December 28, 2007

Repeat Offender

For those of you who remember the now defunct 'On the Go' magazine, in 1995 they released a 30 minute promotional video that was off the hook. It's got a little something for everyone on there, whether you are a graffiti artist, turntablist, DJ, crate digger, skateboarder, or just a fan of hip hop music/culture in general. You'll see an exclusive freestyle session with Black Thought from the Roots with Question doing beatbox; a short interview with the Artifacts; exclusive sets from Rob Swift and DJ Mista Sinista from the X-men; all types of graffiti stills, bombing sessions, and interviews with graffiti artists; skateboarding: and cameos from Mike G (Jungle Brothers), Positive K, Masta Ace, and The Pharcyde.

I was trying to figure out how to transfer DVD's into mpeg files for the longest time and I finally figured out how to do it. I didn't see this video anywhere on youtube, or anywhere else, so you get the exclusive first look (or second look if you've already seen it) here at Dirtywaters...

December 26, 2007

Mr Mass educating...

I just got my copy of Mr Mass' 'Education for your ears' lesson 1 last week, and it's had steady spins in the whip. For those of you who are fans of break mixes, this one is definitely a good listen. I have both of Rev Shines' 'Good News' CD's, and this mix is similar to those. The Good News series showcase a lot of samples from more recent artists; the education mix takes you a little further back to samples from Native Tongues, Bootcamp, Wu-Tang, and other classic hip hop. I liked Rev's approach to the mix, adding the drums to some of the samples to recreate the beats; also, he played a Juggaknots sample on there that had me buggin'. The Cd is bangin', from the mix, to the cover/CD design, most definitely Dirty Water recommended. Mr Mass does his thing to promote good music all over the world, definitely show some support. The link for the CD is for Eurpoean buyers, for those in the US who would like to purchase the CD contact Mr Mass through his e-mail.

December 23, 2007

Reggae mix

I always like to hear a good reggae mix, and here is one from one of the illest turntablists of Beat Junkie and Skratch Pikl fame. Shortkut's mixes have always gotten a lot of play from me, dude really has a talent with the cuts, mixes, and blends. You can have the illest record collection, know about every dope record made from the 60's on, but as a DJ, if your cuts and blends aren't up to par, your mixes are lacking. The first mix I heard from Shortkut was a tape called 'Rekonstructed Elements', which was a mix of samples mixed to form the beats they were used for(anyone out there who has a rip of that let me know because I have a shitty dub on cassette). Another mix worth mentioning is a mix called 'So Much Soul' that he did along with Vinroc, which consisted of R&B and hip hop. I'm sure he has other mixes but these are the ones I know of. Anyway, Enjoy...

December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas

Everyone out there have a safe and Merry Christmas. Enjoy the Holidays and time spent with the fam. Here goes a Podcast from Peanut Butter Wolf entitled 'Bad Santa's X-mas After Party'. Also make sure you check out MassCorporation for 2 exclusive Christmixes from DJ JS-1 and DJ Muro. Ho-Ho-Ho.

December 17, 2007

Drum Crazy Contest

Announcing the DirtyWaters Drum Crazy Contest!!!

That's right folks! The Dirtywater blog is proud to present it's first ever contest. The winner of this contest will receive an exclusive downloadable Dirtywater mix CD sent to his/her e-mail. The contest will run until there is a winner, and this winner will be congratulated and given a special shout out in a Dirtywater post. The rules for the contest are as follows:

You must give a complete tracklisting for any one of the Drum Crazy videos found below. You can choose from any of the 11 Drum Crazy videos, and provide a complete track listing for that video (just one of the 11, not all). As a helpful tool, here is the link for the the-breaks website, which can answer some, but not all, of your drum sample questions.

To enter, send your answers to Please indicate which Drum Crazy video you are providing the track list for along with the complete list of records used. If noone wins this contest within a few months time, the person who comes the closest to giving a complete listing for one of the videos will win, so make sure you at least give it shot if you are a fellow crate digger. Good Luck to all and thanks for playing!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

Part 12

December 15, 2007

The Don

I had this next track, 'Status' on a Stretch & Bobbito tape from 1995, and the sound quality sucked due to radio distortion. I always hoped one day I would get to own a better copy. 12 years later and here it is. Godfather Don has a new CD out called 'The Nineties Sessions' consisting of 17 unreleased recordings from the early/late 90's. Check out this interview to read more about Godfather Don.

Also check this freestyle from
Godfather Don on WNYU's Halftime Show, July 1998

December 13, 2007

More Bobbito...

Here is another Stretch and Bobbito show from the mid 90's, contributed by my boy Talib aka 'MadNice'. The sound quality isn't that great, but there are definitely some treats on this one. This was one of those nights when Stretch was MIA and Bobbito was in the studio solo playing demos and unreleased stuff. Towards the end you'll here Souls of Mischief's 'Taxi' demo, and portions of an Organized Konfusion Rock Steady performance.

December 9, 2007

Record Show

I checked out the record show over in Springfield today. I came up with a few more drum records for the videos, and a few other random treats. I caught a copy of the 'Getting Straight' soundtrack for $3 which I was pretty siked about. The shows aren't as good as they once were but they are still worth going to. Definitely support vinyl and the record hustle.

For those in the NJ area here are the dates for the 2008 shows:

Sunday, March 9, 2008
Sunday, June, 8, 2008
Sunday, Sept 14, 2008
Sunday, December 7, 2008

Doors open at 10:00 am, show runs until 4:00 pm
Held at the Holiday Inn on Route 22 West in Springfield, NJ. Dozens of music dealers and stores represented, selling records, CDs, DVDs, memorabilia. Admission: adults: $6, seniors: $3, kids under 12 admitted free.

Drum Crazy Part 11

I checked my inbox last week and I got the following message:

Hello DJ Nes -

I was goofing around online earlier today when I bumped into your DirtyWaters blog... I just wanted to say 'hi' to you. I created the Drum Crazy series for Ubiquity Records quite awhile back and was really excited to watch your video accompaniment for each of the records...

I still have quite a large collection of vinyl yummies, but have pulled back from the good old days of collecting. It's getting harder and harder to find the good stuff. Plus, vinyl really is now almost dead. I'm always amazed when guys like yourself figure out a way to keep the whole breakbeat scene fresh. I'm a big fan of break mixes/comps in general and it was really cool to check out the .mp3 mixtape on your blog.

Keep them coming...

Happy Collecting!


Michael van Olden
aka Fishguhlish
aka Molasses
aka MikeTheMusicGuy
aka Starchild Excalibur
(Every project gets a new acronym.)

For those who don't know about Fishguhlish, he is the man behind the Drum Crazy records, (drum loop records designed for DJ's and producers) from which I have borrowed the title of to use for my drum break videos. Those who want to read more about him can check these interviews. I am sure everyone who has taken up production from back in the day 'til now has heard about or owned copies of these records, so if interested to see more about the man behind them, check the interviews. I've also sent him a few of my own questions so stay tuned for a possible Dirtywaters interview. I'm glad to see that he is into the blog and the videos, peace and respect to Fishguhlish.

coming soon...THE DRUM CRAZY CONTEST!!!

Drum Crazy Part 11

Scratch Nerds

I haven't listened to this CD much since it came out in 2002, but I recently threw it back into rotation. It's a scratch practice CD with DJ Craze and DJ Klever, both DMC Champions and members of the Allies crew. These two are nasty with the cuts, and listening to it definitely makes me want to geek out with some flares, chirps, tears, drags, crabs, orbits, jabs, or whatever the hell you crazy kids are calling scratches these days.

DJ Craze & DJ Klever - Scratch Nerds

December 5, 2007

Wordsworth & Punchline

Here's something from Wordsworth & Punchline. These two were featured on the Lyricist Lounge Volume 1 LP, and they also had a spot on A Tribe Called Quest's 'Love Movement' LP. I think these two are still working on solo projects, but here is a flashback to their freestyles Stretch and Bobbito's 'Boogie in the Barber' show in 1996 over the Group Home's 'Realness'.

Wordsworth & Puncline Hot 97 Freestyles 1996

December 2, 2007

Rap's most livest cat

More Diggin in the cassettes type shit....

Big L freestyles on WYNU's Halftime Radio 1998

AG & GD freestyles (same night)

50th Post!

Dirty Waters has made it through 50 posts! Thanks to all the readers checking the site and we will continue to try and bring you the good stuff...

here goes Drum Crazy part 9 & 10 and a video mix of some Jazz records

Drum Crazy Part 9

Drum Cray Part 10

Jazz Breaks

November 23, 2007

Eddie 'Smeero' Hazel

Eddie Hazel's 'Games, Dames, and Guitar Thangs' is a masterpiece, co-produced by the man himself, George Clinton. You may know Eddie Hazel from his work with Parliament Funkadelic. I highly recommend this album for those into the funk. All the tracks on here are bangers, but the track I'm going to spotlight here is 'Frantic Moment'. This track is funk at its finest. In true, bugged out P-Funk fashion, Eddie Hazel played some of the guitar tracks he recorded backwards on the song. This is one of my all time favorite records. Check out Primo and Jay Dee's take on the song as well.

Gangstarr - Take two and pass

Jay Dee - Track # 23 (from beat CD #3, 2005)

November 18, 2007


Here goes another post for the turntablists. This time some routines served by three members of the Allies crew (J-Smoke, DJ Infamous, and A-Trak). These sets are from their visit to the Halftime Show in July of 2000. This was the year DJ Craze won the DMC world championship for the 3rd year in a row, and also the year the Allies collectively won the DMC team championship. All of these routines are dope, but I have to say DJ Infamous' set is my favorite. Check em out...

DJ J-Smoke

DJ Infamous

DJ A-Trak

November 15, 2007

Drum Crazy Part 7

Hip Hop album covers with fresh artwork

artwork by Denys Cowans (DC Comics)

artwork by Bob Camp and Pat Redding (Marvel Comics)

artwork by Bill Sienkiewicz

artwork by Dr. Revolt

artwork by Pushead

artwork by fuct

artwork by Skam2

artwork by Overton Llyod (Now School Graphics)

artwork by Keo Tc5

artwork by Devious Doze

artist not credited

artwork by Dudley Perkins?

artwork by Schooly D

artwork by Matt Doo (Dooable arts)

artwork by A3 for Sol Concepts

artwork by Gemini & Gnome

artwork by Isiah Roberts

Videos with fresh artwork...

Slick Rick - Behind bars

Jeru the Damaja - You can't stop the prophet

K-Solo - Letterman

KRS (Big Joe Krash) - Break The Chain

November 12, 2007

Make it Funky!

Mike aka DJ Blueprint over at This is Tomorrow, one of the nicest blogs around, asked me to do a guest mix for his page, which I was honered to do. I'm really diggin all the funk/soul mixes he's got on there, so I contributed one of my own. I highly recommend checking out his blog, he's got a lot of dope music on there, from all genres, good write ups, and a lot of cool peoples contributing some quality mixes. I especially like the funk he's got on there, a lot of which I never heard before. Check out this 30 minute funk mix from dirty water crates, and make sure and stop by his page. Whats'n ever I do... it's got to be.... Funky!


November 11, 2007

Killa Cam

I'm seeing people post/discuss Camron's new Mix CD 'Public Enemy #1', which I haven't gotten a chance to listen to yet. I have to admit I'm not the biggest Camron fan, I didn't really like much of his early shit, but the dude's tracks kind of grew on me after awhile. Here he is freestyling with Herb McGruff on Halftime in 2000.

November 7, 2007

Natural Elements

The Natural Elements are/were one of my favorite hip hop groups. It's a shame they never released an LP (officially) on Tommy Boy. From what I hear they got jerked, or dropped, or the label shut down or whatever. To read a little more about them you can check this write-up.

I first heard them on New York Live/Halftime (where they were regulars). L-Swift and A-butta would always bounce off each other lyrically, finishing each other's rhymes, and they were up there among people who were able to go off the top and sound good. Personally I like their early shit the best (isn't that always the case), stuff they put out pre Tommy Boy and even pre Dolo. The discogoraphy link on doesn't include their earliest 12"s. Mr Voodoo's 'Come off hard/45 kickin it live' and 'Lyrical Tactics/Hemlock/Shine', as well as L-Swift's 'How it's goin down', were all classic independent label hip hop records. Charlemegne, the producer for the group, is really talented, and the stuff he did with Natural Elements was off the hook. I don't think too many people give him the credit he deserves, if they know about him at all.

Charlemegne made an appearance on the New York Live show in September of 1996, and he played 5 or 6 unreleased tracks from the Natural Elements which were all bangin. I never heard these tracks again anywhere else, and I feel blessed to have been able to hear them.

Natural Elements - Do Your Thing

This one here I'm assuming is called 'Do Your Thing',
and it features Charlemegne (I think), Pacino, and Mr. Voo.

November 4, 2007

Drum Crazy Part 6

Here is part 6 of the Drum Crazy Series. Special thanks to LaLa for helping out with the camera.. to see all six Drum Crazy videos, click here

November 1, 2007

Martini & Jopparelli

To Celebrate 1 year of great blogging from the guys over at Martini & Jopparelli's Music Selections, straight from Italy, here is one of my favorite secret stash break records from the crates. This one comes from Lucio Battisti, an italian singer/songwriter doing a track called 'Prendi fra le mani la testa' (take your head between your hands). This track is ripe for sampling, with a dope bassline, and an ill break around 2 minutes in.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Much love to Martini & Jopparelli, it is an honor to be asked to do a guest post on such a great blog. Congrats on 1 year of dope blogging, hope to see many more years of great music selections...

Check their blog for many treats and other great guest posts, as well as an exclusive hip hop mix from the dusty dirty water crates...

Every day is Halloween

Don't ask me why I still have these fliers but I do. I have a box full of fliers that I kept for some reason. I actually saw these guys live on Halloween in 1996 and it was a decent show, a lot of energy to say the least. These guys had like 20 members in the group, and it seemed like every other week one of them left. I was kind of disappointed with the album they released, but the 12" was a classic...

October 30, 2007

Bring the Noise

DJ Noize is the 1996 DMC World Champion. He is famous for cutting together words and phrases from different hip hop records to make disses. I remember there was a lot of controversy after the '96 DMC's, people were hating on Noize for winning over Roc Raida, saying that he wasn't doing much more than mixing, and that Raida was much more technical and skillful with his routines. I think it must have been hard to judge the battle that year because both of them are really talented DJ's. At that time Raida was my DJ hero and I always rooted for him to win any battle, but I'm not gonna take anything away from Noize because he did his thing also. Noize was really creative with his sets. You could tell dude put a lot of thought and time into them. Check out his 15 minute set on the CM Fam-a-lam radio show from September of 1999.

DJ Noize DMC Finals 1996

Roc Raida DMC Finals 1996

October 29, 2007

Tribute to a graffiti legend...

This post will be a slight departure from my usual posts, a dedication to one of the most talented graffiti artists ever to pick up a spray can, NaceOne.

Growing up in the same hometown here in New Jersey, I had the privilege of seeing Nace's art evolve from the early stages firsthand. I first met Nace through skateboarding (at which he was also very talented) in the late 80's, maybe right around the time he first started to write graffiti. He picked up graffiti quickly, and kept going with it, getting better and better every day. I had the pleasure of doing a piece with him (with my wack ass beginner/typical graffiti letters) some time around 1993. Unfortunately we never got to finish due to a police chase, but that's another story. I can definitely say that he was an inspiration to myself, and dozens of other people, to start writing. He was an inspiration to everyone he met. He was a cool, laid back, passionate dude, who had a lot of dedication to his artwork, and an insane amount of talent. Over the years he has made quite a name for himself, anyone who is anyone in the graffiti world, worldwide, recognizes his name and his work.

Unfortunately Nace passed way before his time, but his art and his memory will live on forever. I recently found out about a tribute page for Nace on myspace, and I urge everyone out there in blogland to visit this page and take a look at his amazing work. Well over 100 photos of his pieces. R.I.P. Nace, grafitti legend.

October 24, 2007

Stretch & Bobbito Show 1995

Here is a rip of a Stretch Armstrong Show
from June 15, 1995. The highlights on this one include a freestyle from AZ, who was promoting his upcoming album 'Doe or Die', and his 'Rather Unique' 12" which was being released the following week. Also the Mobb Deep track on side B, 'About to Get Hectic', was an unreleased track that I never heard anywhere else other than Stretch's show. You also got an unreleased Rakim track on there, 'I get visual', and INS' 'Let me at them' from the Tales from the hood soundtrack. I remember this night being the first time I heard Biggie's 'Wickedest', a track he did with Mister Cee. I think it was also the first time I heard Raekwon's 'Criminology'. Classic Hip Hop. Enjoy.

Updated 1/2012 - Full show rip courtesy of DJ Eclipse

Stretch & Bobbito 6-15-1995

Tape 1
Tape 2
  1. Mobb Deep - The Start of Your Ending
  2. Finsta Bundy - Bomb Shit
  3. Method Man - The Riddler
  4. KRS - One - Ah Yeah (remix)
  5. Mobb Deep - Temperature's Risin'
  6. AZ - Rather Unique
  7. Grand Puba - Little of This
  8. L Swift - How it's Goin' Down
  9. Mic Geronimo - Masta I.C
  10. Special Ed - Neva Go Back
  11. Heltah Skeltah - Let the Madness Begin
  12. Rakim - I Get Visual
  13. Mic Break
  14. Raekwon - Criminology
  15. Mobb Deep - About to Get Hectic
  16. Mad Skills - Skills in '95
  17. Inspectah Deck (Wu tang Clan) - Let Me At Them
  18. Notorious B.I.G - Wickedest
  19. Junior Mafia - Player's Anthem
  20. AZ - Sugar Hill
  21. AZ Interview/Freestyle
  22. Mobb Deep - Back At You
  23. Channel Live - Reprogram (remix)
  24. AZ - Your world Don't stop (Remix)
  25. Bushwackas - Caught up in the Game
  26. Powerrule - Rock Ya Knot Quick
  27. Ten Thieves - Straight from the Slums
  28.  Special Ed Interview/Freestyle
  29. Special Ed Mix

October 19, 2007

A Tribe Called Quest

I just caught the VH1 Honors tribute to A Tribe Called Quest last week and I have to say it's good to see those guys get some recognition after all these years. Their lyrics, albums, and production work were always exceptional, and that goes for all of the Native Tongue camp. They reunited for a tour not too long ago that passed through Jersey, and I am really pissed to say that I missed out on it. Hopefully they will do another tour sometime soon, and I heard something about them making another album; if anyone knows anything about another tour or album please let me know. Anyway, as a tribute to one of my favorite hip hop groups, here is a portion of a live Tribe performance sometime after their 'Beats, Rhymes, and Life' LP dropped.

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October 16, 2007

Check the fine print

My computer finally got fixed so I'm back with some more treats.
This one coming from one of my favorite hip hop groups of all time,
the Artifacts.

TameOne and El da Sensei are two of Jersey's finest who worked really well off each other, and it was a shame when they split to do solo projects. Before their first LP 'Between a Rock and a Hard Place' in 1994, they made a few demos that weren't released on the LP. These demos included different versions of the songs 'Flexi with da Tec' and 'Wrong Side of the Tracks', as well as a collaborative project with Brand Nubian called 'Check the Fine Print'. The jazzy beat used for the track I believe was produced by Lord Jamar, who also laid a verse on the track along with Sadat X, Tame, and El.

On the track they talk about how shady record contracts can be, as well as how a lot of hip hop acts at the time were fraud. This was one of my favorite Artifacts songs with that fast tempo old school feel, making me want to grab my foot and jump over my leg on some Kid N Play shit.

Artifacts - Check the Fine Print
(demo featuring Sadat X & Lord Jamar)

Also, here is a freestyle from the two, possibly their
last radio appearance as a group, in January 1997
on the New York Live Radio show.

Artifacts freestyle WNYU 1997