September 14, 2010

Stretch & Bobbito September 1995

This one features Stretch cutting it up and an appearance
from a group called 'True to This' that I'm not familiar with.
DJ Mighty Mi was also in the studio holding down the wheels
for the freestyle session. I'm forgetting who produced that
Genius 'Labels' remix on here, but it's pretty bangin'
Also you get a Rawcotiks demo on there..
This one's going 15 years back to the day! Enjoy

September 13, 2010

AG Freestyles 1998 XL Show

Here goes some freestyles from
DITC's AG on Stretch & Bobbito's
Hot 97 'XL Show'

AG Freestyles XL 1998

R.I.P. Fat Beats NYC


Forgot to throw this up in tribute last week.

September 12, 2010

Radio Promos

Every good hip hop radio show has a promo. Some are made by
the show's hosts themselves while others are made by artsists
who appear on the show. Some promos are played only a handful
of times, and others are played at the beginning of each broadcast.
Regardless, these old radio drops usually had original production
and lyrics, and they can be considered unreleased gems from the
artists who make them. Here goes 7 random hip hop radio spots...

The Kool Keith promo was taken from Stretch's blog from awhile back
and the Beatnuts Red Alert promo is a joint off the One Leg Up LP.

September 1, 2010

Getting rid of some tapes...

I have 10+ shoeboxes full of cassettes

and I'm trying to make room for other stuff,

so I'm getting rid of some cassettes on ebay.

The box is full of about 20+ CM Famalam and

Halftime Shows from around 1998-2002.

I'm just asking for shipping costs, so if interested

check it out here.