June 22, 2010

Native Tongues

I'm re-posting this video material since blogger now has the
option to 'full screen' videos (bottom right corner) and in
case you missed them the first time they were posted. These
are two native tongue interviews from Yo! featuring Dres from
Black Sheep getting interviewed in Central Park and Tribe
Called Quest and L.O.N.S. on the set of the Scenario video.

Dres Interview 1991 (part 1)

Dres Interview 1991 (part 2)

Tribe & L.O.N.S. 1992

June 9, 2010

3 years and running...

That's right folks, this month Dirty Waters hits the 3 year mark. Peace to everyone checking the site from jump and everyone checking in on the regular. Peace to all the heads out there dropping comments and leaving positive feedback (it really does keep me motivated to continue working on the site). Peace to Cynthia and Miriah coming through again this year with some advertising support. Peace to all the other high quality blogs providing the treats and good reads. Peace to everyone out there pulling out the old radio cassettes, ripping and sharing. Peace to my boy Talib and Alex. Peace to everyone who has contributed writing and material for Dirty Waters over the years. Peace to all the artists who take the time to do interviews for the site. Peace to Stretch & Bobbito, DJ Riz, DJ Eclipse, and all the New York radio shows I grew up listening to. And most definitely big shouts to the extended Dirty Water crew, peace to Greg T for hooking up the Stretch tapes, and peace to all my Jersey heads.

Speaking of Jersey, I just received word that the Artifacts are back in effect with plans to make a reunion album. This is long overdue and I'm excited to see what they have planned. I'm not sure about the details (release dates, production, etc.), but look out for this project in the future and support it when it drops! I wasn't sure I should let the cat out of the bag on this one in case it was some kind of secretive thing for now, but I've already seen a buzz about this reunion on a few myspace/facebook pages. My boy Kes received word from El directly that there are plans for this reunion but as of right now nothing has been set in motion. Peace to DJ Kaos, El, Tame, Maleet and P Original. Jersey stand up!

-DJ Nes

June 1, 2010

Lord Finesse Freestyle 1996

Check this Lord Finesse
freestyle from Stretch & Bobbito's show
over Jay Z's 'Ain't No.." instrumental