April 29, 2009

CM Flood

My boy Relm now has official Dirty Water status, this is his third guest post for us here on Dirty Waters, again with some unedited 130 minute CM Famalam goodness. Dirty Waters is getting flooded with radio shows and it won't stop soon. Peace to Relm, Beat Detective, everyone in the UK, and also peace to Bobbito.

This show is dated May 18, 2000 and features freestyles from Maseo, D.V., Scienz of life, Point Blank, and maybe some others in there, along with some Roc Raida/ Lord Sear skits...enjoy..and don't forget to say peace to Relm for his contributions...

On a side note, I've been on a mission to find Mo Majid's "Wall of Fame" Vol 3 CD, I have the first two CD's he did and really dig them, I heard there was a third but not sure where I can get. Can anyone out there send, trade, or put me on to where I can get my hands on this?

Also I rejoined youtube to promote the blog here with the drum crazy videos, feel free to embed/post on your own sites if you want to. Thanks to everyone out there sending music, leaving comments, checking the site, and showing support. Prepare for some heat this summer!


  1. NES

    I have the OG pressing cd of "Wall Of Fame" Vol.3

    It's not in my files..So

    How do i upload it to my computer?


  2. oh word?
    if you put the CD into your computer it should open up with some kind of player (whatever you use let me know), any kind of player should have a 'Rip' option where you can select the tracks and transfer them onto your comp in mp3 format, i think u can do this into itunes as well if you use that. I would def pay/trade whatever you wanted for it would def appreciate...hit my email if you can

  3. Can anybody tell me who does the track at 50:30 Thanx for the mix shows peace.Swerveone.

  4. once again,props.not only on the site.The fact you keep links up so it's real dope.Also very rare keep setting that kinda'standard,and you'll have east new york's support all day.Bklyn."BOE"

  5. no doubt Boe, I actually sat down a few weeks back and re-uploaded a lot of the old posts. It's frustrating as hell to go to a site with something listed and the link is dead, so I try to keep the links alive.

  6. Hi, Google pointed me to this post, knew the site before, though.
    Anyway, so did you succeed in gettin' Wall Of Fame 3 ? I'd like to get a chance to hear it.
    Found the first two volumes on the net a few years ago...
    Lately been bumpin them again, solving tracklist and appreciating them more than before!