January 25, 2012


Was going through the Death Wish Soundtrack and caught the loop for this J-Force 'Bulls Eye.' Sounds like he used the Little Feet drums too. This is an indie label joint from late 1994 that I've seen selling pretty high in the past couple of years. It has both cuts and production by J-Force and was mixed at Marley Marl's House of Hits studio.

The clown logo is kind of odd, and I can't help but laugh at how rugged this dude tries to make his voice, especially on the 2nd verse. Still I'm diggin it.

J-Force - Bull's Eye

January 20, 2012


First zshare and now megaupload... looks like most of the links on Dirty Waters went down in the game. I did use divshare for most of the demos and freestyles, so they are still up. I'm not sure how much of the material I'm going to be able to recover and re-up, so any help from the readers would be appreciated. I'm not even sure which file hosting server to use now.. bastards.

January 16, 2012

Smif N Wessun

I caught this Smif N Wessun promo CD a while
back and held on to it for the 'Sound Bwoy Buriell' instrumental.
Here it is in CD quality for those interested.

Smif N Wessun - Sound Bwoy Buriell (instrumental)

Also peep some freestyles under their alias the Cocoa Brovas
from the Halftime Show, WNYU, peace to DJ Eclipse

Cocoa Brovas WNYU Freestyles 10/1999

January 13, 2012

Royal Flush

This track is from Blunt Recordings' Royal Flush, 'Moving on your weak productions.' I forgot about this promo sticker I had from back in the day also.

Royal Flush - Movin' on your weak productions

Royal Flush - WNYU Freestyles 1996

Westwood Radio 6-10-1989

Here's another Tim Westwood
Capital Rap Show from 1989
courtesy of Dave in Essex.

Westwood Capital Rap Show

Side A
Side B

Das Efx WNYU 1996