December 29, 2009


Here are some Stretch & Bobbito/ Halftime radio freestyles hitting the decade+ old mark, aged to perfection.

Black Thought on Hot 97 with Stretch & Bobbito, 1999
(freestyling on OC&Buckwild's 'Burn me slow' instrumental on Stretch & Bobbito's XL Show)

Pace & Young Zee on WNYU Halftime Show January, 1999
(I threw this one up last year, but here is the re-up by request)

Rahzel & Scratch on WNYU Halftime Show February, 1999
(Scratch lays down the human beatbox for Rahzel to freestyle)

Cella Dwellas on WKCR Stretch & Bobbito, 1999
(freestyling on Eminem's 'Scary Movie' instrumental)

Prince Po on The Halftime Show, 1999
(I think this is an Xzibit or Alkaholiks instrumental?)

Stronghold crew on The Halftime Show February, 1999
(threw this one up on Mass's site for his Life Long interview)

Enjoy the New Year in 2010!


  1. Always good sh!t here sir, thank's for posting.

  2. thanks for sharing these man. all new to me. happy new year

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  4. oh shit, i was too late. 1ce again. is there a possibility of re-upping the freestyles? thanks in advance + keep up your great work!