July 31, 2008

J-Smoke Mixtapes

I'm gonna bite on this one. DJ J-Smoke is giving away all his mixtapes on his myspace page, peep it. This one here I didn't know about but listening to now sounds pretty dope. Its got some old school blends and nice cuts, peep the rest on his myspace as well...

July 30, 2008

Wrong Side Live 2008??

How did this happen? Rock Steady Anniversary 2008...

Scenario (unreleased version)

Unkut is great site. They came through with an unreleased version of Scenario and apparently there are other versions out there somewhere. I suggest everyone check it out immediately. On the subject of unreleased Tribe, who out there has heard the unreleased version of 'the Business' from the 'Low End Theory' LP? it's the exact same beat and line-up (minus Diamond D) with a completely different subject matter... I have it lying around somewhere...

Stretch & Bobbito 1994

Here's an unlabeled Stretch & Bobbito tape from sometime in July, 1994, the same night Mobb Deep was up there freestyling. I could have sworn this tape was from 1995, but the label on the freestyle frenzy dates this Mobb Deep appearance in 94. If this is 1994, it's pretty crazy how far in advance Stretch got some of these records. This tape got stuck in my boy S-One's jeep for nearly a month when I first dubbed it, and when we finally got it out there was a couple of cuts in the mix which you'll hear on the rip. I think the tape might have even popped and I had to splice it back together. I had my technique down when it came to repairing tapes back in the day. Anyway I ripped the Mobb Deep freestyles separately from the mix because I took them off of the Freestyle Frenzy record which has much better sound quality, even though there is more to the freestyles than what's on the record. There's one pause in the mix but other than that it's an uninterrupted 30 minutes. The Lord Digga tracks is one of my all time favorites.

Stretch & Bobbito - July 1994

1) Black Smif N Wessun - Headz ain't ready
2) D & D All Stars - 1,2 Pass it
3) King Tee & The Alkaholiks
4) Lord Digga - Can u Feel it
5) Grand Puba - I like it
6) Alkaholiks & Diamond D - Next Level (E Swift Remix)
7) Roots - Silent Treatment (Beatminerz Remix)

Mobb Deep Freestyles

July 26, 2008

Keep the Links alive...

A lot of the music I posted last year is on my old computer so people asking for re-ups and stuff I might not have the time to re-rip everything over again or transfer it from my old computer. I'll try to get dead links active again if I get the chance, but make sure to keep the links alive. Zshare links die after a month or so if noone downloads them. Make sure to go through all the archives of old posts by month, you'll find them on the top left of this page. And as always, feedback and comments are appreciated.

Nes' garage sale treats

Again my girl comes through with the vinyl spots! This time she put me up on a local garage record sale advertising thousands of records and tons of 45's. I always considered garage sales the best place to shop for records. Something like this has limited promotion in comparisson to a record convention, which means there won't be people statewide coming to attend; and usually garage sales are where you can get the best prices, $5 for a crate, shit like that. You may not find the best records, but what you do find usually won't be much. Some of my best scores have been from garage sales, including some heavies.

I've kind of slowed down on the collecting tip lately, I own around 3-4000 LP's and 12"s, and there is not much that I'm dying to get in my collection aside from a few fillers. Whenever I go collecting nowadays I might find one or two things I don't have, but for the most part all I find is records I already own priced less than what I bought them for, which is a little aggrivating. My advice for all you collectors out there is to never go to a store looking for a record, buy what's there, priced the best. If you collect long enough most of the records you look for will find their way to you. See that, not only do you get good music on DW, but you also get some helpful tips. Right, anyway, let me share with you my find...

I got to the spot and there wasn't exactly 1,000s of records, maybe a couple of hundred, but there were a couple of good finds. I bought a few records for real cheap (25 cents each), mostly 2nd copies of stuff, but I did find this Tyrone Davis record I didn't have. I bought it off the strength of his 'In the Mood LP' which I really liked, plus my boy Mass just hit me up asking if I had stuff from him. It's a little roughed up but I'd say a good deal for a quarter. This track here, 'I had it all the time' I know I've heard somewhere (maybe a Soulman mix?), I don't know if it's been sampled or what but it's a nice little soul treat with a short drum intro. Shout out to Vinyl Dog Mike who I saw at the garage sale, still looking like Robert Blake from Lost Highway, ha ha, nah that's my dude, peace Mike...

While I'm geeking out on the record tip, I want to mention a movie I saw just recently called Vinyl, a documentary film that explores the world of record collecting. It's not exactly a Deep Crates, it's more a study of the nature and mind state of avid record collectors. There are some truly anti-social, never been laid characters featured in the film that make it really amusing. Beware all you record nerds, don't get too deep into those crates. Here's a clip from the movie with a dude who's goal is to collect ever record ever made...

July 24, 2008

DMC 2008

Just wanted to say congratulations to DJ Slyce for winning the 2008 US DMC battle for supremecy. Your man came out of retirement and won it, Jersey holding it down. Let's hope he can take it down in the world finals as well...Check out this post to catch some of Slyce's old rotines on an Underground Railroad appearance. Apparently, from a source of Keef Kash's, Slyce brought out the Michael Jackson routine again.


I'm waiting on some good things to come in the future and it made me think of this track, Anticipation. This is from a group called Myschief that kind of came and went in 1995 (you'll hear them shout 'nine fifth' all over this thing). As far as I know this song was only available on this Epic Street Sampler. You might know about the other Epic Street Sampler with the Kool G Rap & Nas 'Fast Life' remix. I was trying to think of other artists on this Epic Street label (before finding the roster on discogs) and noone was coming to mind besides G Rap and Ghostface. I guess this portion of the label wasn't run very efficiently, I remember '4,5,6' didn't get promoted that well aside from a couple of magazine ads. That Funkdoobiest album on Epic Street was kinda good too.

I liked this period in hip when the beats were a little darker and slower, people were sampling some weird stuff, I would say this track captures that sound well. I'm wondering if these guys had a deal on Epic that fell through because I don't remember any other records from them, also the producer of this track who isn't credited on the record. It was a pretty nice little unreleased goodie from the 'nine nickel'...enjoy

July 22, 2008

Old School

Just found this huge stash of old school party fliers from the 70's & 80's, don't know if everyone is already up on this but take a look at them, some really classic line-ups I'm seeing. Makes me wish I was around for those days...


(updated with second part)- Got to say peace again to JC @ The Meaning of Dope for hosting some of my video stuff and putting together a really bangin site. This is another one I just sent over, one of my most cherished VHS tapes, an interview with Redman from 1995 when his Darkside LP came out. He talks with Fab 5 about linking up with Erick Sermon and getting his start all the way to creating the LP, and how he felt about the funk sound at the time. The interview is pretty in depth and this is just the first half, stay tuned for part 2. Also check this post for an unreleased Redman track that didn't make it to the Darkside LP, and this post for some freestyles with Meth...

I think about the vaults of footage that MTV must have, with all this classic material just laying around collecting dust, and it really is a shame. They need to make this stuff available online to watch, or even for sale.

July 16, 2008

DJ Riz on 89.9

I just got a real treat yesterday from my boy Mondelicious on my Kletomaniac post. I posted this unreleased Supernatural track that was played on the same night DJ Riz guest DJ'd on the Stretch & Bobbito show back in August of 1995, and Mondelicious was nice enough to send over Riz's set from the same night. Unfortunately I had DJ Riz's set on another tape that I lost years ago and I am really glad to have it back. This is part of the reason why I started a blog, and I just want to say big up to everyone who sends me stuff and please continue to do so! Riz has always been one of my favorite Dj's, and this was definitely a legendary night right here, dude kills it. Riz's set rides through to the intermission on the B-side. Thanks once again to Mondelicious, be sure and drop a thanks in comments, and if any of you guys have more old radio shows please send over. Enjoy...

Check out the unreleased track with Mr Live, Tony Bones & Prince Po from Organized Konfusion, that was a classic demo that had constant rotation on 89.9. And talking about constant, remember the Constant Deviants? They had a single out called 'Competition Catch Speed Knots' back in 1994/1995, and they also had a lot of unreleased demo material that Bobbito used to play. The track on here is called 'Problem Child'. I remember them playing another joint called 'Feel it' or 'Feel me' or something with this crazy synthesizer sounding sample, I wish I still had that one too...

Stretch & Bobbito 8-31-1995 (DJ Riz)

1) Company Flow - 8 steps
2) Cypress Hill - Kalifornia
3) Raekwon - Ice Cream
4) Q-Tip - Glamour & Glitz
5) Nas Instrumental/Riz cuts
6) Mobb Deep - Give up the Goods
7) Pharcyde - Drop
8) Alps Cru - Intensity
9) Funkdoobiest - XXX Funk
10) Das Efx - Real Hip Hop (Pete Rock Remix)
11) Fat Joe - Success (Premier Remix)
12) Intermission
13) MF Grimm
14) Juggaknots
15) Godfather Don
16) S.O.S & Phife Dog
17) Omniscense
18) Supernatural
19) Company Flow
20) Mr Live, Tony Bones & Prince Po
21) Constant Deviants

July 15, 2008

Heltah Skeltah

One of my all time favorites,
here they go over the Tru Master
instrumental on Stretch & Bobbito's
XL Show, 1998.

Heltah Skeltah XL Show 1998

Tribute to Jimi

It's surprising how much material
he released for the amount of time he was recording, Jimi Hendrix was indeed prolific as well as insanely talented, taking his music to different places, playing around with all musical genres, blues, funk, rock. You've probably heard how great Jimi Hendrix is, but the guy was seriously such a creative genious. I remember reading a biography of Jimi Hendrix, I forget the title and author, but Early in his career he played back up guitar for a touring Isley Brothers, Little Richard and King Curtis. Anyway, I have pretty good knowledge of his catalouge, and today I'm gonna hit you with some slept on Hendrix..

This is one of my favorite Jimi Hendrix songs, 'Red House', the Electric Church version from the Jimi Hendrix 'Blues' album...

You cats that dig out there might know about Hendrix's 'Little Miss Lover', a song with a nice 2 bar open drum intro that was used on ATCQ's 'Scenario'. Check this live studio version (from the BBC Sessions CD1). This version has a few extra kicks added to the drum intro and a different feel from LP version...

This is a rare jam session recording of
Jimi Hendrix on guitar and Stevie Wonder on drums! sick...

And finally we have 'Got to have it', a Jimi Hendrix song you may recognize sampled on a few tracks. One of his lesser known albums made in Germany, a bootleg recording from one of his live performances, pre-experience days. There's no linear notes or date on this one so there's no telling exactly what year it was made.

Peep Jimi rockin the 12 string
acoustic for 'Hear my Train a Comin'

Check out this rare audio (30 minutes) from an interview conducted in 1970

July 14, 2008

Can we get a witness?

Those of you who live in the Chicago area are some lucky bastards this week. My boy S-One just sent me the link to this Pitchfork Music Festival and I am really frustrated I won't be able to attend. If I had an extra $600 I would most definitely fly out to Chicago just to see this show...

Public Enemy will be performing their classic LP 'It takes a nation of millions to hold us back' in its entirety on Friday, July 18th. What? Are u serious? The whole album front to back? For some reason this is only being done for this festival, this is not a worldwide tour. You would think they would take this kind of thing to New York, at least Strong Island (where they got em whylin'). Not only this but the day before the performance Harry Allen and the Bomb Squad will lead 'an in-depth discussion of PE's seminal 1988 LP and how the Squad created the record's world of sound'. Check the link above for more details. Someone out there please attend and record this thing, although I'm sure they will probably make a DVD out of the event, they better.

July 12, 2008


I might start a new section highlighting some good 45's,
that is if I remember. Here are two of my favorites..

This is the Coasters with 'Down Home Girl' as sampled by one of my favorite Pete Rock tracks, 'Skins', and this was also sampled by The Trackmasters for Chubb Rock's 'Yabba Dabba Doo' featuring Red Hot Lover Tone.

This is a nice little cover version of the Isley Brother's 'It's your thing' by Senor Soul.

July 6, 2008

Grand Wizard Theodore

Here's a short but sweet mix from inventor of the scratch Grand Wizard Theodore live on Bobbito's CM Fam-a-Lam radio show, October 2000.

July 3, 2008


Remember Nine? He was signed to profile and put out the LP 'Nine Lives' in 1995 with the 12's 'Whutcha Want' and 'Lying King'. This takes me back to rolling around in Sidekicks with funkmaster flex cutting 'whutcha want' to death, that was a pretty big record that year. Here he is interviewed and asked about the origins of his name and why his voice is so rugged. I don't remember his follow up LP although I see he has one in 1996. This is another one from my old VHS tapes I sent over to JC @ Meaning of Dope...

A to the G I

I know a lot of you peoples read blogs while you are looking to kill time at your jobs, so if you're looking to kill a couple a minutes, check out this old magazine interview with AG from 1995 when 'GoodFellas' was dropping. This is from a free magazine called Flavor that I most likely picked up record shopping back in the day. For those interested, I updated the Group Home post to include an interview with them (also from the same Flavor magazine). Click on the picture to enlarge, and adjust to whatever size. More music on the way soon...

Mobb Deep Interview 1995

I know a lot of you out there read blogs while you are at your boring office jobs looking to pass some time so I scanned this old Mobb Interview from April 1995. It was featured in a free magazine called OneNut. The article was written when the Infamous LP just came out. Much of the interview is the guy talking about trekking through Queens and waiting for them to show up, but it's still a decent interview. Click on the pictures to enlarge and read, Enjoy...

Jump on my skateboard and do a muh f**in drive by...

Alright, so I've been going a little scanner happy lately and I pulled out some old Transworlds and Thrashers from my skateboarding days. I actually had a subscription to Transworld and a box full of others from as early as 1987, but I can't find them and I don't know if it was thrown out, oh well. The ones I found were from around 1990-1991. A lot of these old ads took me back in the days when street skateboarding really started to come into form in the late 80's early 90's, when all the independently owned companies started forming. H-Street, New Deal, Real, Blind, Plan B, World Industries This might not be of any interest to some of you, but I had to throw some of these up...

One of the early pioneers of street skateboarding was Matt Hensley, and I notice a lot of people mention him as one of their favorites because of how progressive and stylish he was. He kind of had a short run with skateboarding, stopping to do other things, but he was one of the first people to take street skating to the next level...

Of course you had Powell Peralta with their Bones Brigade team, pretty much the main players in skateboarding at the time, Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Tommy Guerrero, Lance Mountain, etc. Actually, around the early 90's they started getting new memebers and incorporating more street skating. How many of you out there remember the character in the comic strip ad below? old school, son...

Then you had the Plan B team with legends like Mike Carroll, Danny Way, Sean Sheffey, etc... Primarily street skaters from the California area. I remember that one Plan B video where I first heard Del's 'Burnt' a b-side to Mr. Dobilina. I also remember getting my blue cassingle with Souls of Mischief on one side and Casual on the other at one of those early skate demos I went to.

And for those of you my age, you probably knew about Jason Lee before 'My name is Earl' and all his movie roles through skateboarding. He was a prominent member of the Blind team, first run by the legendary Mark Gonzales. Jason Lee was also one of the skaters to popularize street skateboarding, and the 360 kickflip.

I was also suprised to see Rob Dyrdek (from the show Rob & Big) show up in some of those early magazines. I didn't realize he's been skating since back then. This was before it was recognized in the X-games, when people kind of looked at it as something trivial like hackey sack or frisbee. If you were skateboarding back in those days you were always bound to meet some oddball characters (at least in NJ)...

I guess this post might not have any relevance, but skateboarding ties into hip hop, somewhat, with artists like Lupe and Pharell incorporating it in their music, and the Zoo York videos; as well as back in the day when you had different video parts overdubbed with hip hop songs. Damn it's been a minute since I got on a skateboard.. hope one or two of you out there got set off with some memories, rocking your Stussy shirts with your Airwalks, or playing Skate or Die on Nintendo (the Joust part, like Corey going up against the Daggers in Thrashin'). You know the deal... This post straight goes out to my boy Keef and S-One.

July 1, 2008


Just sent this over to my boy JC over at The Meaning of Dope.
He's got a lot of great old footage from various interviews and performances
along with a bunch of other treats. This is a Common interview (when he was still Common Sense) from Yo MTV raps hosted by Fab 5 Freddy from sometime in 1995.

Street Team Son!