January 29, 2009

Imaginary Players

Here's one of my favorite Jay-Z songs, 'imaginary players'. Some mention Jay-Z as the best to do it, I can't really agree or disagree. Even when his beats don't agree with me his lyrics always do.

Jay-Z - Imaginary Players

Rene & Angela - Imaginary Playmates

The sample used for the track, 'Imaginary playmates', is by Rene & Angela. This is a real smooth joint for all the females out there. Oh, and if you own a keytar, you are badass.

January 26, 2009

Reflection Eternal

This is an old radio appearance from Kweli before his solo stuff, before Black Star, and even before the classic 'fortified live' was released in 1997. This is an appearance from Reflection Eternal's Talib Kweli, Donte, and Hi-Tek on WNYU's New York Live in October of 1996. Hi-Tek was providing the beats live, although the noise heard on the second track sounds like some DAT feedback, so I'm guessing he didn't have his MPC or whatever he uses in the studio.

This was getting taped at the end of the night and towards the end of my tape so the second verse gets cut off.

Talib Kweli & Donte Freestyles WNYU 1996


First off, I gotta say, what's up with dude's name? Is this really the best he could come up with? Does the word Poops have some kind of cool slang meaning that I'm not aware of? Anyway, there's no info available on this guy, and I couldn't find any pictures of him to post here (you can guess what I found when googling his name). If you're wondering who he is, he's probably best known on the track he did with OC & DJ Clear (made popular on Stretch & Bobbito's show). Here are some other lesser known tracks featuring Poops taken from an old WNYU New York Live tape in 1996.

Poops, A Butta, Automatic, & Pumpkinhead - LYRICS

Poops - Suckaz

January 20, 2009


I finally got a chance to hear Q-Tip's new album and it's pretty dope, I like the Dilla stuff on there which is no surprise, and the rest sounded good as well. Here's Q-Tip on the Halftime Show on September 30, 1998 trying to break Half-A-Mil's record for the longest freestyle on WNYU. Tip freestyles over almost every record released in 1998 for like 15 minutes straight. This was right around the time Tribe's 'Love Movement' came out.

January 17, 2009

CM Fam

I want to say peace to
Bobbito and Lord Sear, you can catch Lord Sear doing his thing on Sirius radio Shade 45, and check out Bobbito's Bounce Magazine in stores and online (where just recently Bobbito mentioned DW and linked the New Year show I posted). As a fan of the show for many years, I'm glad I'm able to give back by hooking up the shows.

Bobbito held it down for over 12 years on WKCR, first on the Stretch Armstrong Show then
on the CM Fam-a-lam Show. Here you have the first hour of Bobbito's final official show as host on WKCR. For his farewell broadcast (October 17, 2002) Bobbito played some of his favorite tracks throughout his years on radio. Nuff respect to Stretch, Bobbito, and Lord Sear and peace to all NJ/NY, CM/DW fams.

1) Intro
2) M.F. Grimm - Bloody Love Letter
3) Juggaknots - Clear Blue Skies
4) M.F. Doom - Dead Bent
5) Natural Elements - Shine
6) Company Flow - 8 Steps to Perfection
7) Foul Play - Black Clouds
8) J-Live - Braggin Writes
9) Peanut Butter Wolf - Definition of Ill
10) Ugly Duckling - Fresh Mode
11) Arsonists - The Session
12) Self Scientific - Return
13) High & Mighty - All in Together
14) The Cenubites - Mommy
15) Terror Green - 45 Stitches
16) Mic Break

Hour 2

January 15, 2009


I have a new turntable mascot. My Transformer's robotic arm cracked off so I had so search for a new one, and I found and even better one. Remember the Japanese M.U.S.C.L.E.S.? These things were off the hook back in the 1980's. I think there were something like 230 all together. This one here has a record for a head and turntable needle for an arm. Looks like a traditional Stanton needle. Now I need to find the one that looked like a bridge, or the one that looks like a claw, I remember I had those too.

January 13, 2009

Slipping Into Darkness

Check out this bangin instrumental cover version of War's 'Slipping Into Darkness' from bassist Cleveland Eaton. Looking at his bio, this appears to be his first solo record. This is a nice 7 minute version you can throw on and vibe out too.

Cleveland Eaton - Slipping Into Darkness

Hook it up

A few of you have sent e-mails and left comments saying that you have stuff to share or trade. If anyone out there has material that fits in with stuff that I post, e.g., old demos, WNYU, WKCR, WBAI radio shows, mixes, freestyles, etc, feel free to send it to me, I would like to hear it. If I do post material you have, feel free to cross promote whatever sites you have going on through DW. And if you want exclusive stuff that isn't being posted on the site, that can probably be arranged as well.

As requested the Juice mixtapes and the Big L/AG/GD WNYU freestyles have been re-upped, and when I have a chance I will try to re-upload the Tony Touch tapes.

January 11, 2009


is another another underground favorite for me, the 'Verbal Attack' was a classic in 1997, and the Beatnuts production on that was crazy. Before that, in 1995 Problemz was doing tracks with a group called S.O.P. (Smoked Out Productions), which consisted of Problemz, Black Attack, and another dude (?). They recorded a track called 'Styles' which had all three of them on the track, but they made another version of that song which didn't make it to vinyl. This version has the exact same beat, except Problemz is the only one to rhyme on it. Black Attack had a nice verse on the S.O.P. version, but perosnally I liked this demo version a little better than the vinyl version (which is usually the case, because demos better capture the true spirit of the song, before it gets worked over and polished). The beat sounds a lot cleaner on the 12" version but still I live the demo. You can add your opinions if you like...

S.O.P. - Styles (Vinyl Version)

S.O.P. - Styles (Problmez Only Version)

January 10, 2009

D & D Project 2002

Anyone out there in the mood for a 20 minute freestyle session? Here's a gang of heads up at WNYU promoting the D&D Project 2 that came out through fat beats. You'll hear some verses from Agalar, Afu - ra, Craig G, and Sean Price on a variety of different beats. Starts out with an Agalar joint before the freestyles.

Halftime Show WNYU July 2002

January 8, 2009

Freddie Hubbard

There's a really good Jazz station here in New Jersey, Newark's 88.3, WBGO. If you're in the area and you like Jazz, I would highly recommend peeping it. They have a variety of good programming, ranging from profiles of jazz greats, live performances (the other day they were playing a live, in studio broadcast of Eartha Kitt, although I'm pretty sure it was a rebroadcast considering she just passed two weeks ago), to one of my favorite shows to listen to on my ride home from school, 'the treatment', where actors and directors are interviewed about their work (last time I heard it they were interviewing Quantum of Solace director Marc Foster). One of the DJ's on the station is also a regular at one of my favorite record shops.

I tuned in last week to hear the unfortunate news that Jazz legend Freddie Hubbard has passed away. They have been profiling his music all week. I'm pretty sure 'First Light' and 'Sky Dive' were in the first batch of Jazz records I've ever purchased, and I have a few of his other albums and enjoy them all. Those of you out there who dig know Freddie Hubbard for sure has some heat. As a tribute to one of the greatest trumpet players, enjoy Freddie Hubbard's 'Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey' which you may recognize as the horn sample for Souls of Mischief's 'Never no More'. 'First Light' was a grammy award winning album. R.I.P. Freddie Hubbard and Eartha Kitt, you will be missed

Freddie Hubbard - 'Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey'

January 5, 2009


I used to dig the Stussy Ads in Thrasher back in the day, this post will be a little tribute. I've been going a little scanner happy lately. You can see more of these old ads here on their site. This one on the left i remember cutting out and hanging up back in the day. It's cool to see them still around after all these years. I scanned a good amount of them courtesy of my boy S-One aka the Thrasher Stasher. I'm not sure how early Stussy started running ads in Thrasher, but some of these here date back to 1987.


I just peeped Dithers, a documentary about underground art. I'm pretty big on documentaries, good ones, this one was decent. They could have made the segments a little longer. If you get it through Blockbuster they might only give you one of the three discs, I'm still waiting for the others. I saw disc 2 which had most notably interviews with Zephyr, Stash, Ricky Powell, Andy Jenkins, and Andy Howell. I'm waiting to see the ones with Seen, Revolt, Jest, etc., so for now I guess I'll give it one thumb up.

The Stash and Zephyr interviews were dope, although pretty short. They really could have let them talk more about different stuff, or covered more of their work. Maybe the bonus scenes have more, does anyone out there own this or watched all three discs? I'm wondering how the rest of it is. Blockbuster cough it up.

Also featured is Ricky Powell. It was years before I found out he was a photographer after hearing him mentioned on that Beastie Boys track. I heard him on Underground Railroad maybe last weekend talking about how he's had a really good year for himself, he's definitely paid his dues.

Another graphic designer featured in the film is Andy Howell, who you might remember as the creator/team rider of the New Deal skateboarding company. Aside from designing nice board and shirt graphics these guys had some pretty good shorts and jeans back then.

I used to read the 'Wrench Pilots' in Transworld magazine and I remember them being one of my favorite parts of that magazine back then. Dithers features an interview with the illustrator/author of those Andy Jenkins, who also co-founded the skateboard company Girl.

January 1, 2009

Loose and Juicy

This album is one of my favorites. If you have heard any of the 7" s from this album 'Loose and Juicy', 'Skunk Juice', 'Work Song', 'Toe Jam' the full LP is also a good listen. Check out Pazant Brothers myspace for more info on them. You may remember Roc Raida cutting up this this track here 'New Orleans' on the Beatnuts LP. I've ripped my original pressing onto mp3 and and now listing it on ebay along with a few other vinyl treats. All of you vinyl junkies can check out some of my listings and show some support here. I put up some heavies and also a copy of Freddy Fresh's 1st Edition Rap Records.