January 24, 2011

Stretch & Bobbito 8-14-1994

Here's another classic Stretch & Bobbito tape courtesy of the homie Nate in Boston via FJP. This tape features the El-P and J-Treds freestyle session (over Gangstarr's 'Speak Ya Clout') that was featured on the 'Farewell Fondle Em' compilation. Here you get the full 20 minute session, and another 25 minutes or so of Stretch in the mix.

January 23, 2011

Stretch & Bobbito 1996

Here's another Stretch & Bobbito 'Boogie and the Barber' show. This one's unlabeled, but I'm guessing it's from summer, 1996. 79 minutes with commercials cut. Peace to Greg T.

January 18, 2011

CM Famalam Show (Indelible MC's)

Another one from Nasa at Uncommon Music, a CM Famalam Show featuring the Indelible MC's and a gang of other MC's. This tape is seemingly one long freestyle session, lot of syllables being used. Mr Len was on the wheels providing the instrumentals.


I was chopping it up with Nasa at Uncommon Records (who's been providing a lot of the treats this week) about all the classic hip hop radio shows that used to run back in the 80's and 90's, and man, there is so many one could name... But just to give credit where it is due, with help from the readers, I'd like to see how many classic hip hop radio shows we can shed light on...

I was a teenager in the mid 90's, so I missed all the 80's hip hop shows, but I know my weekly radio routine back then, for a while, was- Evil Dee's Hot 97 show on Mondays or Tuesdays, Then there was the Underground Railroad on WBAI on Tuesday nights, later Saturday nights, then Wednesday and Thursday nights Martin Moore/Mayhem/Sunset/Riz had their WNYU shows Club 89/New York Live (later reinvented as the Halftime Show), then there was the Stretch Armstrong Show hosted by Bobbito on Thursday nights, and Future Flavors with Marley Marl and Pete Rock on Hot 97, Sunday nights.

Thinking back, that was a pretty sick line up of hip hop shows and I wish I cut some kind of bulk deal with TDK or Sony on cassettes to record every minute of radio possible. Fortunately, this blog, and blogs/forums like this seek to preserve these old classic radio shows and inspire one to dig through the dusty shoebox for gems.

So I'll ask all the readers out there, worldwide, what radio stations really set you off? past or present? Let's see how many different shows we can reminisce on in this post, let me know your favorite shows in the comments section. Let me know the DJ's, the stations, the area, the air times, the show's life span, what you remember from it, etc...

Check this promo from Natural Element's L Swift
for WNYU's New York Live show. He breaks down
all the radio shows that were poppin' at the time...

L Swift promo

Hank Love & Half Pint show 105.9

The Hank Love and Half Pint Show, on 105.9, is not one that I was all that familiar with back in the day. Nasa at Uncommon Music, who provided this treat, informs me that they were part of the Saturday night block on 105.9, WNWK, with Awesome Two at 12, dirty dozen at 1am, and Hank love and Half Pint from 2-4am. This is a 30 minute clip from an episode in December, 1995.

Hank Love and Half Pint Show 12/1995

January 17, 2011

Lord Finesse & Prince Po Freestyle Hot 97 1994

Another one from the dusty cassettes of Nasa from Uncommon Music. This one's a clip from Lord Finesse and Prince Po on Funkmaster Flex's Friday night show on Hot 97 from 1994.

January 15, 2011

Stretch & Bobbito 1996

Here is a one hour clip from the Stretch & Bobbito show from around Sept/Oct 1996. The clip features an appearance from the Bush Babies, but ends right before they get a chance to rhyme. This show was the Thursday after this Hot 97 show, which also featured the Bush Babies.

Peace to Nasa from Uncommon Music Records for hooking this one up

January 12, 2011

Westwood Rap Exchange

This tape was posted online already, but came to me courtesy of Dave in Essex. This is a Tim Westwood LA gear Rap Exchange featuring Marley Marl on the wheels, summer 1989.

Westwood/Marley 7-29-1989

Side A

Side B

January 11, 2011

WNYU archives

WNYU has been hooking up the treats with some old episodes of P-Fine's show
Rap This! and other shows that ran on WNYU circa 1980's. Here are some of
the shows they have posted thus far on their achives page, hopefully they'll
keep this up. Anyone out there want to help me out with MP3's of these?

LL Cool J, 1986, Rap This! w/ P-Fine by WNYU

Ultramagnetic MC's, 1989, Club 89 w/ Leigh Lust by WNYU Holiday Archives

Afrika Bambaataa, 1986, NAS w/ Joel by WNYU Classic Archives

January 6, 2011


Yooo... peace to everyone checking DW on the regular and peace to everyone sending me e-mails. And for those of you who have NYC radio tapes, yes, I will be happy to digitize them for you. I definitely want to encourage a little more feedback/comments on the posts here. The reader input has kind of run dry lately, so if you feel inclined, drop a line. I'm gonna try to keep on bringing the treats for the new year so stay tuned in. I know every six months or so I post saying I'm deading the site, but I'm sort of hooked in at this point.

Anyway in the last, I would say, year or so, there have been a lot of other sites/peoples doing the damn thing and hooking up the treats. I definitely want to give mentions/shouts to all the people over at Philaflava forums, Aleph/Bomba/Nobs/Steve/DJ Eclipse and all the peoples in there. If you like the old Stretch and Bobbito shows I post here, you can definitely find a bunch more over there. It's worth signing up for. Also shout out to Static Hiss a new blog that has been really getting a good start these past few months.

That's all, stay tuned for some more goodness to come...