March 23, 2009

More Camp Lo-ahhhh

Looks like we got a few Camp Lo fans out there
so I dug up some more treats from these two.
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Camp Lo Hot 97 Stretch & Bobbito Promo
(over Special Ed's 'I got it made')

Camp Lo Freestyles WKCR 1995

(over Group Home's 'Livin Proof')

March 22, 2009

Best of Cm Famalam 2001

Here's another best of CM Famalam live from 2001. Bobbito and Lord Sear celebrate their 3rd year of their show by playing their favorite guest performances and freestyles from the year. Nice mix of freestyles, turntablism, and even a Lord Sear love poem. Peace to Bobbito and Lord Sear.

Best of CM Radio 2001

1) Lord Sear Love Poem
2) 89.9 Promo
3) Mobb Deep Freestyle
4) Rapper Ness Freetsyle
5) RZA & Masta Killah Freestyles
7) Cormega Freestyles
8) 89.9 Promo
9) DJ Klever, DJ Dopey, & Snake Eyez Routines
10) Pack FM & Tone Deaf Freetsyles

March 16, 2009

Camp Lo-ahhh

I dug up an old dusty WNYU tape and this one is pre 'New York Live', they were still calling their show 'Club 89' on this one. You'll hear Camp Lo get a short interview where they explain the meaning of their name, then they get into some freestyles over K-Def & Larry O's 'Real Live' instrumental.

Camp Lo Freestyles WNYU 1995

March 15, 2009


Here's a couple of pictures from my trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art yesterday, I took around 300 pictures, these are just a few, enjoy...

March 14, 2009

Buck Em Down!

Here's a short clip of Black Moon
performing 'Buck Em Down' circa 1998 at Trammps

March 11, 2009

AK Skills

AK Skills, Far Rock Queens, in yo area! One of my favorite under the radar MCs from the mid 90's. His flow and his energy sucked you in, and then he had you laughing with the one liners. The two 12's he put out on Tru Criminal in 1996 are classics for me, you can't go wrong with some D.I.T.C. production.

From what I've heard, Ak Skills had to step away from the mic after being incarcerated.
Wherever he's at now, let's hope he's doing well and keeping his AK Skills sharp.

I'm sure you can find all of his 12"s all over the blogsphere, but as usual here at DW we gotta hit you with the exclusy freestolas. I managed to dig up five freestyles from WNYU, WKCR, and Hot 97. Enjoy...

AK Skills Freestyles

Stretch & Bobbito Hot 97 January 1996
(over Mobb Deep 'Extortion' instrumental)

New York Live WNYU May 1996
(over Heltah Skeltah's 'Operation Lockdown' instrumental)

Stretch & Bobbito WKCR December 1996
(over some beat I forget, anyone? Mobb Deep?)

New York Live December 1996
(over Frankenstein's 'Pain is Gone' instrumental)

Stretch & Bobbito Hot 97 May 1996
(over Saukrates' 'Father Time' Instrumental)

March 5, 2009

WKCR 1999

I'm gonna hit you off today with two WKCR shows from 1999. At this point in time,
Stretch & Bobbito had parted ways as a team and began hosting the shows seperately on alternate weeks, so I'm going to put up shows from both Stretch and Bobbito.

First up is one of my favorite CM Fam-a-lam tapes, on this night Bobbito did a tribute to one of the best MC's, Kool G Rap. You'll hear a little over an hour of Bobbito's favorite Kool G Rap tracks, including some exclusive stuff (the unreleased 'I Declare War', and a live freestyle from Marley Marl's WBLS show).

CM Fam Kool G Rap Mix

Next you have Stretch Armstrong doing his thing on his night with special guests The Outsidaz. This one here was a 120 minute tape so you get 2 full unedited hours. I don't have too many shows recorded with Stretch Armstrong Djing on WKCR post 1998, but I have one more that will come soon...

Stretch Armstrong Show 1999 (Outsidaz)

Once again, peace to Bobbito and Stretch.
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Peace to everyone checking the site

March 4, 2009

S-One's Kick review

We got some more of S-one's favorite jizzy's from the stash!
They may not be the rarest, newest, coolest sneakers out, just
some personal favorites, and some heat as usual.

Happy Birthday to my homie S-One!

Nike SB (Huf)

Pro-skater and entrepreneur Keith Hufnagel designed these for his shop, HUF in San Francisco. Much of the sneaker is done in distressed (a.k.a. – cracked) leather. These also sport tie-dyed side and back panels for a tribute to S.F.’s time as the center of Psychedelia in the 60s.

Nike SB Dunk Low (High Hair)

These SB Dunks lows have “High-Hairs” stitched on the heel and were designed by the guys at Jersey’s own N.J. Skate Shop in Sayreville, NJ to resemble a can of that 1980s staple Aqua-Net hairspray, a tribute to (also Jersey’s own) Bon Jovi, 80s glam rock, and big, over sprayed hair styles. They have a strange lace-like material over the leather.

Nike Air Max 95

These are Air Max 95s and they are what first drew me in to sneaker collecting. A couple of these are quite rare in the US, having only been released in the Asia or Europe. My fave 95 of all time is the orange and black and gray joints in the front, and those army green ones are sick!