December 12, 2010

Underground Railroad July 1999

Here's MonkOne spinning a mix of breaks, samples and hip on the Underground Railroad in July, 1999. 30 minutes.

Underground Railroad July 1999

December 7, 2010

Stone Alliance

Stone Alliance released three albums on New Jersey's PM Records. This is their first, S/T, LP in 1975. The three members, Gene Perlman, Don Alias and Steve Grossman, put down I guess what you could call Jazz fusion. I haven't heard all three of their albums, but I know this album, and Steve Grossman's solo work, has some good sounds. This track 'Sweetie Pie', you might recognize from the Leaders of the New School 'What's Next Remix.'

Stone Alliance - Sweetie Pie

December 6, 2010

DJ Mighty Mi Hot 97

Stretch lets DJ Mighty Mi (from the High & The Mighty) take over the wheels on Stretch & Bobbito's Boogie & The Barber show on August 24, 1997. Mighty Mi plays a mix of late 80's hip hop and 1997 joints. Peace to Stretch, Bobbito, and Greg T.

DJ Mighty Mi Hot 97 8-24-1997


Getting rid of some breaks and hip hop on ebay for those interested, check here

December 3, 2010

Stretch & Bobbito 8-25-1995 (w/Mannish)

This is a tape from August of 1995, with Bobbito playing a mix of current records, demos, and old WKCR freestyles. Mannish was also in the studio. Peace to Stretch, Bobbito, and Greg T.

Stretch & Bobbito 8-25-1995 (w/Mannish)

Tape 1

1) OC - Ma Dukes
2) Foul Play - Black Clouds
3) Jay-Z - In My Lifetime
4) Legion - Legion Groove
5) Company Flow - Bad Touch Example
6) Poops & pumpkinhead - Laughing Syndrome
7) Blahzey Blahzey - Danger
8) KRS-One - MC's Act like they don't know
9) Das Efx - Real Hip Hop (Pete Rock Remix)
10) Smoothe The Hustla - Broken Language (w Trigga Da Gambla)
11) Masta Ace - Maintain
12) Funkdoobiest - It ain't goin' down
13) Showbiz & Ag - Add On (w/Lord Finesse)
14) Mic Break
15) Raekwon - Ice Cream
16) OC - Creative Control
17) Poops & OC - Clear Day
18) A Tribe Called Quest - Glamour & Glitz
19) Cella Dwellas -
20) Constant Deviants - Feel That
21) Raw Produce - Cycles
22) 3-6-0 - Maintain (demo)
23) skit
24) Natural Elements 89.9 Promo
25) skit
27) D-stroy & ?
28) Large Professor - Get of the bullshit

Tape 2

(A whole mess of old WKCR Freestyles
and a live interview/freestyle with Mannish)

November 25, 2010

Stretch & Bobbito 2-15-1996 (w/Pharcyde & Broadway)

One of the few shows I have 3 hours for,
the Phracyde freestyle is pretty nice and pretty lengthy.
Broadway was also up in the studio.
Peace to Stretch, Bobbito, & Greg T

Tape 1

1) Dutchmin - Get your swerve on
2) Positive K - Mr Giggliano
3) Mic Break
4) La the Darkman - I Want it all
5) Ak Skills - Nights of Fear
6) Busta Rhymes - Woo Ha (Remix w/Ol Dirty)
7) Das Efx - Microphone Master (Domecraker Remix)
8) Pharcyde Freestyle
9) Group Home - Up Against the Wall
10) Blahzey Blahzey - Danger Pt 2 (w/Smooth & Trigga)
11) Lord Finesse - Flip the Style (w/Diamond D)
12) Smooth the Hustler - Hustler's Theme
13) Sadat X - Move on
14) Broadway Interview/Freestule

Tape 2

1) Broadway Freestyles
2) 25 to Life - La, La
3) Cella Dwellas - Advance to Boardwalk
4) Large Professor - Mad Scientist
5) Akinyele - Put it in your mouth
6) AZ - Doe or Die (remix w/Raekwon)
7) Big Noyd - Recognize & Realize)
8) Paula Perry - paula's Jam
9) Cypress Hill - Illusions (Q-Tip Remix)
10) Powerrule - Rock Ya knot quick
11) Company Flow - 8 steps
12) Smoothe the Hustler - Murdafest
13) Fugees - Ready or Not
14) Shyheim - 5 Elements (w/G.P. Wu)
15) Mic Geronimo - Lifecheck
16) Lord Finesse - True and Livin
17) Darc Mind - Darc Mind (demo version?)
18) La the Darkman - As the world turnz (w/Raekwon)
19) Othorized Fam - Eazy
20) Masta Ace - Top 10 list
21) Lord Finesse - Actual Facts (w/Sadat X, Grand Puba, Large Pro)
22) Krunchtime

November 13, 2010

Stretch & Bobbito 1-4-1996

Here is an old Stretch & Bobbito show featuring Kukoo Da Bag-a-Bonez and Mista Sinista. This was the week after the show when Sinista & Rob Swift came up, and the first WKCR show in 1996. Two tapes, 2 and 1/2 hours.. Peace to Stretch, Bobbito, Greg T

1) Akinyele Stretch Promo
2) Talking
3) Mic Geronimo - Natural (Ckark Kent Remix)
4) Group Home - Suspended in Time
5) Company Flow - 8 Steps
6) Darkman - I want it all
7) DJ Krush - Survival of the Fittest (w/CL Smooth)
8) Triflicts - Don't Make Me Try
9) Mytee G Poetic - Nuff Rufness
10) Chill Rob G - Know your Place
11) J-Live - Braggin Writes
12) Jay-Z - Dead Presidents
13) Mobb Deep - Street Life
14) Mic Geronimo - Men Vs Many (w/OC & Royal Flush)
15) One & One - Phenominal
16) Ill Distraction - Calm With Datrom
17) Kool G Rap Freestyles (WKCR 9/28/1995)
18) Ghostface - Winter Warz

Tape 2
1) Akinyele Stretch Promo
2) Fab 5 - Leflaur Leflah
3) M.O.P. - Raise Hell
4) Lord Finesse - Brainstorm (w/OC & KRS)
5) Erick Sermon - Man Above
6) Das Efx - Microphone Master (Remix w/Mobb Deep)
7) Sunz of Man - No Love without hate
8) Kukoo & Mr Sinista Session/Freestyle
9) Mic geronimo - Lifecheck (Stretch Armstrong Remix)
10) Blahzey Blahzey - Danger part 2 (w/Smoothe Da Hustla & Trigger)
11) Jamal - The Game
12) Erick Sermon - Maintain
13) Genious - 4th Chamber
14) Chill Rob G - Let me know something
15) Rubbabandz - Purple Rain
16) Company Flow - Corners

November 12, 2010

Stretch & Bobbito 1-2-1997

Stretch & Bobbito 1-2-1997

1) Black Attack - Verbal Attack (ft Al Tariq & Problemz)
2) Saukrates - Play Dis ft Common
3) Finsta Bundy - Feel The High Pt.II
4) L The Head Toucha - It's Your Life
5) Capone-N-Noreaga - Channel 10 ft Tragedy
6) Cru - The Shit
7) Mobb Deep - Rep The QBC
8) Royal Flush - Iced Down Medaillons ft Noreaga
9) Mike Zoot - Scene
10) Supafriendz - Vowel Movement
11) Brainwash - Break It Down
12) Natural Resource - Bum Deal
13) Artifacts - The Ultimate (Showbiz Remix)
14) Dutchmin - Surrounded
15) Saukrates - Rollin' (Remix ft Masta Ace & O.C.)
16) Busta Rhymes & A Tribe Called Quest - Wild Hot
17) Street Smartz - Metal Thangz ft. O.C. & Pharoahe Monch
18) AK Skills - One Life Ta Live
19) Rawcotiks - Nevertheless
20) MF Grimm - Emotions ft B-1
21) Cypress Hill - Ice Cube Killa
22) Royal Flush - Rotten Apple
23) Keith Murray - Love L.O.D. (ft 50 Grand & Kel-Vicious)
24) Grav - City To City ft Al Tariq
25) Thrust - Lights Camera Action (Remix)

Thanks to Krish for helping out with the track listing
and peace to Stretch, Bobbito & Greg T as always

November 7, 2010

Underground Railroad 11-07-2010

Here's last night's Underground Railroad show celebrating DJ Emskee's birthday. The show rocked for an extra hour because of the time shift, so you get 3 hours instead of 2.

Stretch & Bobbito Hot 97 (Jay-Z & Jaz)

Jay-Z and Jaz were the first guests on Stretch & Bobbito's Boogie and The Barber show to freestyle, as you'll hear Stretch mention after their session on Busta Rhymes' 'Woo Ha' instrumental. I'm pretty sure this freestyle is floating around somewhere but here you get the whole show. Gotta love 'Paula's Jam' and 'Dirty N Stinkin' Enjoy!

Boogie and the Barber 2-25-1996 (w/Jay-Z and Jaz)

1) Company Flow - 8 steps
2) AK Skills - Nights of Fear
3) Paula Perry - Paula's Jam
4) Mic Break/commercials
5) Trigga the Gambler
6) La the Darkman - I want it all
7) Positive K - Mr Giggliano
8) Dutchmin - Get Your Swerve on
9) Broadway - Enjoy Yourself
10) CNN Stretch promo
11) Large Professor - Ijustwannachill
12) Mic Break
13) Beatnuts - Find That
14) Redman - Funkorama (remix w/E. Sermon)
15) 25 to Life - La, La
16) Non - Phixion - No Tomorrow
17) Artifacts - Art of Facts
18) Jay-Z & Jaz interview/freestyle (10 minutes)
19) Big Noyd - Recognize & Realize
20) Ol Dirty - Dirty N Stinkin'
21) Large Professor - Mad Scientist

Peace to Stretch, Bobbito, and Greg T

November 1, 2010

Stretch & Bobbito 1996 (w/ DJ Eclipse)

Stretch Armstrong Show 1-25-1996
(featuring DJ Eclipse, Funky Jilz, Ghetto Communicator)

1) Funky Jilz & Ghetto Communicator Freestyles
2) Young Zee - Milk
3) D'Angelo - Lady (remix w/AZ)
4) Shabazz the Disciple - Crime Saga
5) Bahamadia - WordPlay
6) Camp Lo - Coolie High/DJ Eclipse cuts
7) Omnisence & Sadat X - Touch Ya'll
8) Big Willie Smith - I'm in Love wit You
9) Mic Geronimo - Wherever You Are
10) Mad Skillz - Tip of Tongue
11) Saukrates - Father Time
12) Mannish - Mannish
13) Group Home - 2000
14) Cracker Jax - Rhymes Like Dimes
15) Smoothe Da Hustla/Trigga Da Gambla - F What you heard
16) DJ Eclipse cuts
17) Special Ed - Freaky Flow (DJ Premier Remix)
18) Busta Rhymes - Woo Haa

Peace to DJ Eclipse and the Halftime crew.
Check out the Halftime Show on Wednesdays
10:30pm-1am on 89.1 WNYU.
Thanks to Aleph for helping with track ID's

October 30, 2010

CM Famalam Show 2001 (Illacoin)

Here we got another
CM Famalam Show
from 2001 featuring Illacoin.
You get a full unpaused
2 hours on this one.

October 26, 2010

Westwood Rap Exchange

This next show is courtesy of my boy David in Essex, UK, who traded me a bunch of old Tim Westwood Capitol Radio shows circa late 80's. He's given me permission to share this one, so all of you out there get blessed with some classic UK hip hop radio. Being from New Jersey, I was obviously never able to tune in and listen to the show live, but listening 20 years later they still sound fresh!

This one is a Marley Marl/Westwood rap exchange from August, 1989. You'll hear a young Tragedy (Intelligent Hoodlum) on the mic dropping some rhymes and also the Fat Boys with a little freestyle session and album promotion.

Tim Westwood/Marley Marl Rap Exchange 8-26-1989 (side A)

October 23, 2010

Stretch & Bobbito Hot 97 (1st Show)

Dirty Waters is all about classic radio, and features many Stretch & Bobbito tapes, so I figured I'd go the extra mile to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Stretch Armstrong Show. For those who don't know, after 5 years of hosting a show on WKCR, Stretch and Bobbito were offered a show on Hot 97. The show began in February, 1996 and was called 'Boogie and the Barber.' What I have here (if I'm correct), is the first three 'Boogie and the Barber' shows, with guests including Large Professor, Jay-Z and Jaz. Stay tuned the following two Sunday nights for the next two.

This is the very first 'Boogie and the Barber' show. It sounds like Stretch and Bobbito were excited/nervous to be on Hot 97 and adjusting to the new studio, but they still came with a show full of treats. Unfortunately the sound isn't all that great in the beginning but it gets better...

Boogie and the Barber - 2-11-1996

Side A

1) 25 to Life - La, La
2) Mic Break
3) Jay-Z - Dead Presidents
4) Keith Murray - The Rhyme
5) Saukrates - Father time
6) Group Home - Da Realness
7) La the Darkman - I Want it All
8) Redman - Funkorama (remix w/E. Sermon)
9) Mic Break
10) Large Professor - Mad Scientist
11) Company Flow - 8 Steps
12) M.O.P. - Hellraiser
13) AK Skills - Nights of Fear

Side B

1) Natural Elements - Knick Knack
2) Heltah Skeltah - Understand
3) Mic Break
4) Large Professor - Ijustwannachill
5) Artifacts - Art of facts
6) OC - Love and Affection
7) Royal Flush - Movin on your Weak Production
8) One and One - Phenomenon
9) Ghostface Killah - Motherless Child
10) Chill Rob G - Let me Know Something
11) Group Home - Suspended in Time
12) Positive K - Mr Giggliano

Peace to Stretch, Bobbito, and my boy Greg T
Peace to all the new visitors to Dirty Waters
Feel free to leave feedback, thoughts, memories, etc, and enjoy...

October 20, 2010

Stretch & Bobbito Reunion show

For those who tuned in to WKCR last night, the Stretch and Bobbito
reunion show was a real treat for fans of their show. It was cool to
hear them back on the airwaves once again and listen to them share
the inside stories behind some of the legendary guest appearances/
freestyle sessions and the show's history. I feel honored to get
mentions on such a monumental show, so definitely big shouts

October 16, 2010

Underground Railroad (DJ Spinna)

Here's DJ Spinna on the Underground Railroad from December, 1999. He uses only records with Spinna production. (Polyrhytmatics, Jigmastas, Big Kwam, Shabaam Sadiq, etc.) You'll hear at the end they're celebrating J-Smooth's birthday, and then DJ AV gets on for some hip hop classics.

The tape opens with a live performance from the Masterdon Committee,
circa early 80's. Not sure if I taped that from somewhere else but it's fresh.
Unfortunately, I only had a 60 minute tape for this one..

Underground Railroad 12-12-1999 (featuring DJ Spinna)

Here's another show featuring DJ Spinna on the wheels from October 1998. Special guests in the studio also include Talib Kweli and Medina Green. 30 minutes altogether.

This one goes out to HecticEclectic
peace to DJ MonkOne, Emskee, J-Smooth
and the rest of the Underground Railroad crew

Emskee will be doing a special 2 hour birthday broadcast
on the Underground Railroad on November 6 (3 weeks)
so be sure and tune in, as well as every week, to
99.5 WBAI Saturdays 10-12am .

October 14, 2010

Squeeze Radio last show...

Unfortunately, tonight will be the last broadcast for the Squeeze Radio Show on 89tek9 WKCR, so make sure and tune in, call in, and show support.

October 13, 2010

Stretch & Bobbito 12-14-1995 (Camp Lo, Greg Nice)

Here's another classic 1995 Stretch Armstrong Show featuring Camp Lo and Greg Nyce. This is the first 2 hours or so of the show, uncut. The interviews on this show are pretty funny, Bobbito asks Camp Lo 'what's going on?' like 3 or 4 times. Greg Nyce gives a little history of his career and then kicks a freestyle and a beatbox.

October 10, 2010

Missin' Linx Freestyles

Al Tariq, Problemz and Black Attack freestyles
March 1998 Hot 97 (w/DJ Premier/Stretch & Bobbito)

October 9, 2010

CM Famalam Show meets Halftime

This next tape has to be, hands down, one of my all time favorite tapes. This is DJ Eclipse and DJ Riz of the Halftime Show hosting the CM Famalam show and playing nothing but unreleased joints for the entire 4 hour show! There is literally treat after treat on this one.

CM Fam meets Halftime 8-10-2000

September 14, 2010

Stretch & Bobbito September 1995

This one features Stretch cutting it up and an appearance
from a group called 'True to This' that I'm not familiar with.
DJ Mighty Mi was also in the studio holding down the wheels
for the freestyle session. I'm forgetting who produced that
Genius 'Labels' remix on here, but it's pretty bangin'
Also you get a Rawcotiks demo on there..
This one's going 15 years back to the day! Enjoy

September 13, 2010

AG Freestyles 1998 XL Show

Here goes some freestyles from
DITC's AG on Stretch & Bobbito's
Hot 97 'XL Show'

AG Freestyles XL 1998

R.I.P. Fat Beats NYC


Forgot to throw this up in tribute last week.

September 12, 2010

Radio Promos

Every good hip hop radio show has a promo. Some are made by
the show's hosts themselves while others are made by artsists
who appear on the show. Some promos are played only a handful
of times, and others are played at the beginning of each broadcast.
Regardless, these old radio drops usually had original production
and lyrics, and they can be considered unreleased gems from the
artists who make them. Here goes 7 random hip hop radio spots...

The Kool Keith promo was taken from Stretch's blog from awhile back
and the Beatnuts Red Alert promo is a joint off the One Leg Up LP.

September 1, 2010

Getting rid of some tapes...

I have 10+ shoeboxes full of cassettes

and I'm trying to make room for other stuff,

so I'm getting rid of some cassettes on ebay.

The box is full of about 20+ CM Famalam and

Halftime Shows from around 1998-2002.

I'm just asking for shipping costs, so if interested

check it out here.

August 27, 2010

CM Famalam Show 2000 (DJ Honda)

Here's a CM Famalam Show
from 2000 featuring an interview
with DJ Honda.

Side A
Side B

August 24, 2010

Stretch & Bobbito Hot 97 1996

Here goes another Stretch & Bobbito
'Boogie and the Barber' show on Hot 97.
This is another goodie from my boy Greg T's collection, ripped by Stretch.

I'd just like to send a taste of Cadbury
out to my girl, know what I'm sayin?

Stretch & Bobbito 12-15-1996 Hot 97

1) Dutchmin - Surrounded
2) Street Smartz - Metal Thangz
3) Rampage - Wild for the night
4) High & Mighty - Cranial Lumps
5) Channel Live - Maintain
6) Thrust - Lights, Camera, Action
7) O.G.C. - Danjer / B-side drop
8) Royal Flush - Iced Down Medallions
9) Jay-Z - Foundation
10) Roots - Up Your Lighter
11) Mic Geronimo - Unstoppable
12) Keith Murray - Hot to Def
13) Mobb Deep - GOD III
14) Mic Break

August 19, 2010

KZSU Drum Show

I was going through some old cassettes I and found some material from the 'Drum Show'. For those of you unfamiliar with the show, The Drum Show is the longest running (20+ years) hip hop radio show hosted by DJ Kevvy Kev on KZSU, 90.5, in Stanford, California.

I found a promo from the show done by O.C. (which uses the same sample used by Extra P for "Large Proverbs" (Bayete??) ) and some freestyles from Redman and the Wu-Tang Clan. Peep it...

OC Promo

Redman Freestyles

Wu-Tang Freestyles

If you enjoy old radio freestyles, check out Kurlee Dadee's blog
with a mass amount of KZSU Drum Show freestyles.

August 15, 2010

Halftime Show - June 1999

Here's an old Halftime Show with DJ Eclipse and DJ Riz from June 2, 1999. This one's almost a full un-paused 2 hours. Enjoy.

Side A
Side B

July 16, 2010


Here's a mix of early 90's hip hop and samples. I left off a track list so you can be surprised when the joints come in, but if anyone needs a track ID just ask. Feel free to pass this along and enjoy!

DJ Nes - Goldmine

Essential Elements

For those of you who check The Essential Elements blog as regularly as I do and are wondering where it has disappeared to, The Supreme Unknown (the blog's moderator) has informed me that it has been shut down due to file sharing violations. He is currently working on a replacement blog, The Essential Elements 2.0, which will be run differently to avoid getting shut down again.

July 6, 2010


I just copped this one on the bay for a decent price. It's some nice 1969 psych/prog rock from a group called Pookah. The joint featured here, 'Merlin's Party,' might have been sampled as I've heard it on a break mix, but I couldn't tell you by who (if anyone knows let me know). Anyway, the singer has a real scratchy voice and some bad acid trip lyrics. There's some nice bass, drum, guitar and organ sounds all throughout this LP, definitely gets a DW thumbs up.

Pookah - Merlin's Party

June 22, 2010

Native Tongues

I'm re-posting this video material since blogger now has the
option to 'full screen' videos (bottom right corner) and in
case you missed them the first time they were posted. These
are two native tongue interviews from Yo! featuring Dres from
Black Sheep getting interviewed in Central Park and Tribe
Called Quest and L.O.N.S. on the set of the Scenario video.

Dres Interview 1991 (part 1)

Dres Interview 1991 (part 2)

Tribe & L.O.N.S. 1992

June 9, 2010

3 years and running...

That's right folks, this month Dirty Waters hits the 3 year mark. Peace to everyone checking the site from jump and everyone checking in on the regular. Peace to all the heads out there dropping comments and leaving positive feedback (it really does keep me motivated to continue working on the site). Peace to Cynthia and Miriah coming through again this year with some advertising support. Peace to all the other high quality blogs providing the treats and good reads. Peace to everyone out there pulling out the old radio cassettes, ripping and sharing. Peace to my boy Talib and Alex. Peace to everyone who has contributed writing and material for Dirty Waters over the years. Peace to all the artists who take the time to do interviews for the site. Peace to Stretch & Bobbito, DJ Riz, DJ Eclipse, and all the New York radio shows I grew up listening to. And most definitely big shouts to the extended Dirty Water crew, peace to Greg T for hooking up the Stretch tapes, and peace to all my Jersey heads.

Speaking of Jersey, I just received word that the Artifacts are back in effect with plans to make a reunion album. This is long overdue and I'm excited to see what they have planned. I'm not sure about the details (release dates, production, etc.), but look out for this project in the future and support it when it drops! I wasn't sure I should let the cat out of the bag on this one in case it was some kind of secretive thing for now, but I've already seen a buzz about this reunion on a few myspace/facebook pages. My boy Kes received word from El directly that there are plans for this reunion but as of right now nothing has been set in motion. Peace to DJ Kaos, El, Tame, Maleet and P Original. Jersey stand up!

-DJ Nes

June 1, 2010

Lord Finesse Freestyle 1996

Check this Lord Finesse
freestyle from Stretch & Bobbito's show
over Jay Z's 'Ain't No.." instrumental

May 10, 2010

Stretch & Bobbito August 1995

Here's another Stretch Armstrong Show with Bobbito holding down the wheels solo. Special guests are Aceyalone, Khule, and the Riddlore promoting Project Blowed, and Eguan from Total Pack. There is some ringing feedback on this one, but still a good 90 minute mix from the good old days. Enjoy.

Stretch & Bobbito 8-10-1995

*updated links courtesy of Aleph/Steve B/Nobs/Philaflava feature full 4 hour show

Tracklist (tape 2)
1) Aceyalone, Khule and Riddlore Freestyles
2) Blahzay Blahzay - Danger
3) Powerrule - Dawn to Dusk
4) Total Pack - N.B.A. (No Biting Allowed)
5) The BUMS - Take a Look Around (Remix)
6) L Swift - How it's Goin Down
7) Masta Ace & Lord Digga - Maintain
8) Raekwon - Verbal Intercourse
9) Eguan Freetsyles
10) Funkfoobiest - It Ain't goin Down
11) Rugged Scientist - Lights, Camera, Action
12) Big L - MVP
13) Cella Dwellas - Good Dwellas
14) Soul Kid Klik - Mortal Combat
15) Concrete Click - Keep it Street
16) Mic Break
17) Special Ed - Here I go Again
18) Phone Calls

Halftime 2000

Here's a 30 minute mix from
DJ Riz on the Halftime Show
in July of 2000. Enjoy.

May 7, 2010

Ce-Style (Total Pack) Interview

One of the perks of doing a blog like this is when I'll occasionally get in touch with the artists featured here. Sometimes the artists lose their own material and it's always a treat to be able to give it back to them. I knew acrhiving ridiculous amounts of cassettes over the years would come in handy one day.

I recently got in contact with Ce-Style from the group Total Pack and took the opportunity to do an interview. You may have heard Total Pack on DJ Eclipse's 'Wild Pitch Blends" mixtape, Stretch Armstrong's Lessons 1&2 (where he was featured with The Korp), or perhaps you heard them from one of their many WBAU or WKCR guest appearances. Ce Style shed some light on what went down with Total Pack and the current projects he is working on under his new name, Corey Drumz.

May 2, 2010

Stretch & Bobbito 1997 (Hot 97)

Another set from Stretch on
Hot 97 from September, 1997.
Peace to Greg T,
Stretch & Bobbito.

Stretch & bobbito 9-14-1997

1) Potential (Feenin' beats EP joint)
2) Mass Influence - Life to the Mic
3) Science of Life - Intergalactic
4) Natual Elements - Bust Mine
5) Doug Infinite & No ID - Two Steps Behind
6) Beatnuts - Bless the MIC
7) Heiroglifics - After Dark
8) Busta Rhymes - Rhymes Galore
9) OC - War Games
10) Xzibit - Los Angeles Times
11) AK Skills - Nights of Fear
12) Mos Def - If You Can Huh You Can Hear
13) Big Pun - I'm not A Player
14) Eastern conference -
15) Gangstarr - You Know My Steez
16) Mic Break
17) DITC - The Enemy
18) Common - One Too Many
19) Fat Joe - Find Out
20) All City - Basic Training
21) Eastern Conference - Know A Little
22) E Bros - A Toast
23) Brick City Kids - Brick City Kids
24) Cocoa Brovas - Won on Won

April 27, 2010


Check these Tragedy freestyles on
WNYU's New York Live 1995 style
over a Mannish beat and a Jemini remix.
Scian Smooth on the wheels.

CM Famalam Show 2002 (Jaz-O)

Here is a
CM Famalam Show
towards near the end of the show's run in July of 2002. Special guest in the studio is Jaz-O. The show starts with Jaz-O's diss track directed at Jay-Z and the Rocafella camp. You'll hear words from Jaz about his motivation behind making the track and hear some
callers chime in with their opinions.

I'm curious to hear Jay Z's diss towards Jaz when this was going on,
I couldn't find it in a search. help fill in the other blank track
titles if you know them...Enjoy!!

CM Famalam Show 7-2002 (Jaz-O)

1) Jaz-O - Ova pt 2
2) Mic Break/Phone Calls (with Lord Sear and Jaz-O)
3) Common - Funk Shit
4) M.O.P. - Stress Ya'll
5) LL Cool J - Strictly For the Haters
6) Brand Nubian - Who Wanna Be a Star
7) Rza & Afu-Ra - Dangerous Language
8) Darkman
9) Nas - Pure Dialect
10) Large Professor - Large Proverbs
11) Apex 89.9 Promo
12) Scratch Beatbox
13) Juggaknots - She Loves Me Not
14) Ra The Rugged Man - On the Block
15) Heather B - Live MC

Peace to Stretch & Bobbito
Also peace to Aleph & Bomba

April 25, 2010

Do Over

Here are a couple of funky fresh live mixes found over at the Do-Over blog. I've never been to this spot but it looks jumpin. Check the site to get some more live mixes from the special guests they have there.

DJ AM set

DJ A-Trak set

DJ Craze set

Beat Junkies set

DJ Rich Medina set

DJ Jazzy Jeff set

R.I.P. Guru

March 27, 2010

Stretch & Bobbito 1-12-1995 (Nine)

This show has to be late 1994-early 1995 judging by the tracks on it. Special guest in the studio is Nine. You'll hear Stretch mention the 'In My Lifetime' record as 'some new Jay-Z', a Shook Ones remix using Gangstarr's '? Remains' instrumental, and an overall nice selection of tracks. This tape is a contribution to Dirty Waters from the homey SG in Perth Amboy, NJ. Any readers who have radio tapes they need ripped to MP3 and want to share them on this blog, feel free to email. Peace to Stretch & Bobbito Stretch & Bobbito 1-12-1995 (Nine) 1) Double X Posse - He Asked for it 2) Crustified Dibbs & BIG - Renaissance 3) Alkaholiks - WLIX 4) Mobb Deep - Shook Ones (Stretch Remix) 5) World Renown - How Nice I am 6) Channel Live - Mad Izm (Buckwild Remix) 7) Smif N Wessun - Sound Boy Burriel 8) Jay Z - In My Lifetime (Original Ski version) 9) Big Red & Diamond D - How They Want it 10) Eddie F & The Untouchables - Let' Get it on (Beatnuts Remix?) 11) Lord Finesse - Check the Method 12) Nine - Redrum 13) Artifacts - Cmon With the Get Down (Buckwild Remix) 14) Nine Freestyle 15) Diamond D - With the Dope Sound (Demo Version) 16) Channel Live - Reprogram Nine's appearance on Yo! MTV Raps from Themeaningofdope ..

March 8, 2010

Stretch & Bobbito 1-1996 (Bahamadia, DJ Homicide)

Here's a Stretch Armstrong Show from January, 1996 with DJ Homicide filling in for Stretch and guest MC Bahamadia in the studio. Bahamadia was promoting the 'Uknowhowwedo' 12" and I think she was premiering the 'Three the Hard Way' track on this night. This was a few months before her Kollage LP was released.

You'll also hear a mock DJ battle between DJ Homicide, Bobbito and Lord Sear. They take phone calls from people and ask them to vote for a winner. This one is trimmed down to about 78 minutes so you can burn it to a CD if that's your thing. Peace to my homeboy Greg T, Stretch & Bobbito. The more feedback I get in the comments section, the more inclined I am to post more of these shows, so keep the feedback running...

February 25, 2010

Wordsworth & Punchline/Trackmastaz

Got some time to throw up some more treats while we're snowed in here in N.J. again. This time some old Wordsworth and Punchline joints produced by The Trackmastaz. After doing a search, I found a pretty extensive biography of Punch and Words here, and it mentions the Trackmastaz got the two a deal under Sony. I'm wondering how many tracks they made back in those early days or if they ever got released, but here are two they made as a team.

This one has sort of an odd combination. 50 cent with Wordsworth & Punchline. produced by The Trackmastaz. They use of one of my favorite breaks on this one, Sammy Nestico's 'Shoreline Drive.' The year on this is 1998.

Wordworth & Punchline featuring 50 cent

This one goes back to 1994. The Trackmastas use a Bob James sample and take a line from Grap Luva's freestyle on the Mecca and the Soul Brother skit, 'rock to the beat get wreck on the regular.' Stretch and Bobbito gave this many plays on their show..

Wordsworth & Punchline - Wreck on the Regular

February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

One of my all time favorite 45's. Bobby Byrd and James Brown with 'Never get enough.'

February 7, 2010

Big Pun Dedication

It's been 10 years since Big Pun passed, so in tribute here's a clip of Big Pun's first radio appearance on the Stretch Armstrong Show with Bobbito on August 31, 1995. As Bobbito said, this is the first time a lot of people heard Big Pun under his name Big Dog the Punisher. Fat Joe was up there premiering some of his joints from the 'Jealous one's Envy' LP and brought up Big Pun, Armeggedon, and Keith Nut. R.I.P. Big Pun.

Words from Bobbito...

"In ‘95, Fat Joe brought up Armeggedon, Keith Nut, and Big Dog The Punisher to freestyle on me and Stretch’s show. After the session, I thought in my head, “That dude Big Dog killed it!” That was the first time anyone ever heard him live, and perhaps the first time anyone ever heard of him period as he was unsigned and had never appeared on any of Fat Joe’s records yet. Two years later he was on Loud Records with a big hit “Not A Player” and went multi-plat, etc. Cool story and good memory. He had a very tough image to the public, but around me, Stretch, and Sear, who are all clowns, Pun was a bug out, liked to snap and joke around just like anyone else."

February 3, 2010

Stretch & Bobbito 6th Anniversary Show

Here's a good 75 minutes from the 6th anniversary of the Stretch Armstrong Show on October 24, 1996. The show features freestyles from King Tee, Bootcamp's (Buckshot & Steele) and the Indelible MC's (El P, Breezly Brewin', J-Treds). Dr. Dre was also in the studio but didn't rhyme. The tape jumps around a little (pause edits), but still holds a lot of treats.

*update - the full 4 hour show for this date has been recovered by Aleph/nobs/Steve
via the Philaflava forums...

Peace to StretchBobbito.

Check out words from Stretch about the 5th Anniversary Show
featuring Kool G Rap and Grimm on this post from Stretch's blog.

And big shouts to A-One for blessing us with portions of the
4th Anniversary Show featuring Common on this post.

Radio Ruckus (Cymarshall Law) 6-5-2005

Here's an old Radio Ruckus show featuring Cymarshall Law and your boy DJ Nes with a break mix. I was listening to the Halftime show last week and heard a couple of Cymarshall Law's new joints and remembered I had this. On this tape he plays a couple joints (I'm not sure they were released or not) live on the air and drops a few freestyles. Peace to DJ Knowledge, AB, and everyone in Jersey.

Radio Ruckus 6-25-2005

1) Cymarshall Law (Ever living sound) - The Devil Within
2) Cymarshall Law - Good News?
3) Cymarshall Law - Freestyle
4) DJ Nes - Break mix