December 31, 2008

Once again, Happy New Year to all.
Everyone out there have a good one.
Peace to Miriah, Terry, Halo, S-One and TNP.

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December 21, 2008

Unreleased Rakim

I really wish I didn't have these finals and I was able to check Rakim at the Knitting Factory this past Friday. I was talking to my boy Keef the other day about how shows just aren't the same anymore, but Rakim is someone I've wanted to see live for a long time now, and I heard it was a decent show. The final hip hop show being held at the Knitting Factory. R.I.P. Was a decent spot. I remember seeing a bunch of good shows there

This is one of my favorite tracks right here called 'Livin' for the City'. I'm pretty sure I got this LP of unreleased studio sessions in 1995. I've seen it come in green and purple color fades aside from the blue that I have here. I paid a decent amount (too much) for this record at this spot that used to be in New Brunswick, but I'm glad I did because it's been a record I go to a lot. It defintely had heads running to the tables to find out what it was. The sound quality is pretty decent too for a bootleg pressing. Some of the tracks on here weren't released until years later ('Remember That' on the 18th Letter in 1997). The songs on this have standed the test of time and have been released once again this year as a 2 LP unreleased set.

Rakim - Livin' For The City

Nathan Davis - Stick Buddy

Man, I wish I had an original pressing of this, I should just buy the re-pressing because I'll never find one, or want to ball out and drop $100 on this. I'm happy with an mp3 I guess. This is the sample used on 'Livin for the city'. You can find this full length LP on a few different places online if you google it. This is some really smooth funky jazz from Nathan Davis. This LP in it's entirty is pretty nice and highly recommended, he's got some other good albums too.

Eric B & Rakim - Everything's cool

Fatback Band - Feed me Your Love

Here is another unreleased Rakim song called 'Everything's cool'. It kind of reminds of 'what's on your mind' the way he describes a scenario of trying to hook up with some chick passing through the set.

Whoever produced this grabbed a sample from Fatback Band's 'Feed me your love'. You can hear everything they used for Rakim's song including the horns on the hook which you'll hear at the few remaining seconds.

So what about Eric B? Unfortunately this year he wasn't on the ballot for presidential election. I wouldn't have voted for him anyway. I'm not really feeling the fake you out pretending to cut moves he pulls or deciding to play the vocal version for a live performance. Check the throwback performance... I was waiting for my boy JC to host this one, but they're doing some reconstruction on the site so maybe in the future I'll have it embedded on this post. If you were as hook as I am on The Meaning of Dope, tell these guys to get back in the game. For now you'll have to settle for a zshare link, but I warn you, don't post this on youtube because they will eject you.

Update: 1/6/09 : Peace to JC back at it hooking up the embed for me, enjoy:

December 19, 2008

Hawthorne Radio/ Sing Along with Nes

The Stones Throw podcasts seem to be a popular download here on Dirty Waters (even though they are free on Itunes and on Stones Throw), so I definitely have to throw this one up, it may be one my favorites already. If you liked Madlib's 'Motown Mix' you should like this one as well, it's a nice mix of old R&B and Soul records from Mayer Hawthorne, a new recording artist for the label. You can click here for a full track list. Lot of heat on this one, that Marvelettes track Jay Dee sampled is also one of my favorites.

The Dee Edwards track on the mix is new to me, something I definitely need in my collection. It's been stuck in my head the past few days. The break down with the guitar is pretty sick.

Dee Edwards - Why Can't There Be Love?

This Hawthorne Radio mix has a lot of songs that get stuck in your head all day, and make you want to sing along with them when you hear them. It reminds me of this next song that I always find myself singing out of nowhere. It's a sleeper cut on 9th Creation's 'Falling in Love', the same Lp that has 'Bubble Gum' made popular by Artifacts on 'Wrong Side of the tracks. This track is called 'Sexy Girl' and it's on some real smooth shit. I was siked to find it on a 45.

9th Creation - Sexy Girl

December 15, 2008

Return to Radio

Peace to my boy Carlo aka DJ Jet-C who dropped me a line recently after finding the blog. One of the many perks of having a blog, getting up with old friends. He sent over some pictures of some recent works and asked I re-up the Radio Ruckus 1999 session. I posted this rip last year but got knocked out due to the z-share crash, so just to refresh your memory, this is my first radio appearance on WRSU 9 years ago along with DJ Force and Jet-C. We were featured there to showcase our battle routines so you'll hear some juggles and scratches from us, I think Carlo forgot his records while he was in town that weekend and did some stuff using Force's Duck breaks. Anyway, enjoy. You'll hear me first, Force, then Jet-C, peace to emskee who loves hearing himself talk all over everything. Yo Force where you at, we're rading the studio for another session along with DJ T-Diddy.

Radio Ruckus 12-26-1999

'Mang' aka DJ Jet-C

December 13, 2008

If you had this game back in the day, you were nice...

December 12, 2008

Dreams and Reality

Aboriginals (Obsession and Logic) are another slept on group that came around in the mid 90's. Their first 12" was 'Keep it Hot/The joint' which was I thought was pretty decent, followed by 'Chemistry', and I don't remember much of their stuff after that. This 12" was one of my favorites, tho, 'The Joint' was my joint.

I see both of their 12's getting good feedback on the internet so I dug up one of their demo songs or unreleased, unpressed songs from 1995. Bobbito played this a few months before that Keep it Hot 12" came out, and I remember buying the 12" and being kind of disappointed this demo track wasn't on there. It kind of reminds me of De La's 'Millie pulled a Pistol' cause they use the same drums, and it's got that slow, mellow feel to it, with a nice piano loop. I'm pretty sure it's never been pressed up on vinyl or released anywhere else, so anyone into them check it out and enjoy. You'll hear in the second verse they use the monopoly theme like Cella Dwellas 'Advance to Boardwalk', maybe that's why they didn't put it out, who knows. Sometimes people use the same beats or same topics, it's all good, especially years later.

Aboriginals - 'Dreams and Reality' (Unreleased Demo)

December 5, 2008


Here is some groovy 1970's rock on the Mercury label from a group called Giant.

This record has one of the sickest drum breaks and some funny lyrics that follow. She starts talking about what color pills she should pop, 'should I take a blue one, or a green one..'

I got an e-mail asking for an ID on this track heard from Drum Crazy pt 2 so here it is. The full length LP is also pretty dope. This LP is pretty rare but might be reissued.

I heard a different version of this song with some applause before the drums come in, this one has no applause. Not sure where that other version is from.

No cut and paste google info for you this time. Click on the the back cover to see a short write up on them.

December 3, 2008

History of the Skateboard

My boy S-One found his Thrasher stash and was nice enough to let me copy a few joints, I got a few more scans from them coming up in the near future including some old school stussy ads from the 80's. For now I wanted to put you on to this 'History of the Skateboard' article found in Thrasher's issue 100. It's pretty interseting to see the evolution of the skateboard over the years. If you want to see the shapes closer or care to read the article just click the pictures and adjust size in the browser.

read it...

December 1, 2008

PSA- The Make it Funky mix I did for Blueprint is now back up. Thanks to Martini & Jopperelli for not using zshare lol. You can find it to the left under the treats heading, or you can download here or here... 30 minutes of some mellow funk/soul burners, enjoy..

November 29, 2008

Total Pack

I try to dig up joints from groups that are slept on, and these guys here I don't know much about myself. Googling these guys doesn't bring any pictures and very little info. Total pack consists of two MC's (Ce Style and Kamal B-Wise). The only released material they have documented as a group is what's on the Wild Pitch mixtape DJ Eclipse made. You can check here to read more on their releases on that.

I first heard these guys freestyling with the Artifacts on Stretch and Bobbito, and I'm sure they were up there a few other times as well. They always had their demo material I'm not really sure what they did with. Here I have two demos dug up from some old tapes, and a 20 minute clip with Ce-Style from the Halftime show in 1999, complete with a short interview, some freestyles, and a few Ce-Style solo joints from the same year. Have a listen and let me know what you think. This is for everyone who heard that Wild Pitch mix and wanted to hear more from them...

Total Pack - N.B.A. (No Biting Allowed)

Total Pack (featuring Eguan) - Park House Music

Ce Style on Halftime 1999 (comes in late at 1:30)

November 23, 2008

New York Live 1997

This tape should explain why I used to listen to DJ Riz every Wednesday on 89.1 WNYU back in the day. Riz had the newest joints and cut shit up with few mistakes as you can hear on this live mix from 1997 (Check him cut up that Verbal Attack) I see a few heads comment on the WNYU tapes I post so I know some of you out there know the time, the New York Live show definitely deserves it's props. At one point you had it running on Wednesdays with Riz, mayhem and Sunset, and on Thursdays with DJ Mayhem.

There's a lot of joints on here I don't know the names for, so just like on the Tony Touch tapes I posted, I need all you guys out there to help me fill in the blanks on this track list. I'm trying to figure out track number 3, someone help me identify this thing, all you indie label heads take a listen and let me know. It's a nice 60 minute mix from one of my favorite Dj's, enjoy...

UPDATE: 12:21: Completed track listing thanks to my homegirl Ho1ogramz, my boy Mondelicious & PMD coming through with the missing track names. Really appreciate the help from everyone and definitely expect more treats to come soon

DJ Riz - New York Live 1997

1) One Step Beyond The Labyrinth - Dedicated
2) Da Naba Hood Threat - Mindtricks
3) Masterminds - I'm talented
4) Mr Complex - Visualize
5) Shamus - Tight Team
6) Camp Lo & De La Soul - Hollywood
7) Kardinal Official - Two for da show
8) Black Attack - Verbal Attack
9) Nitty Gritty Southside- Tru Grain
10) Keith Murray, Smif N Wessun, Busta Rhymes - Pay Your Dues
11) Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip - Wild Hot
12) Raidermen & Natural Elements - Magnetic
13) Iman Thug & Tragedy - True Confessions
14) KRS-One - A Friend
15) Resevoir Dogs - Back to Berth

November 20, 2008

Eminem & Royce 5'9

Right when I say I'm not gonna post for awhile I end up throwing up a bunch of stuff. I'm just not going to say anything from now on. I've been meaning to post this for a minute, some early freestyles from Eminem and Royce 5'9. I don't know where I put that 12" the two of them had on Game or else I'd throw a rip of that to go along with this, but this is right before Eminem's first LP came out in 1998. The XL freestyles are kind of short at like 3 or 4 minutes, but the Halftime freestyles run about 13 minutes, enjoy...

Eminem Feestyles XL show 10-11-1998

Eminem & Royce 5'9 Freestyles 1/2 time 9-23-1998

November 19, 2008

Rayz it up

Peace to my boy to K Lew who I saw earlier this week, he's been doing his thing on the DJ/production for a minute. Here's a couple C Rayz Walz tracks from 2001 produced by K Lew. Peace to all the dojo heads.

Hot second

You might get slapped

November 18, 2008

Ak Ha Who?

What's up peoples? Back with some more treats from the cassettes.
Here goes a clip of Akinyele live on Haltime from October 2001 for all you Ak fans. Peep the shout out he gives me at the end. Nah, I guess there's some other dude out there named Nes but I'm digging it regardless. I'm trying out rapidshare this time for the downloads.

I guess 'Put it in your mouth' is where most people know him from, but if you haven't heard it, peep his 1st LP from 1993. The majority of the LP, if not all of it, was produced by Large Professor with some cuts added by DJ Rob Swift. The album was pre Akinyele rhyming only about sex, and showcasing his semi annoying low drop in vocal tone on his rhyming words. You either like this guy or you don't I guess, he's definitely one of those...

Also check out one of my favorites from his 93 LP 'Dear Diary' (Rob Swift get busy!) and the video for 'Ak-Ha-Ha' fitting right in with the skully cap trend. This LP is one of my gems, I think it was pressed on vinyl as a promo only on interscope, like a lot of LP's from 92/93 (Diamond D, Tribe's 'Low End', etc). I've seen it on vinyl with a picture cover but not sure if it's a bootleg or what. Anyone who knows can drop the knowledge. This was when they thought Cd's were taking over, now it's mp3's. I'm glad to see some people still insisting on releasing vinyl.

Anyone out there have a nice quality rip of the 'Break a Bitch neck' remix with Kool G Rap?

November 5, 2008

Dil Cosby

I've had the new Madlib Beat Konducta 5&6 on repeat in my ipod lately, definitely want to give it mentions and recommend it for heads out there. They're called 'Dil Cosby Suite' and 'Dil Withers', both dedicated to the late great J Dilla. You can definitely hear the Jay Dee/Dilla influence on the beats. Dilla's 'Donuts' and his beat CD's (particularly #3), were probably the hottest shit I've ever heard in my life, and this is a nice little tribute in that style from Madlib. I'm not a fan of everything Madlib does, but as far as production, I would say he's one of the best out right now, and these latest are on point. Check out one of my favorites off part 5, J's Day Theme #3. For more info check StonesThrow

Like I keep saying it's been difficult to focus on blogging as of lately but I'm trying to keep up with posts now and then. Hopefully towards the end of the year I'll have some time to post some holiday treats, but don't hold me to that. I'm still around and checking out other sites so you'll hear from me now and again. Hope everyone out there is staying well and keeping healthy. Peace.

October 26, 2008


Apparently zshare sucks. A shitload of links got knocked out as a result of hosting issues (practically every zshare link on DW). Don't ask me why I'm continuing to use their services (lazy), but Here are some DW exclusive treats that I wanted to re-up for everyone. These are some of my favorites from previous posts, if anyone has any requests let me know and I'll try to find them and get them back up and running... Also I'm starting to re-up some of the older posts starting with the most recent, hopefully I'll have a good perecentage of the stuff available again soon.

October 23, 2008


I haven't had that much time to
rip the joints lately, but I dug up something nice from my old WNYU New York Live tapes. It's a nice little freestyle from INI and Pete Rock, who were up there promoting the 'Fakin' Jacks' 12", one of the better 12"s to come out that year in my opinion, especially with the remix and Props on the B-side. Unfortunately these guys had label issues and didn't get to release the full length album out on Elektra in 1996, it was later put out on a bootleg orange label, and then officially released through Pete Rock on his Lost&Found series. For those who don't know, INI consists of Pete Rock's brother Grap Luva and Rob-O. Check the freestyles from 1996.

I've heard zshare is having some problems, does any know anything about this? I'm not sure if my links are working or what...

October 1, 2008

Mr Complex

Readers of this blog are
probably familiar with Mr Complex, who got his start with Organized Konfusion as part of the Organismz. He was also a part of the Polyrhythm Addicts, and he went on to do plenty of solo material. He's one of many artists who got a lot of exposure working the radio circuit, and here I have a few WKCR/WNYU freestyles from the late 90's, and some of his early 12"s. He definitely has a distinctive style, you have to pay attention to what he says, you may even have to play his shit a few times before you catch everything. You can get everything below in the zip or or peep them individually...


Live WNYU April 1997
Live WNYU April 1998 (with Apani B Fly)
Live WKCR CM Fam show (with J-Live)


A lot of people probably first heard about Complex on 'Visualize' produced by Spinna, but this is Mr Complex's first solo release in 1995 on Core records. My favorite track on here of the three is 'Feel me'

I caught these next two 12"s recently in the dollar bins, don't sleep on Complex . This joint is called 'Imakillit', from 1999.

This one is from 2000 called
'Do it Up' on Blindside records

September 25, 2008

Das Efx

Das Efx was a little past their prime in '95, but they still had a pretty good album with 'Hold it Down.' IMO. Here is Das Efx live on the Stretch Armstrong Show with DJ Dice on the wheels. You'll hear two rounds of freestyles in between DJ Dice cutting up 'Real Hip Hop'...

Das Efx live on Stretch & Bobbito, 1995.

Das Efx performing 'Real Hip Hop' live.

September 21, 2008

Diamond D

I think it goes without saying that Diamond D is one of the best, most original, influential hip hop producers around. We're gonna break down some D squizzy production from the sample up, 2 different versions of one beat.

In the early 90's Diamond made a couple tracks using the bass line from the song 'Crazy Girl' from Michal Urbaniak & Urzula Dudziak's 'Tribute to Komeda' LP. Michael Urbaniak & Urzula Dudziak are/were husband and wife jazz musicians prominent in the 1970's and 80's. They are regarded as pioneers of jazz fusion, and they both have a thick catalogue with many sampled LP's, particularly Urzula Dudziak's vocals, which were electronically altered to create strange effects on her five-octave range. The tracks used with 'Crazy Girl' were Big Red's 'Created a Monster', and Diamond D featuring Lakim Shabazz 'I can't take it no mo'.

Diamond D & Lakim Shabazz - I can't take it

Michael Urbaniak - Crazy Girl

Here is a take on the Urbaniak beat, this time featuring Diamond D on the mic, followed by Jersey's own Lakim Shabazz. The track is called 'I Can't take it no mo', talking about crime. I got this off a white label 12" I picked up sometime in 1994. I didn't know where this track was originally from until a few days ago when some of my peoples in the philaflava forums told me about the Class A Felony LP from 1993 where this was apparently some kind of bonus track. Unlike the Big Red version, on this track Diamond uses some jazzy horns for the hook, and I think I even heard a little Grover Washington sample thrown in there.

I'm not sure which of these tracks was made first, but this is Big Red's take. This is a promo only 12" from the Payday label. I'm pretty sure he had an album deal or some kind of deal that fell through when the label went under.

September 16, 2008

Some pieces done by my boy Kes DW and TameOne...

September 11, 2008

Brand Nubian Freestyles

Since we got some Grand Puba in the mix,
check out the rest of Brand Nubian with
Sadat X & Lord Jamar live on the XL Show
from August of 1998, first with a
Showbiz beat, and then one from Mathematics
used for Ghostface's 'Cobra Clutch'.
This was a month before the 'Foundation' LP
came out.

Sadat X & Lord Jamar Freestyles Hot 97 1998

Wu-Tang - Cobra Clutch (Instrumental)

September 9, 2008

the 411

I got kicked off of youtube for uploading this video, lucky for us, JC has created his own video embedder and uploaded it for me. This is Grand Puba and Mary J doing 'what's the 411?' live on MTV raps. I have a bunch more of these performances that will come in the future, enjoy...

September 6, 2008

DJ Slyce Interview

has been a prominent figure on the DJ battle scene for over a decade, consistently coming up with new routines, sick juggles, and crazy shit to make you wonder where he gets his ideas from. After winning the US DMC finals in 1997 and taking 3rd in the 1999 US finals, Slyce has made a return to the DMC battles this year, taking first place in both the east coast finals and US finals. Right now, we have the pleasure of hearing from this year's champion before he heads out to London for the 2008 World DMC Finals.

September 4, 2008

Stones Throw Podcasts

Just checked out some of the new Stones Throw podcasts and they sound pretty good. Check out Peanut Butter Wolf's 'Area Codes' mix, James Pants 'Music from the Forest', and two groups I'm not too familiar with Gaslamp Killer Vs. Hieliocentrics. The PBW mix is my favorite, a nice mix of old school hip hop.

September 2, 2008

DW Jazz

What's up peoples? Not to sound like I'm sleeping on my stomach, but I'm siked to see the Dirty Water Jazz mix reaching 2000 downloads. Not exactly a huge number, but enough to get me excited. In case you missed it, peep it. I want to say thanks to everyone who was nice to enough to post it on their blogs, forums, etc; also thanks to the people who emailed with positive feedback, and track ID questions (which I'm always glad to answer). I'm trying to find out the consensus on this one, so if you have the time, please leave some feeback, positive or negative.


After a long gap, and several different career choices, I've decided to return to college. Today was my first day back and already I can tell this is going to be a long, grueling process that will consume most of my time. Unfortunately, you may see a decline in the amount of posts that go up here, but I will do my best to continue to bring the treats...

August 28, 2008

If Kool Kieth can eat cereal while he's rolling, let me live...

August 24, 2008

Freestyle Nova

Here is a CM Famalam show from near the end of the millennium. This is sort of like Bobbito's live version of the freestyle compilation tapes Stretch & Bobbito used to put out. He plays all of his favorite freestyles and DJ performances from 1999, their first year as the 'CM Famalam radio program' on WKCR. At the end of the night he had the listeners call in and vote on their favorite performances but I forget who won. I've yet to rip the A-side, they run about an hour on each side. On this one you'll hear Kardinal Official, Kenny Muhammed and DOA, Dialted Peoples & DJ Babu, Last Emporer, King Sun, Rob-O, lots of other freestyles and DJ A-trak cutting it up. If anyone wants to put up a full track listing feel free. Enjoy...

Beatminerz pt 2

Here's an old dusty mix tape from DJ Evil Dee, the sound quality isn't the best but it's a nice 90 min. mix of originals and samples. Enjoy

August 22, 2008

Save Ferris

Today was the perfect day, no clouds outside, plenty of sun, I started thinking about this song and threw it on my table as soon as I got home.

I'm kinda diggin these
Ferris Bueller Nike's too...


Wisdom is a group consisting of Adagio and the Juggaknots. Not sure if they were related somehow, but your man Big Cousin came through with some nice production, and they put out a track together in 1996 called 'all star jam'. The clip is the group freestyling and promoting this 12" on Mayhem's New York Live.

Wisdom freestyles WNYU Oct 1996

August 20, 2008

DJ Rich Medina

Here's a 10 minute set
mixing samples and breaks
on the CM Famalam show
January 1999.

August 17, 2008

West Coastin'

I remember hearing this after a friend of mine got it back in the day, but I never owned any of MC Ren's solo shit. I just caught this album on vinyl a couple of weeks ago and it's pretty dope. In the tradition of all NWA stuff, Ren really pushes the line of what you can get away with saying on a record. Easy-E, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, all got serious shine after NWA disbanded, but MC Ren remained kind of slept on. I always thought he was just as good, if not better, than everyone else in the group. This EP 'Kizz my Black Azz' includes songs from his album 'Life Sentence'. The only shout out he gives on the record- 'Special Thankz 2 Everybody that stuffed they mouth with tissue'. Classic.

I've been on the West Coast tip lately, rocking my favorite Ice-T album 'The Iceberg'. A lot of people might say Power is the better album, but Iceberg was always my favorite. I can't really say I liked too much of his stuff after the 80's, but dude is definitey a legend, argueably the first MC to tackle the gang violence subject matter. I'm not about to speak on the Soulja boy conflict because I couldn't care less, I'll leave that to all the other blogs. I'll just hit you with one of my favorites from the Iceberg 'peel their caps back'.

Ice-T - Peel Their Caps Back