February 28, 2009

Stretch & Bobbito 1996 (Mr. Live & Tony Bones)

Peace to my boy Flav who set me off with 20 or so unedited Stretch & Bobbito cassettes from 1995-1996. Lot of good stuff to come when I get time. So far I got unedited nights including special guests the Pharcyde, Heltah Skeltah, Natural Elements, Darman, Royal Flush & Mic Geronimo, and finally I got the tape I've been trying to track down for the longest, the night with KRS, Lord Finesse & Supernatural. This is just what I've heard so far, a lot more, and when I get the time to rip them and sort them out they'll be up.

For now, here is a classic Stretch Armstrong Show with special guests
Mr Live & Tony Bones live in the studio. These guys had the fourth release on Bobbito's fondle em label. Listening to the tape and hearing them announce all the events going on that week brings back some memories, 1st ITF battle, Lyricist Lounge, and also mentions of 19th Rock Steady anniversary (which is why I'm guessing July 1996 on this). You'll hear Stretch in the mix and an interview/freestyle session from Tony Bones & Mr Live, running about 50 minutes. Check out a recent interview with Mr. Live on Masscorporation.

*updated links courtesy of Aleph/Steve B/Nobs/Philaflava feature full 4 hour show

Peace to Bobbito, again check him out at Bouncemag online, and Stretch at Konstant Kontact. I left off a track listing on this one so you can all be surprised, if anyone wants the list hit me up and I can leave it in the comments, although I don't know the last track played on this mix (if anyone wants to help me identify that). Peace to Andyman over at Rekordzonwheels dropping nearly all of the old Stretch & Bobbito freestyle tapes in digital form. Peace to everyone worldwide- trying to see some more comments so leave your feedback, opinions, thanks, whatever, keep me interested in this site.

February 18, 2009

Drum Crazy 15

This episode has about 14 records with some nice open drums. See how many of the records or samples you can identify. Peace to all the DJ's, producers, and crate invaders. Peace to all my favorite record stores and any store that carries vinyl.

You can watch the rest of the drum crazy episodes (1-14) in this older post, or download the mixtape video. Also for those of you late to the blog check out this DW interview with Mike Van Olden creator of the Drum Crazy record series.

Hey Mr. Mr.

Chris Brown should do a remix of this classic Kool G Rap track, 'Hey Mr., Mr.' maybe sing the hook with a vocoder or something so the new generation can get into it.

This is obviously a joke.
DJ Nes and Dirtywaters do not advocate any kind of violence towards women. This was an unreleased track from the '4,5,6' LP produced by T-Ray.

Kool G Rap - Hey Mr Mr

February 16, 2009

Love on the Wing

Here's a belated Valentine's Day treat for all. This is a short film from innovative animator/director Norman Mclaren from 1938. The white images you will see floating over the background were hand drawn on 35mm film slide, each slide had a slight movement to create the animation, which must have taken an incredible amount of time. This was a short for the postal service called 'Love on the Wing,' looks like a Valentine's Day card being sent. Special shout to my girl, hope everyone had a great weekend. ENjoy..

Here's another Norman McLaren short, of the ones I've seen this is probably my favorite. He films a painting and makes it come to life by creating effects with ink on the slides. This one's called 'A Little Phantasy on a 19th-century Painting' from 1946.