May 13, 2009

Nighttrain January 1998

Here's a Nighttrain Show with DJ Eli and friends from January 1998. For those who don't know, the show was on WKCR, Tuesday nights from 1-5 during the late 90's. The show was primarily funk/soul/jazz incorporating some hip hop.

This might be two different nights, there are some pause edits on this one so it jumps around a bit. I cut out most of the talking and certain songs here and there when I recorded this. Towards the end some freestyles from Sir Menelik, Percee P, Saga, Kweli, L-Fudge, and Shabaam Sahdeeq. This was a good show for those who remembered.


  1. ill shit as usual man.props
    sir menelik is the illest

  2. NIIIICE!!!!!!!!!

    This is only the 2nd "Nightrain" show i've heard.

    For whatever reason nobody online has any Oof these shows,or won't post them.


    I'm having trouble getting that "Wall Of Fame 3" into mp3 files.

    I can mail it to you if you want.


  3. DJ Eli posted the show with Ken Sport on his page but the link died, here it is refreshed thanks to Relm.

    Nighttrain 2-10-98 feat Ken Sport

    I'm curious DJ Eli he doesn't post more shows, but then again it was over 10 years ago.. I intentionally post these old radio shows because of the feedback, and it kind of gives me an excuse to pull them out and listen to them myself, but I think most people want to move on and listen to newer or different stuff.

  4. I almost forgot about Nighttrain. They had some really good shows around this time period I'd love to hear again, if someone has them sitting around somewhere. If I ever find any I'll post!