February 22, 2014

Solo Vibes

Just got in touch with Peter Vazquez aka P-Love (who you will hear as one of the studio guests on the MF Doom show I just posted), and he has some treats to share with all of us. Peter had a radio show with DJ Sincere at Baruch (590 AM), and it had a pretty heavy line-up of guests during it's 4 year run. Words from Peter..

 "Solo Vibes" was a radio show from 1996-2000 based out of Baruch College in Manhattan, New York (WBMB). Hosted by P-love and spun by DJ Sincere, what it lacked in listeners (due to the poor frequency: 590 AM), it gained in acclaim by some of hip hop underground' finest: Bobbito, DJ Riz, Cipher Sounds, DJ Spinna, Basement Crew (DL and DJ Crossphader), DJ Eli, DJ Avee, Fingatip, etc and blessed with numerous guests including Eminem, Craig G, I G Off, Breez Everflowin, Punch & Words, Pumpkinhead, Royce da 5'9, Poisen Pen, Pack FM, and the Arsonists amongst others...

I'm going to be dropping some of the freestyle sessions from the Solo Vibes show in the next few weeks, so let's start off with an ill session with Craig G and Wordsworth from 1997...

February 19, 2014

February 15, 2014

MF Doom on Stretch & Bobbito 4-24-1997

Update: Peace to Chris and Squires for helping me ID the date on this one, April 24, 1997. MF Doom guests with Megalon and has Stretch throw on some old school G Rap instrumentals to flow over. Some weird pauses in the middle of this tape, but a great krunchtime session towards the end..


February 12, 2014

Survey (commenting is back)

Lately, the posts here have been few and far between. Most of the old radio material I have has already been shared, but I'm constantly digging for new things to bring to the blog. I just wanted to drop a quick post to see if people are still checking the site....

I was wondering why I haven't gotten many comments on this blog, and realized I changed the settings. I was getting bombed with spam comments a while back and must have turned off the commenting altogether by mistake. It's back in effect so comment away, I do enjoy hearing from heads who check in.

Anyone who has any material they'd like to share here on the blog, feel free to email. Also if there are any requests to re-upload dead links, I always do my best. Peace to the heads over at Philaflava for preserving the bulk of the stretch and bobbito shows that were uploaded here with fresh links, and everyone who still check in on the regular.

A perk to this blog is getting in touch with heads whose work I've admired over the years. And those who have follow my site know I'm all about my signed 12"s. Peace to Skillz for hooking this up for me.

Re-Up: DJ Muro WNYU 1996

This was one of my first uploads here- DJ Muro with a 30 minute set on WNYU, New York Live from 1996. This was Muro's first radio appearance in New York.

February 4, 2014