December 17, 2009

The Live guy with glasses

This weekend I checked out the seasonal Rt. 22 record show that goes down at the Holiday Inn in Springfield N.J., and peeped none other than the 'mad scientist' Large Professor on the set. It was surprising to Extra P there not only because I'm assuming he lives in Queens, but also because at this point in his digging career I would assume he has damn near every break known to man. It goes to show how serious of an addiction record digging can be, and also how dedicated and serious Large Professor is with his craft, even after some 25 odd years of producing and collecting. Seeing him there made me respect him that much more than I already do, and IMO your a fool not to mention Large Pro as one of the top 5 producers of all time.

Here's a clip from the CM-fam-a-lam show sometime in February of 1999 with Large Professor playing some beats from his Sp-1200 live in the studio for Neek the Exotic and Royal Flush on rhyme. Large Professor jumps on the mic for a verse or two as well. Bobbito goes in to a mix of Neek the Exotic joints from his 'Backs and Necks' LP after the freestyle session

Regulation Status

I caught a good handful of breaks and some new drum breaks, Drum Crazy part 17 is coming soon. Peace to all the record fiends still copping joints.


  1. Good to see you back putin up more radio show clips!


  2. keep them coming bro

  3. Of all dope-ness from a beatsmith's pov,this is best(or my fave post)


  4. Str8 Xtra P fan! I play MAD SCIENTIST on the regular yo