May 9, 2009


I finally caught this record on ebay recently, an album of Syreeta doing Stevie Wonder covers with Stevie on production. The album is really amazing and highly recommended, especially if you are a Stevie Wonder fan. This joint here, 'I love every little thing about you', if I'm not mistaken was sampled by someone (the intro) but can't think of who...

Syreeta - I love every little thing about you


  1. J Dilla sampled Billy Preston & Syreeta - One More Try but I don't recall what he used it in.

    I pulled the beginning bit out of Syreeta - Your Kiss is Sweet for one of the tunes in my RPM Challenge (2008) album ... I think we can be sure that you're not thinking of me, though!

    Post back here, if you ever remember who sampled the intro - it can be fun to compare sample sources with the resulting work...

  2. Beautiful slow song by Motown-singer Syreeta. Sampled by Prodigy for "Diamond"