April 29, 2008

After Hours

I just found out about these break mixes by DJ Ame and DJ DvL from 2001 and I'm wondering why I never knew about them. DJ Ame is giving them away free on his myspace along with some other mixes (including a couple Dilla mixes). These two collaborated under the name After Hours and dropped this two part mix of obscure original breaks. I've been listening to them the past couple days in the whip and I definitely want to recommend them for all those out there who like the break mixes, they play a lot of stuff you haven't heard on other mixtapes, and it's really well mixed. Be sure to check out his myspace or Laid Back for some more good stuff.

While you're out there checking out good stuff on the web, stop over to my boy Keef's blog. He just got started so show him some love...

April 26, 2008

Eat Money!!

Nas' 'Illmatic' was an instant classic, a no skip album. How many of you have heard this Premier remix for Represent? The voice you hear over the hook is DJ Eclipse, this was taken from a CM-Fam a Lam tape.

The king of what? ...

I found this short interview with graffiti legend Case2 from an old Bobbito tape, thought I'd throw it up for all the graf heads out there. I didn't have all of it taped, but you get to hear him talk a little bit about his vicious super deli-icious style as well as drop a rhyme.

Pics of Case2 @
The Graffiti wall of fame

....'King of styyyyyyyle'.


Peace to all the graffiti writers out there

April 23, 2008

Stones Throw Podcasts

J-Rocc - Thank you Jay Dee, Act 3

Baron Zen - West Coast Mixtape

DJ Dam - Funk's Boogie

April 20, 2008

Stretch & Bobbito 6-24-1993

I dug deep
in the files and found some more old Stretch & Bobbito tapes, this one is June 23, 1994. It starts out with the classic Nas freestyle from 1993 with Grand Wizard & 69, I'm guessing he's playing this off the freestyle frenzy record because he blends it with the Black Moon instrumental. Then you'll hear some other records out that month, Lin Que, Das Efx, Mobb Deep 'me & my crew" from their first album, N-Tyce, Souls of Mischief, Black Moon 'U Da Man', bunch of good stuff on there. 35 minutes mix. Peace to a website dedicated to cassette tape nostalgia. The cassette you see in the picture above is the exact same kind of maxell tape I used to dub this show. The site has a huge stash of old cassette pictures.

Stretch & Bobbito 6-23-1993


Mad Skillz has just that, mad skills. He's the notorious ghostwriter with
the clever punchlines and rhymes 'tighter than 5 virgins in a Volkswagon'. Nowadays he calls himself Skillz saying 'he's not mad anymore', but he's still putting out good music on okayplayer as well as doing his end of the year rap ups, where he reviews the year's events and music. His first LP 'From Where' on Big Beat was kind of disappointing to me (aside from a few joints). Lyrically he was on point, but I thought he should have been given (or chose) better beats. If you heard him live on Stretch & Bobbito back in the day, you knew dude was definitely talented from jump. I think I have all of his radio appearances from Stretch & Bobbito's show here, from 1994-1996, if I'm missing any
feel free to add them in the comments.

Mad Skillz live on Stretch & Bobbito...

April 1994 (ripped from the Freestyle Frenzy record) Live on Stretch & Bobbito with Q-Tip. The first half was released on the B-Side of the 'Nod factor ' 12" (the part on the 45 king beat). Here you get the full 10 minutes with Q-Tip.

October 1994 (also ripped from a Freestyle Frenzy record) here he rocks over the Beatnuts 'Get Funky Remix' instrumental and The Cella Dwellas 'Land of the Lost'.

July 1995 (bigup to Apani for noting the year) Here he is with the Supafriendz (Lonnie B & Danja Mowf) freestyling over Guru's 'Respect The Architect' instrumental.

Sometime in 1995?? (ripped from cassette I don't have date on) Here he is over Channel Live's 'Mad Izm remix' instrumental.

January 1996 Mad Skillz with the Supafriendz and Crash Course freestyling over Camp Lo's 'Swing' and Godfather Don's 'Properties of the Steel' instrumental.

*Bonus- Check this Supafriendz joint from 1996 called 'Vowel Movement' and the B-side 'Questions' from Danja Mowf.

*Bonus- All of the Skillz Rap Ups from 2002-2007

April 16, 2008

Return of the Ju-ice

I got some requests for more DJ Juice mixtapes so here you go, this one is Tape #34 from 1997, not quite as good as the other one posted in my opinion, but still a good mix, Enjoy...

More Stretch & Bobbito and New York Live shows on the way soon...

April 13, 2008


First off, big thanks to everyone for help with the splitting programs.
I have taken Mike's advice and started using Audacity and it's been working out pretty well, I highly recommend it. If anyone wants to send over a different program that you think would work better, I'm open to trying anything..

I've also put together a list of mixtapes I have for trade if anyone out there wants to trade mixtapes link for link hit me up with a list of what you have..

Last week I found a second
copy of this Les McCann LP (anyone want to make an offer?), one of my favorites, Talk to the People. Heads who dig know Les McCann has loads of samples on all of his LP's, as well as some real good music. This song 'talk to the people' is a perfect example. A real positive, mellow song promoting communication and unity. You'll recognize this song from an interlude on Pete Rock's Mecca and the Soul Brother LP. This album also holds a bangin drumbreak and some Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder covers, with some background vocals from your boy Eugene McDaniels...

Les McCann - Talk to the People

Eugene McDaniels
has a timeless classic with his 'Headless Heroes' LP in 1971, and the same can be said about this album from the year before, Outlaw in 1970. Not as good as Headless Heroes in my opinion, but few albums are. This cut here, Cherrystones opens with a nice little drum break followed by your boy Ron Carter on the bass and Mother Hen on the piano. This album flows with the same peace and love theme Les Mcann rocks with on the previous track. 'Long as I have my clams I don't give a damn, about muddy waters... long as I have my rice and it's tastin' nice I'm gonna love your daughters"

Eugene McDaniels - Cherrystones

"we have killed the very earth beneath our feet...
yet we still kill each other and speak of the future."

-mc d.

April 12, 2008

Dilated Peeps

Here is a Halftime show featuring Dilated Peoples and DJ Babu from November, 1999. This is their first radio appearance in New York. You'll hear an interview with Evidence and Rakaa Iriscience, freestyles from the two, and then a 20 minute mix from DJ Babu.

Halftime Show 1999 (Dilated Peoples)

April 9, 2008


I want to give a shout out to Eric @ for putting me up on a good program to help join mp3's together. What I'm looking for now (and asking readers for help) is locating a program to split mp3's, lengthy mp3's (maybe up to 60 minutes long), but I need to be able to hear and see what I'm splitting as I'm doing it, like I'm working on the MPC trimming sounds (see pic below). I have a program called mptrim which helps me trim mp3's this way but only with mp3s up to 7 minutes long, and I also have another trim program which lets me trim mps that are longer but I can't see what I'm trimming (I can only trim the mp3s into a certain number of parts). Before I go out and spend my money on something, can anyone recommend a good free program like this for trimming, or at least a worthwhile program that isn't free? please hit me up in the comments with links or recommendations if you know of anything, would be greatly appreciated....

April 6, 2008

In The Mix

First of all
I want to give a shout out and a mention to a really decent forum called Philaflavor, where you can find a lot of good tracks, mixes, info, etc., that you might be looking for. I had a dub of this mix when it came out and have been trying to find it again for some time now. I finally found it today on Philaflavor, DJ Riz's 'In the Mix' mixtape from 1997. You probably know DJ Riz from DJing on the radio, WBAU, WNYU, WKTU, or his 'Live from Brooklyn' mixes, or even the party records he put out with the Crooklyn Clan. This mix here brings me back to his days on WNYU, New York Live, it's a mix of the some of the stuff he used to play on that show. DJ Riz always had nice clean blends, and just the right amount of scratches and juggles.

In The Mix 1997

Check out the 4th song on the A Side,
Foul Play featuring Heltah Skeltah, one of the illest unreleased joints ever

April 5, 2008

Ken Sport

Here is an old Ken Sport tape circa 1997. It's a dub so I'm not sure the number or name, it's from the series of mixes that were sold at Footwork. It opens with Blue Magic, then he goes into one of my favorite blue notes Gene Harris mixing it with a Bill Cosby comedy record.

Ken Sport Mix
Side A
Side B

To read more about him, check this interview from Masscorporation, and if you want to hear more mixes from Ken Sport check DirtCastle and Outside Broadcast.

April 3, 2008

5th Platoon

The 5th Platoon is a DJ crew consisting of Neil Armstrong, Vinroc, I-Emerge, Rholi Rho, Daddy Dog, Kuttin Kandi, and Do Boy. If you don't know, read more about them here. This tape is a clip from the group's appearance on a show I don't know much about called 'Over Your head radio' on WSOU 89.5 (Seton Hall University, East Orange New Jersey), I think they promoted this on a flier so I tuned in. You've got 4 members of the group here doing some dope beat juggling and scratching routines...

1)Neil Armstrong
2)Kuttin Kandi
3)Daddy Dog
4)Rholi Rho

-the tracks that follow their sets (Slick Rick, Beatnuts, DITC) are from a Stretch and Bobbito XL show I had on the same tape.

-Apparently DJ Neil Armstrong will be Jay-Z's official tour DJ on the 'Heat of The City' tour. Congrats to Neil for the accomplishment, read more about this here.

I used to see the 5th platoon perform at the open table events and also parties thrown for the 'Battle Sounds' turntablism documentary film. I saw a screening of this film at one of the parties but never heard of its official release. Looking on the Battle Sounds website I see that they have released a 'Whitey cut' for the film, but the link to purchase has expired. Does anyone out there own this documentary? For those who don't know this was a DJ Documentary that was made years before the movie 'Scratch' came out. I remember in the film the dude who made it (John Carluccio) talked about this 'scratching sheet music', musical transcriptions for some of the different scratches. You can see/download these transcriptions here.

April 1, 2008

Beautiful Things

There's a lot of good artists on the Cadet label, Ramsey Lewis, Dorothy Ashby, Marlena Shaw, Jack Mcduff, the list goes on. Eddie Fisher had two albums on Cadet, 'Eddie Fisher & The Next One Hundred Years' and 'The Third Cup'. There's not much info on this guy, even on the record (Eddie Fisher the guitar player, not Eddie Fisher the singer) so I have no cut and paste info. I can tell you he's nasty with a guitar, and this album in its entirety comes highly recommended.

'Beautiful Things' is 12 minutes long with an extended 4 minute string intro. It starts off slow and mellow, then switches halfway through with a bassline (you may recognize from Organized Konfusion's 9 X's out of 10 or Beastie Boys 'Get it Together' Buckwild Remix).