and how they developed their style. Veterans will take a look at this milestone DVD as a breath of fresh air, while newcomers will be able to learn the ropes from the legends themselves. Viewers will also have the privilege to hear the producers' opinions on the current state of Hip Hop music, where hip-hop came from, and where it is going. Respect the Architects, respect the Beat Kings.'

Check the promotional myspace page for info on how to purchase

Here are some clips from the film: