January 22, 2013

DJ Souljah - Spice of Life

I caught this at the Sound Library back in 2003. I don't know much about DJ Souljah, but he put together a nice mix with this 'Spice of Life' CD. It's a break mix featuring samples from artists that had records out during that year. I see there is also a part two of this, if anyone has that please send my way!

DJ Souljah - Spice of Life

January 20, 2013

Mr. Voodoo - Crhyme Life (Demo)

Here's a Mr. Voodoo demo that I know is floating around out there in poor sound quality, this rip is a bit better. The song is called 'Chryme Life' and it differs from the 12" version on the B Side of Lyrical Tactics Pt. 2. I recorded this from New York Live, 89.1, sometime in September of 1996 when Natural Elements producer Charlemegne visited the show and played some unreleased material. 'Do Your Thing' was another unreleased gem that I recorded the same night, that you can find here.

Mr Voodoo - Crhyme Life (Demo Version)

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