July 30, 2009

Radio Ruckus 2/6/05 (Mr Sinista)

Here's WRSU's Radio Ruckus show from February 6, 2005, featuring DJ Mr Sinista formerly of the X-Ecutioners. Your boy Nes jumps on the wheels for the first 30 minutes, then you'll hear DJ Force interview Sinista, some tracks from his mixtape 'Free at Last', and finally some juggles from Sinista. Enjoy...

Peace to Force, Halo, AB, Knowledge, all the Radio Ruckus fam. AB has some video footage from this night, where you at, need to youtube that...

Radio Ruckus - 2-6-2005


  1. thx bro for bringin it back...

  2. nice set Nes! Sinista is the man!!! good to hear an interview with him and those rountines... whooo... that AJ Scratch juggle is a personal favorite... so funky...! what's up with his debut album, did it ever debut?!?! I bought the Serious 12" when it came out... still waiting for the full length!

  3. word, good lookin. That's a good question, I'm not sure what kind of distribution he had for that CD he was promoting, but I'm sure he put it out somehow..

  4. THANKS A LOT !!