June 30, 2012

Stretch & Bobbito 11-4-1993 (Das Efx, Akinyele, Large Pro)

Ok, so let's start this summer madness off with a bang. This is the first of many from the files of Koop in VA, a Stretch & Bobbito  show from the prime of it's run. Guests on this date are Das Efx promoting their 2nd LP 'Straight Up Sewaside' and also Akinyele and Large Professor promoting Akinyele's 'Vagina Diner.' Both of these classic freestyles were featured on the Freestyle Frenzy compilations, but here you get the whole uncut sessions. You'll hear Akinyele responding to the Source article by Kierna Mayo which harshly criticized Akinyele's lyrics on the LP, particularly those on the song 'I luh Huh.' Also you'll hear a little bit of Large Professor dissing Main Source after they split.

June 27, 2012

Coming Soon...

Big, Big shouts to my man Koop in VA for sending me a grip of 89.9 goodness. Soon all of these will be ripped and featured on DW, so lots of treats to come...

I'll say it again, anyone with any old school radio shows similar to what you find on DW, I am more than happy to transfer them to MP3's. If you're not local you can mail them through and I'll even cover the shipping costs. I'll have them ripped, copied to data disks, and mailed back to you as soon as possible. Shouts to everyone who has submitted material, it is most appreciated.

June 20, 2012

Future Flavs-

have been re-uploaded (with track listings included) and more to come soon...

Eddie F & The Untouchables - Let's Get it On (Beatnuts Remix)

Just ran across this posse cut
that's kind of interesting...

"Let's Get it On" with Heavy D, 
Tupac, Notorious B.I.G. and 
Grand Puba was featured on a
compilation arranged by co-founder
of Uptown Records, DJ Eddie F.
The LP showcased the new and
upcoming MC's at the time. B.I.G.
and Spunk Bigga (who is not featured
on this version) were pretty much the
only new names on this cut.

This version is a remix done by the Beatnuts, using the acapella from the 12". You'll notice it's the same Johnny Guitar Watson flip the Beatnuts used for Mad Skills' 'Nod Factor,' the only difference being some snare scratches thrown in the mix.(Funny how the 'Skills in 95' instrumental also got leaked on 89.9, even earlier in 1993) This one was a Stretch Armstrong exclusive (as you'll hear on the drop) that ran for a few months in 1994.

Eddie F - Let's Get it On (Beatnuts Remix)

June 15, 2012

Stretch & Bobbito 7-20-1995

This is another combined effort, thanks to Hectic Eclectic for helping out with parts of these rips. This is a Stretch & Bobbito show from summer, 1995 and it's got quite a line-up. A total of 5 guest appearances.

June 13, 2012

R.I.P. IG Off

Just heard about I.G. Off passing and wanted to re-up these joints I posted a while back.
I.G. Off was definitely ill, one of the nicest of the top of the head. Check out The Halftime Show
tonight, DJ Eclipse will be doing a tribute to I.G. Off on the show and also check The 
Underground Railroad on WBAI this Friday to hear J-Smooth's tribute to I.G. Off

Here is IG Off and Hazardous along with Skam on the Underground Railroad, WBAI.
Sounds like DJ Spinna on the wheels cutting up the breakbeats as well.
I'm pretty sure this is the same freestyle listed on the URR archive page, from 1997.

I.G.Off, Hazardous, Skam, WBAI Freestyles

Also here is a re-up of the IG Off and Hazardous Demo I posted here.

I.G. Off and Hazardous - Demo

Peace to Emskee, MonkOne, J-Smooth
and the Underground Railroad crew.


For those looking to pay respects to our brother, father, son and hip-hop staple IG Off (IG Off & Hazadous), please read the info below.

Funeral services for Christopher McKenzie (IG Off) will be held on Thurs. June 21st at Jeremiah C. Gaffney funeral home 92 Wahl Ave, Inwood NY 11696. (516) 239-9191, (718) 471-2828 and toll free at 1-800-405-3061.

Viewing will be from 10am-11am
Funeral Services begin at 11 am

Burial will follow immediately after the funeral service and will begin at 1:30pm. The burial will be held at Trinity St Johns Cemetery 1142 Broadway, Hewlett NY 11557 (516)-374-1466.

The LIRR train, Q113 (non-limited) & N31/32 buses stop within the vicinity of both locations. The A train to Far Rockaway, Mott Avenue station is across the street from a taxi stand that can take you to both locations. The number for some taxi cabs in Far Rockaway are (718) 327-6666, (718) 327-4444, (718) 327-7777 and the Hewlett taxi cab number is (516) 239-5151.

Please GPS the location or contact the funeral home and cemetery in advance for directions from your location if needed.

If you are unable to attend and would like to make a donation or send condolences to the Murphy/Mckenzie family directly, please contact

Thank you everyone for your support, love and blessings during this difficult time. It is very much appreciated....Pri"

June 10, 2012

The Ranjahz

Here's an unreleased joint from The Ranjahz featuring Jay-Z from 1995. This might have been meant to get put out through their Profile deal, but it never saw an official release. The song's concept is similar to Nas' 'I gave you power,' were they metaphorically personify the bullets in a gun.

The Ranjahz - Bulletproof (w/Jay-Z)

Dirty Waters

The Dirty Waters blog hits the 5 year mark this month. Thanks to everyone, again, for all the support over the years. After 500+ posts I'm running a little short of material but I'm still trying to keep this going. Most of the stuff in the archives has been re-upped through Fileswap, but if anything in particular is missing drop a line and I'll try to get it active again.