February 27, 2011

Stretch & Bobbito 4-10-1997

This is another one from Greg T's collection. Stretch is absent while Lord Sear and Bobbito welcome guests Organized Konfusion and Eastern Conference All Stars (Ill Advised, Rebel Rasheed, Baby Black, High & Mighty)

Stretch & Bobbito 4-10-1997
(w/Organized Konfusion & Eastern Conference All Stars)

1) Mass Influence - Life To The MC
2) Lord Sear - Alcoholic Vibes
3) Organized Konfusion Interview/Freestyle
4) Mysterme - Unsolved Mysterme
5) Easter Conference - Know a little
6) Unique - Pure Dynamite
7) Ill Advised - Names
8) Ill Advised, Rebel Rasheed, Baby Black Interview/Freestyle
9) High & Mighty - Open Mic Night (featuring Eatern Conference All Stars)
10) Ill Advised, Rebel Rasheed, Baby Black Interview/Freestyle (part 2)
11) High & Mighty - Conflict
12) Rahsheed - Industrypartybumrusha
13) Alkaholiks - Hip Hop Drunkies (w/Ol Dirty)
14) Mobb Deep - Drop a Gem on em' (Remix)
15) High & Mighty - Hands on Experience

Underground Railroad 2-28-2004 (Easy Mo Bee)

Easy Mo Bee kills it with an hour long set of all original breaks on the Underground Railroad.

Peace to Emskee, Monkone and J Smooth.

Underground Railroad 2-28-2004 (Easy Mo Bee)

Underground Railroad (Re-Ups)

February 20, 2011

J-Live Freestyle WNYU 1995

J-Live drops a few freestyles over Saukrates' 'Father Time' instrumental on WNYU's New York Live with Mayhmen, Sunset and DJ Riz.

J-Live Freestyles WNYU Dec.1995

Common Hot 97 Freestyle 1997

on Stretch & Bobbito's Sunday night Hot 97 show in October 1997.. He drops a few freestyles over OC's 'War Games' and 'Dangerous' instrumentals.

Common Hot 97 Freestyle

--sent this over to The Meaning of Dope awhile back
Fab 5 Freddy interviewing Common Sense in Chi-town circa 1995.

February 18, 2011

Original Flavor Freestyle 1993

Here's another dusty one from Nasa at Uncommon Music. This is a Freestyle from Original Flavor on the Underground Railroad in 1993. They do a couple a verses over Pete Rock and Cl Smooth 'T.R.O.Y.'

February 17, 2011

Underground Railroad DJ Monkone

I'm battling HecticEclectic to see who can go show for show with Underground Railroad rips, so you'll see an increase in WBAI shows in the next few weeks/months. Some (most) of them will be undated, pause edited and jump around a little bit, but still enjoyable.

Peace to Emskee, Monkone and J Smooth. Open letter to all 3 - Please share more archival episodes of the URR show and update these old links if possible.

Underground Railroad (DJ Monkone)

February 15, 2011

Big Daddy Kane, Sir Ibu and Kings of Swing freestyle

This is pretty rare material here, a freestyle session featuring Big Daddy Kane, Sir Ibu (of the Divine Force), and the Kings of Swing (a group featuring Suga K, Mike Master and DJ Cocoa Chanelle). They all go verse for verse while DJ Kevvy Kev is cutting up the instrumental for Ultramagnetic MC's 'Give the Drummer Some' and Marley Marl calls the shots. Not sure what radio show this was originally from, I pulled this off a Stretch Armstrong Show. Bobbito thanks Madame Superior, a long time WKCR listener, for sending the freestyle to play over the air.

Big Daddy Kane, Sir Ibu and Kings of Swing freestyle

Stretch & Bobbito 7-27-1995 (w/Natural Elements & Tone the Butcher)

February 12, 2011

Underground Railroad 2001 (Tom Kat)

Tom Kat playing some 45's and other treats. Peep the way J-Smooth comes in at the end, hilarious. Underground Railroad 2001

February 5, 2011

Stretch & Bobbito - Valentine's Day 1997

This is a Stretch & Bobbito show from Valentine's Day, 1997. Actually, the show was broadcast Thursday the 13th, but technically the show was running in the early, early morning hours of the 14th.

Stretch & Bobbito - 2-13-1997

There's no hip hop on this one, but two hours of funky Valentine originals courtesy of DJ Maximillian, Tito & Delon Watson. The tracks range from Ultimate Breaks (Marva Whitney, Joe Quarterman, The Headhunters) to some funk (Curtis Mayfield, Bill Dogget, The Meters) to smooth R&B & jazz (Evelyn King, The Jacksons, Bob James, Kool & the Gang). Stretch Armstrong Show rarely featured non hip hop records for an entire show, so this one is kind of a treat. Enjoy. *Updated full version comes courtesy of nobs, Steve B & Aleph, and Philaflava

Sticker Game

Arsonists Freestyle Hot 97

Kind of a lengthy freestyle session for a Hot 97 show, at 15 minutes, but who's complaining. I think all of the original lineup is on this appearance on Stretch & Bobbito's Boogie and the Barber show..

Arsonists Freestyle (Hot 97 Feb 1997)