December 26, 2007

Mr Mass educating...

I just got my copy of Mr Mass' 'Education for your ears' lesson 1 last week, and it's had steady spins in the whip. For those of you who are fans of break mixes, this one is definitely a good listen. I have both of Rev Shines' 'Good News' CD's, and this mix is similar to those. The Good News series showcase a lot of samples from more recent artists; the education mix takes you a little further back to samples from Native Tongues, Bootcamp, Wu-Tang, and other classic hip hop. I liked Rev's approach to the mix, adding the drums to some of the samples to recreate the beats; also, he played a Juggaknots sample on there that had me buggin'. The Cd is bangin', from the mix, to the cover/CD design, most definitely Dirty Water recommended. Mr Mass does his thing to promote good music all over the world, definitely show some support. The link for the CD is for Eurpoean buyers, for those in the US who would like to purchase the CD contact Mr Mass through his e-mail.

December 23, 2007

Reggae mix

I always like to hear a good reggae mix, and here is one from one of the illest turntablists of Beat Junkie and Skratch Pikl fame. Shortkut's mixes have always gotten a lot of play from me, dude really has a talent with the cuts, mixes, and blends. You can have the illest record collection, know about every dope record made from the 60's on, but as a DJ, if your cuts and blends aren't up to par, your mixes are lacking. The first mix I heard from Shortkut was a tape called 'Rekonstructed Elements', which was a mix of samples mixed to form the beats they were used for(anyone out there who has a rip of that let me know because I have a shitty dub on cassette). Another mix worth mentioning is a mix called 'So Much Soul' that he did along with Vinroc, which consisted of R&B and hip hop. I'm sure he has other mixes but these are the ones I know of. Anyway, Enjoy...

December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas

Everyone out there have a safe and Merry Christmas. Enjoy the Holidays and time spent with the fam. Here goes a Podcast from Peanut Butter Wolf entitled 'Bad Santa's X-mas After Party'. Also make sure you check out MassCorporation for 2 exclusive Christmixes from DJ JS-1 and DJ Muro. Ho-Ho-Ho.

December 17, 2007

Drum Crazy Contest

Announcing the DirtyWaters Drum Crazy Contest!!!

That's right folks! The Dirtywater blog is proud to present it's first ever contest. The winner of this contest will receive an exclusive downloadable Dirtywater mix CD sent to his/her e-mail. The contest will run until there is a winner, and this winner will be congratulated and given a special shout out in a Dirtywater post. The rules for the contest are as follows:

You must give a complete tracklisting for any one of the Drum Crazy videos found below. You can choose from any of the 11 Drum Crazy videos, and provide a complete track listing for that video (just one of the 11, not all). As a helpful tool, here is the link for the the-breaks website, which can answer some, but not all, of your drum sample questions.

To enter, send your answers to Please indicate which Drum Crazy video you are providing the track list for along with the complete list of records used. If noone wins this contest within a few months time, the person who comes the closest to giving a complete listing for one of the videos will win, so make sure you at least give it shot if you are a fellow crate digger. Good Luck to all and thanks for playing!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

Part 12

December 15, 2007

The Don

I had this next track, 'Status' on a Stretch & Bobbito tape from 1995, and the sound quality sucked due to radio distortion. I always hoped one day I would get to own a better copy. 12 years later and here it is. Godfather Don has a new CD out called 'The Nineties Sessions' consisting of 17 unreleased recordings from the early/late 90's. Check out this interview to read more about Godfather Don.

Also check this freestyle from
Godfather Don on WNYU's Halftime Show, July 1998

December 13, 2007

More Bobbito...

Here is another Stretch and Bobbito show from the mid 90's, contributed by my boy Talib aka 'MadNice'. The sound quality isn't that great, but there are definitely some treats on this one. This was one of those nights when Stretch was MIA and Bobbito was in the studio solo playing demos and unreleased stuff. Towards the end you'll here Souls of Mischief's 'Taxi' demo, and portions of an Organized Konfusion Rock Steady performance.

December 9, 2007

Record Show

I checked out the record show over in Springfield today. I came up with a few more drum records for the videos, and a few other random treats. I caught a copy of the 'Getting Straight' soundtrack for $3 which I was pretty siked about. The shows aren't as good as they once were but they are still worth going to. Definitely support vinyl and the record hustle.

For those in the NJ area here are the dates for the 2008 shows:

Sunday, March 9, 2008
Sunday, June, 8, 2008
Sunday, Sept 14, 2008
Sunday, December 7, 2008

Doors open at 10:00 am, show runs until 4:00 pm
Held at the Holiday Inn on Route 22 West in Springfield, NJ. Dozens of music dealers and stores represented, selling records, CDs, DVDs, memorabilia. Admission: adults: $6, seniors: $3, kids under 12 admitted free.

Drum Crazy Part 11

I checked my inbox last week and I got the following message:

Hello DJ Nes -

I was goofing around online earlier today when I bumped into your DirtyWaters blog... I just wanted to say 'hi' to you. I created the Drum Crazy series for Ubiquity Records quite awhile back and was really excited to watch your video accompaniment for each of the records...

I still have quite a large collection of vinyl yummies, but have pulled back from the good old days of collecting. It's getting harder and harder to find the good stuff. Plus, vinyl really is now almost dead. I'm always amazed when guys like yourself figure out a way to keep the whole breakbeat scene fresh. I'm a big fan of break mixes/comps in general and it was really cool to check out the .mp3 mixtape on your blog.

Keep them coming...

Happy Collecting!


Michael van Olden
aka Fishguhlish
aka Molasses
aka MikeTheMusicGuy
aka Starchild Excalibur
(Every project gets a new acronym.)

For those who don't know about Fishguhlish, he is the man behind the Drum Crazy records, (drum loop records designed for DJ's and producers) from which I have borrowed the title of to use for my drum break videos. Those who want to read more about him can check these interviews. I am sure everyone who has taken up production from back in the day 'til now has heard about or owned copies of these records, so if interested to see more about the man behind them, check the interviews. I've also sent him a few of my own questions so stay tuned for a possible Dirtywaters interview. I'm glad to see that he is into the blog and the videos, peace and respect to Fishguhlish.

coming soon...THE DRUM CRAZY CONTEST!!!

Drum Crazy Part 11

Scratch Nerds

I haven't listened to this CD much since it came out in 2002, but I recently threw it back into rotation. It's a scratch practice CD with DJ Craze and DJ Klever, both DMC Champions and members of the Allies crew. These two are nasty with the cuts, and listening to it definitely makes me want to geek out with some flares, chirps, tears, drags, crabs, orbits, jabs, or whatever the hell you crazy kids are calling scratches these days.

DJ Craze & DJ Klever - Scratch Nerds

December 5, 2007

Wordsworth & Punchline

Here's something from Wordsworth & Punchline. These two were featured on the Lyricist Lounge Volume 1 LP, and they also had a spot on A Tribe Called Quest's 'Love Movement' LP. I think these two are still working on solo projects, but here is a flashback to their freestyles Stretch and Bobbito's 'Boogie in the Barber' show in 1996 over the Group Home's 'Realness'.

Wordsworth & Puncline Hot 97 Freestyles 1996

December 2, 2007

Rap's most livest cat

More Diggin in the cassettes type shit....

Big L freestyles on WYNU's Halftime Radio 1998

AG & GD freestyles (same night)

50th Post!

Dirty Waters has made it through 50 posts! Thanks to all the readers checking the site and we will continue to try and bring you the good stuff...

here goes Drum Crazy part 9 & 10 and a video mix of some Jazz records

Drum Crazy Part 9

Drum Cray Part 10

Jazz Breaks