February 25, 2010

Wordsworth & Punchline/Trackmastaz

Got some time to throw up some more treats while we're snowed in here in N.J. again. This time some old Wordsworth and Punchline joints produced by The Trackmastaz. After doing a search, I found a pretty extensive biography of Punch and Words here, and it mentions the Trackmastaz got the two a deal under Sony. I'm wondering how many tracks they made back in those early days or if they ever got released, but here are two they made as a team.

This one has sort of an odd combination. 50 cent with Wordsworth & Punchline. produced by The Trackmastaz. They use of one of my favorite breaks on this one, Sammy Nestico's 'Shoreline Drive.' The year on this is 1998.

Wordworth & Punchline featuring 50 cent

This one goes back to 1994. The Trackmastas use a Bob James sample and take a line from Grap Luva's freestyle on the Mecca and the Soul Brother skit, 'rock to the beat get wreck on the regular.' Stretch and Bobbito gave this many plays on their show..

Wordsworth & Punchline - Wreck on the Regular

February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

One of my all time favorite 45's. Bobby Byrd and James Brown with 'Never get enough.'

February 7, 2010

Big Pun Dedication

It's been 10 years since Big Pun passed, so in tribute here's a clip of Big Pun's first radio appearance on the Stretch Armstrong Show with Bobbito on August 31, 1995. As Bobbito said, this is the first time a lot of people heard Big Pun under his name Big Dog the Punisher. Fat Joe was up there premiering some of his joints from the 'Jealous one's Envy' LP and brought up Big Pun, Armeggedon, and Keith Nut. R.I.P. Big Pun.

Words from Bobbito...

"In ‘95, Fat Joe brought up Armeggedon, Keith Nut, and Big Dog The Punisher to freestyle on me and Stretch’s show. After the session, I thought in my head, “That dude Big Dog killed it!” That was the first time anyone ever heard him live, and perhaps the first time anyone ever heard of him period as he was unsigned and had never appeared on any of Fat Joe’s records yet. Two years later he was on Loud Records with a big hit “Not A Player” and went multi-plat, etc. Cool story and good memory. He had a very tough image to the public, but around me, Stretch, and Sear, who are all clowns, Pun was a bug out, liked to snap and joke around just like anyone else."

February 3, 2010

Stretch & Bobbito 6th Anniversary Show

Here's a good 75 minutes from the 6th anniversary of the Stretch Armstrong Show on October 24, 1996. The show features freestyles from King Tee, Bootcamp's (Buckshot & Steele) and the Indelible MC's (El P, Breezly Brewin', J-Treds). Dr. Dre was also in the studio but didn't rhyme. The tape jumps around a little (pause edits), but still holds a lot of treats.

*update - the full 4 hour show for this date has been recovered by Aleph/nobs/Steve
via the Philaflava forums...

Peace to StretchBobbito.

Check out words from Stretch about the 5th Anniversary Show
featuring Kool G Rap and Grimm on this post from Stretch's blog.

And big shouts to A-One for blessing us with portions of the
4th Anniversary Show featuring Common on this post.

Radio Ruckus (Cymarshall Law) 6-5-2005

Here's an old Radio Ruckus show featuring Cymarshall Law and your boy DJ Nes with a break mix. I was listening to the Halftime show last week and heard a couple of Cymarshall Law's new joints and remembered I had this. On this tape he plays a couple joints (I'm not sure they were released or not) live on the air and drops a few freestyles. Peace to DJ Knowledge, AB, and everyone in Jersey.

Radio Ruckus 6-25-2005

1) Cymarshall Law (Ever living sound) - The Devil Within
2) Cymarshall Law - Good News?
3) Cymarshall Law - Freestyle
4) DJ Nes - Break mix