February 26, 2008

Shits and Giggles

I caught these little treats while record shopping on three separate occasions. These are some autographed promotional stills (and one signed record) given out at in store signings. I thought I would post them up here for shits and giggles.

I'm usually not into waiting on the long lines they have at those in-store signings; I did wait for Pete Rock to sign my 'Soul Survivor' LP when it dropped at Fat Beats (as you can see in the greenbacks post), but anything else I have signed is from meeting artists from radio or being here or there. I wasn't all that into getting autographs until I got a few records signed, now I always try and take the opportunity if it comes.

*None of the following were acquired through my attending these signings; they were all bought at record stores, conventions, and flea markets.

Pete Nice autographed this picture promoting his 'Dust to Dust' LP sometime around 1992/93. It would be nice to have Daddy Rich s autograph on here as well , but I guess he wasn't there. I like how they set them up lounging with some axes in the picture. They used to do some funny shit to market artists back in the day. I guess they still do sometimes.

This one is the Cocoa Brovas (formerly Smif N Wessun) with a promotional still from an in store signing at a place called Brooklyn Records. This was around the time of their 2nd release "Rude Awakening"

I caught this still inside of the promo only 12" for 'Spanish Harlem' featuring Tony Touch and Hurricane G, at A1 records a few years back. I had been looking for this one for a long time because of the unreleased track on here 'Drama' which wasn't featured on the 'Rude Awakening' LP.

The last one here is an autographed copy of MC Hammer's 2nd LP 'Let's get it started' from 1988. This was kind of funny because it was in the dollar bins at a record convention, still sealed. Whoever got this record signed didn't even bother to open it (I guess maybe they were keeping it sealed as an investment). The guy who sold it to me had maybe 20 crates full of 12"s and LP's all priced at a dollar. I got Bizzie Boys droppin it 12"s and Marley Marl's scratch original 12"s in the same crates, but the real gem was this here. I still haven't opened it so all you ballers out there are welcome to make an offer to buy.

February 25, 2008


I've found a new theme to ride with for the next few weeks/months. Every week or so I'm going to post up 5 Yo!MTV Raps cards from the early 90's. A while back I bought a bought a box containing 36 packs of 10 cards each for $5 on ebay. I'm sure I don't have all of them, but I think I have most of them. You get to see the old school cards as well as the fun facts on the back of the them, plus you gotta love the hot pink neon leopard print border they put on these.

R.I.P. Ted Demme (producer and co-creator of the series)

February 24, 2008

Jersey Post 7 - underground/ Jersey related

This weeks Jersey post will highlight some independent label New Jersey hip hop records

This is Scienz of Life with '2000 and what to expect' (1995). Representing from Perth Amboy, NJ, Scienz of Life were one of the first few groups put out under Bobbito's Fondle Em label. Peace to Lil Sci, DJ Knowledge, and crew.

Here is Mytee G Poetic, from Newark, with 'Com'n with nuf rufness' (1995). I don't know too much about this guy but this was a good track back in the day. The B-Side is also pretty good.

RA the Rugged Man and Sadat X are both from New York, but the producer on this next track, Dirtman, is from Linden, NJ. This is '50,000 Heads' (1997).

I was going to put up a few more Jersey tracks like Down & Dirty Tribe (which you can hear on the Tony Touch tape), and a few other things, but I'm lazy and I've seen these records posted on other blogs a bunch of times. This might be the last of the Jersey posts for now, they may make a return in the future, but hope you have enjoyed them...

February 21, 2008

Tony Toca

I don't usually post entire LP's or mixtapes, but since I see a lot of other blogs posting old mixtapes, I figured I'd go ahead and hit you with a few old Tony Touch tapes. As far as I know these aren't being sold anymore, they are all well over 10 years old.

Tony Touch is well known for the 50 MC power chypa mixes he did, but you may not have heard some of the 50 tapes that led to those. I had dubs of a few of them a long time ago, but these rips aren't made by me. (They were sent to my inbox courtesy of DJ Fuse in DC, big up). The sound quality is decent, and each track is marked.

Here You get tape 43, Tape 44 (featuring freestyles from the Arsonists) and tape 45 (featuring freestyles from Smif N Wessun). All three of these tapes came out in 1995. I labeled them as best as I could, anyone who wants to fill in the blanks with the unlabeled songs let me know. As usual thanks to everyone sending stuff to my e-mail

Download and leave some feedback/comments.

Scream @ me

I just read this post on 4 Brothers with Beats blog, one of my personal favorite sites, and I strongly agree with everything that they said...

"We have all seen it before and I'm sure that many of you have strong opinions about it. The issue is silent downloading, also known as silent leeching."

"It's quite simple really. Bloggers work hard to post music. Whether the rip is original or was acquired from some other source, we still go through the trouble of putting together an educational post, fight computer malfunctions and crashes, fret about the quality of the rip, and struggle with the hosting sites that delete the links that it may have taken hours to put together. No, it's not brain surgery, but it is work. The contributers have lives, jobs and families outside of this blog, but we do this because we love music and we get inspired by your love of music."

"In the time that it takes to download a link, one could leave a pleasant comment."

Very true indeed. I don't really need people to write me a love letter about something you like, just a simply 'thanks', or 'good post' would be nice, or if you have an opinion of the artists (good or bad), feel free to post that as well. I certainly don't add a comment for everything I download on the internet, but if I download something that I really like, I make the effort.

Also, while I am on the subject, from time to time you will see me post something about what is going on elsewhere on other blogs, where I direct people to those sites; I would appreciate the same courtesy. I really don't mind people sharing my files in forums, or re-posting on blogs, but at least direct people to my page if you are doing this. The mixtapes that I make personally I tell people to post freely, as far as the other stuff on this site, I really prefer it remains exclusive as to draw people in to read other stuff; but, if you do post something on here elsewhere, please give my site mentions.

Basically, I'm asking the readers of this blog to kindly add feedback, comments, opinions, appreciation, etc, when you download something you like (especially if it is a mix I made personally), or just comment in any way, leave any kind of statements, participate. I allow comments from all readers, including anonymous users, and you don't have to include an e-mail or type in any word verification. Just because this isn't a forum, or you are not on the list of links on the left side of the page, it does not mean I don't want to hear from/interact with you. I really appeciate the feedback and enjoy hearing from people worldwide who like what I am doing here.

Moreso, I enjoy when people contribute to this blog, if there is something you have that you would like to see posted, or if you would like to do some trades, e-mail

Thanks to all for your support

February 19, 2008

Waterpoof MC

I've been hitting you with nuff Jersey records
so here is some west coast hip hop to even things out
a few things from a semi slept on Rass Kass.

I've been digitizing a lot of stuff from my old tapes and posting as I go along. Hopefully the sound quality on everything is decent, I try to make it as good as I can. Since this is a blog dedictaed to old radio shows, unreleased tracks, hip hop mixes, etc., I put together a little bit of all of that in a compilation, a grip of stuff I had from Rass Kass.

'Soul on Ice' Diamond D remix
one of my all time favorite hip hop tracks.

Rass Kass live
on the Stretch & Bobbito show in 1996,
around the time the 12" came out...

'Walk the walk'
a demo that didn't make it to the Soul on ice LP.
The sound drops out for a second, and the quality isnt all that great
but it's still a nice unreleased treat from him

Another radio appearance,
live on the Halftime show in 1998,
right before his 'H20 Waterproof MC' 12" came out. He talks a little about the Golden State Warriors LP which was never released...

Freestyles from Hot 97 XL Show
over some Wild Style beats...

Then you got
another Ras Kass appearance on Halftime
this time with Kurupt and Jay-O-Felony
from around 2000

You can grab all these joints and freestyles
along with Soul on Ice LP and Instrumental versions in the zip above.
I was going to put a few more things on but I kept it short at 30 minutes.

For those interested
you can check an interview with Rass Kass from 1996 on Press Rewind,
along with a bunch of other old magazine interviews and articles they have on the page.

February 17, 2008

Jersey post 6 - More Jersey Stuff

Poor righteous Teachers 'Can I start this'
the first track on their debut Lp

K Def and Larry-O 'Real Live'

also here is the
featuring Ghostface,
Cappadona, Lord Tariq and Killa Sin

Jamal (featuring Redman ) 'Insane Creation'

Artifacts 'Who I am'
from the Dynamite Soul 12"

Also here is a freestyle featuring
Tame and Mad Skills
from the Stretch & Bobbito sometime in 1996...

and since I'm at it, here is another short freestyle from the
Artifacts live at the Rock Steady crew anniversary in 1993...

February 13, 2008

Dazed and Confused

This next set is from a DJ you may not have heard of, DJ Daze, one of the resident DJs for the Lyricist Lounge parties back in the day. This is a mix that was broadcasted live on Stretch Armstrong's show in November 1997. You will hear a lot of slept on old school joints from artists like Stezo, Bizzie Boys, Masta Ace, Ultimate Force, Freshco, Positive K, and many more. a lot of these songs were featured on his mixtape series 'Classics from the good old Daze'. Enjoy...

Stretch & Bobbito 11-13-1997 (DJ Daze)

1) KMD - F With Ya Head
2) MC EZ & Troup - Get Retarded
3) Ultimate Force - I'm not Playin
4) Bizzie Boyz - Droppin it
5) K-Solo - Fugitive (super extended remix)
6) X-Clan - Verbal Milk
7) Freshco - Ain't you Freshco?
8) King Tee - Funky Piano (w/Ice Cube)
10) Masta Ace - Go Where I send Thee (w/Ice U Rock)
11) Stezo - To the Max
12) LL Cool J - Jack the Ripper
13) JVC Force - Stop N Listen
14) Markey Fresh - The Mack of Rap
15) YZ - Thinking of a Master Plan
16) Chill Rob G - Let me Show you (Prince Paul remix)
17) Eric B & Rakim - The R
18) Positive K - Step Up Front
19) Main Source - Watch Roger Do his Thing
20) MC Shan - I Pioneered This
22) Dismasters - Small Time Hustler
23) 991 Volts - Champion of Love
24) Brand Nubian - Concerto in X Minor
25) Superlover Cee & Casanova Rud - Super Casanova
26) Stezo - Freak the Funk
27) Masters of Ceremony - Dynamite
28) Lord Finesse - Kickin flava Wit My man (w/Percee P)
29) Steady B - Let the hustlers Play
30) Stetsasonic - Faye
31) Masta Ace - Brooklyn Battles

February 10, 2008

Jersey Post 5 - Flavor Unit

I missed the Jersey Post last Sunday due to the Superbowl. Props to the Giants on getting the W for NY, did not expect that one at all. This weeks Jersey post we're going with the Flavor Unit...

45 King doing his thing...

The Flavor Unit was incredible. DJ Mark the 45 King is a legend, and he is regarded as one of the most influential producers of his time. Members of the Flavor Unit (and affiliates) include: Apache, Aposouls, The Athletes, Black Sheep, Channel Live, Chill Rob G, Confidential, DJ Mark the 45 King, Lakim Shabazz, Latee, LeShaun, Lord Alibaski, Naughty by Nature, Nikki D, Queen Latifah, Rowdy Rahz, Storm P, and Zhané. Here is one of my favorite tracks from the Flavor Unit LP from 1990 'Assasination Squad'. The original LP in 1990 consisted mostly of demos from the group, before being reissued in 1993 by the 'new' Flavor Unit.

Also check this instrumental from one of many 45 King instrumental records. You may recognize this beat as used by Mad Skills on his 'live freestyle from the Stretch Armstrong Show' which was featured on 'The Nod Factor' 12". For more info on 45 King check out 45 his website. I'd also recommend for those interested to check out 'Deep Crates part 2' a documentary video about beat diggin that includes a segment with 45 King talking about his start as a DJ/Producer and record collector.

Lamin Shabazz is another prominent member of the Flavor Unit, well known for his appearance on the 45 King's acclaimed '900 Number'. Lakim was a politically concious MC who released two albums on Tuff City with the help of 45 king, 'Pure righteousness', and 'The Lost Tribe of Shabazz'. Here is one of my favorite joints from 'Pure Righteousness' called 'Sample the Dope Noise'.

Lakim Shabazz 'Pure Righteousness' Live Performance

Naughty by Nature is from East Orange 'Illtown', NJ. As much commercial success they had with 'O.P.P.' that made them less appealing to me at the time, I still thought they were doing their thing. My favorite track from them, which is kind of slept on, is 'Written on ya kitten'. The album/12" version was a little different (better) from the video version. It was funny seeing Treach on the Sopranos (as the dude who hires Sal to shoot him in the leg to gain street credit).

Naughty BY Nature 'Written on Ya Kitten'

After all the videos, movie roles, and publicity, Queen Latifah is probably the most recognizable member of the Flavor Unit. Born in Newark, NJ in 1970, she was only 19 when her debut LP, 'Hail to the Queen', came out. Her first LP was almost entirely produced by DJ Mark the 45 King; this next track 'Mama gave birth to the soul children', was one of the exceptions, production by Prince Paul and featuring De La Soul...

For more info on the Flavor Unit, peep these interviews interviews with DJ Mark the 45 King and Lord Ali Baski from

February 9, 2008

This goes out to all the DJ's...

This next track 'Daily Intake' is featured on the B-side of an Unsung heroes 12" from 2000. It features the Scratch Perverts
(Tony Vegas, Prime Cuts, J1200) on the cut and production by Insite and Shiver. The beats are crazy, and the switch up a bunch of times. This track was put together really well and is one of my personal favs, enjoy.

Bonus: this is a treat sent over by DJ Endo from the UK, an excerpt from a DJ Q-Bert live performance

Shout out to all the DJ's worldwide!

February 1, 2008

Strictly For The Ladies

Here is the mix I did for Valentine's day 'Strictly For The Ladies'. It's a mix of early/mid 90's hip hop tracks that deal with women, love, relationships, etc. There was a bunch of tracks I forgot to add to this mix, and there were also a lot of tracks I didn't feel like putting on the mix (i.e. 'passin me by'). I tried to go with lesser known tracks, remixes, and that sort of stuff. Big shout to Mr Mass for designing the cover, as always getting nice with the photoshop skills. Some feedback on this would be appreciated, and anyone who wants to link it up you're more than welcome. Bump this one holding hands with your girl on the way to the Olive Garden, Enjoy...

DJ Cash Money

DJ Cash Money is the man, the inventor of the transformer scratch (debatably along with Jazzy Jeff), and winner of the World DMC Championship in 1988. If you've seen Cash Money DJ live you know he wrecks shit and gets a crowd really hyped up. I dug up this old Stretch tape from July 20, 1995 with Cash Money doing some routines. This tape was a huge inspiration for me back in the day and has since been etched into my memory. I remember studying this tape over and over and practicing the way he cut up 
'Eric B for President.' Anyway, Enjoy this set from one of the original, legandary turntablists.