August 8, 2009

Dorothy Ashby

'Afro Harping' and 'Dorothy's Harp' from jazz harpist Dorothy Ashby are/were two records near the top of my want list. I couldn't imagine paying less than $50 for even a VG copy of either of these, but I just came up on a pretty decent copy of 'Dorothy's Harp' for $20. It was one of those dream thrift store finds all you record nerds can relate to. The store owner seemed pretty knowledgable about the record, saying it was worth a lot more. Maybe he said this because he saw me eyeballing the shit out of it to inspect it before I brought it up to the counter, or maybe it's just a buyer's market right now.

Dorothy Ashby - Windmills of Your Mind

This album includes a cover of 'The Windmills of your mind,' originally composed by Michael Legrand. Pacewon took this track for his song 'Got it Locked' and Pete Rock sampled this for Rahzel's 'All I Know.' This record is a banger front to back, recorded in Chicago, 1969, and Produced by Richard Evans.


  1. Good score - never seen this one. Ms. Ashby had no peer. Any links to an upload of the full LP?
    johnnietoobad (AT)

  2. I've heard that cover of "Windmills" Sweet stuff. Nice find!