March 23, 2013

Jay-Z - Greatest MC

One of Jay-Z's unreleased tracks from 1995.
Not sure who produced this one, Ski? Clark Kent?

DJ Sorce-1 Interviews

DJ Sorce-1 put me up on some new interviews he has posted on his blog Heavy in the Streets
here are a few good reads for those interested.. Readers feel free to submit material from 
your own sites/collections at any time..

March 5, 2013

Diggin' in the Tapes

Peace to P. Original and DJ Kaos. Was sitting in on some tape diggin/transferring going down and was hearing some incredible stuff, random Artifacts studio cuts, demos, unreleased beats, 20+ year old mixtapes, craziness. A lot of this material will be appearing soon on Kaos' blog, so stay tuned.