March 30, 2016

Re-Up: Cormega & Lord Finesse Freestyles

Cormega and Lord Finesse going back to back on Marley Marl& Pete Rock's Future Flavors in 1999

March 25, 2016


Phife passing has messed me up a little these past few days. I always thought A Tribe Called Quest would be a group like the Rolling Stones, always around, and always touring for generations to see. They have been playing the Tribe documentary on VH1 lately, and it's definitely a different experience seeing it now. In the documentary, Phife mentions how he felt like the Supreme to Tip being the Diana Ross. I always considered Phife to be stronger, lyrically, compared to Tip being mostly instrumental as a producer. Phife always had the snappiest lines. Tribe was so important as a group, to myself, and to everyone who appreciated good music. They had a mass appeal just being themselves, no gimmicks. In retrospect, I imagine what 1994 or 1995 would have been like with a Tribe album. This '95 track from S.O.S. features Phife stealing the show.

March 20, 2016

Stretch & Bobbito 5-2-1996

I've been listening to a lot of 1996 shows lately, this one is aged almost 20 years. Stretch puts together a good set, and gets busy with the cuts on this tape more than usual. Diggin the live blend with Royal Flush and the Paul Nice beat. They were late to set up, so they slay some people on an early krunchtime. Pretty sure this one was courtesy of Aleph and the heads over at philaflav. 

March 14, 2016

Cool V's Street

The dude who denied Cool V a job at Vogels is continuing to kick himself. I'm late to hear about this, but had to post it. DJ Cool V had a street named after him in his hometown of Elizabeth, NJ. I love shit like this, big shout to everyone who made this happen.

March 5, 2016

Get Off That Bullshit!

This is one of my favorite Large Professor tracks. This original version first appeared on DJ Eclipse's Wild Pitch blends mixtape. 'Gitofdatbullshit' was part of a group of demos Large Professor was working on for the second Main Source album. Main Source soon split, and Wild Pitch folded, but the tape was left behind. This same demo version was bootlegged on the vinyl pictured (most likely straight from the mix tape). Large Professor re-did the track a second time for his long lost 'LP' for Geffen, but I always liked the feel of the original demo. It took me a while to track down the right pressing, with this version, as there are a few bootlegs with the album version. You'll hear the same, radio-dial-spinning intro that Stretch and Bobbito used for their show.

Also check Extra P's appearance on Rhythm Roulette, a series where producers are blindfolded, pick three random records, and make a beat. Tragedy makes a quick appearance towards the end. 

March 2, 2016

Halftime 18th Anniversary

Check out the 18th Anniversary of WNYU's Halftime Show tonight from 10:30pm - 1am. This will be DJ Eclipse's final broadcast on WNYU, and all of the anniversary shows are usually bangers. Be sure to tune in,
Nuff respect to DJ Eclipse for holding down WNYU for so long.