January 25, 2016

Re-Up: CM Famalam Show 2000 (FT, Funky DL, Easy Mo Bee)

This one's from June 8, 2000
and features FT from Street Smartz,
Funky DL, and Easy Mo Bee rocking
a nice 30 minute break set.

Just recently caught this 12" from around 1996 from Funky DL. Another one I always wanted from back in the di-day, I'm catching up on my international 12"s lately. Shout to everyone supporting me on discogs.

January 10, 2016

Powerrule - Well Connected (featuring Noreaga)

I only heard Stretch play this once on Hot 97, an alternate version of Powerrule's 'Well Connected' featuring a verse from Noreaga at the end. He sort of does a remix of the verse he did on 'Bloody Money,' talking about putting bogeys out in your face. Nice little unreleased gem. This is probably something only Stretch owns, as he ran the Dolo label this was on. I know it's a 'cheddar beat,' but I gotta admit I dig that Kleer record.

January 9, 2016

Re-Up: Stretch & Bobbito 4-14-1996 (w/ Xtra P & Paula Perry)

Large Professor was supposed to make it up to the first Boogie and the Barber show, but didn't get past the security (which was notoriously hard on the guests sliding through at Hot 97). He finally made it to this show in mid-March, about two months into the show's run, and makes a lot of digs at the station. This one also features a guest spot from Paula Perry (with Masta Ace and Mister Cee trying to shop her a deal). Peace to Greg T.

January 8, 2016

Pete Rock - Greenbacks

This next track is without a doubt the most requested re-up on Dirty Waters over the years. It's an unreleased Pete Rock gem from the mid 90's called 'Greenbacks.' This track got spins on Stretch & Bobbito in 1995, and probably Future Flavors, but never got an official release.