August 28, 2008

If Kool Kieth can eat cereal while he's rolling, let me live...

August 24, 2008

Freestyle Nova

Here is a CM Famalam show from near the end of the millennium. This is sort of like Bobbito's live version of the freestyle compilation tapes Stretch & Bobbito used to put out. He plays all of his favorite freestyles and DJ performances from 1999, their first year as the 'CM Famalam radio program' on WKCR. At the end of the night he had the listeners call in and vote on their favorite performances but I forget who won. I've yet to rip the A-side, they run about an hour on each side. On this one you'll hear Kardinal Official, Kenny Muhammed and DOA, Dialted Peoples & DJ Babu, Last Emporer, King Sun, Rob-O, lots of other freestyles and DJ A-trak cutting it up. If anyone wants to put up a full track listing feel free. Enjoy...

Beatminerz pt 2

Here's an old dusty mix tape from DJ Evil Dee, the sound quality isn't the best but it's a nice 90 min. mix of originals and samples. Enjoy

August 22, 2008

Save Ferris

Today was the perfect day, no clouds outside, plenty of sun, I started thinking about this song and threw it on my table as soon as I got home.

I'm kinda diggin these
Ferris Bueller Nike's too...


Wisdom is a group consisting of Adagio and the Juggaknots. Not sure if they were related somehow, but your man Big Cousin came through with some nice production, and they put out a track together in 1996 called 'all star jam'. The clip is the group freestyling and promoting this 12" on Mayhem's New York Live.

Wisdom freestyles WNYU Oct 1996

August 20, 2008

DJ Rich Medina

Here's a 10 minute set
mixing samples and breaks
on the CM Famalam show
January 1999.

August 17, 2008

West Coastin'

I remember hearing this after a friend of mine got it back in the day, but I never owned any of MC Ren's solo shit. I just caught this album on vinyl a couple of weeks ago and it's pretty dope. In the tradition of all NWA stuff, Ren really pushes the line of what you can get away with saying on a record. Easy-E, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, all got serious shine after NWA disbanded, but MC Ren remained kind of slept on. I always thought he was just as good, if not better, than everyone else in the group. This EP 'Kizz my Black Azz' includes songs from his album 'Life Sentence'. The only shout out he gives on the record- 'Special Thankz 2 Everybody that stuffed they mouth with tissue'. Classic.

I've been on the West Coast tip lately, rocking my favorite Ice-T album 'The Iceberg'. A lot of people might say Power is the better album, but Iceberg was always my favorite. I can't really say I liked too much of his stuff after the 80's, but dude is definitey a legend, argueably the first MC to tackle the gang violence subject matter. I'm not about to speak on the Soulja boy conflict because I couldn't care less, I'll leave that to all the other blogs. I'll just hit you with one of my favorites from the Iceberg 'peel their caps back'.

Ice-T - Peel Their Caps Back

DJ Red Alert Goin' Berserk

Dj Red Alert has been around since the very beginning of hip hop and remains doing his thing to this day. He's got over 25 years in the radio game, and you can still catch him on 98.7 Kiss FM on Friday nights. The old school at noon shows were bangin, I used to go back and forth between him and Mister Cee. I've heard some of his older Kiss FM shows back in the 80's and he was definitely ahead of his time on the mix. I dug up this old Yo interview footage with Red rockin the Devils jersey, and threw up a couple Red Alert joints as a tribute..

Sparky Dee - He's my DJ

Ultramagnetic MC's - Bait

August 12, 2008

Evil Dee

I forgot to post this after I recorded it,
DJ Evil Dee cutting up some originals for a little over 30 minutes on Halftime, April 30, 2008.

August 10, 2008

Masta Ace Inc

Here goes one of my favorite freestyles from a Mister Cee tape featuring Masta Ace Incorporated
(Ace, Lord Digga, and Paula Perry). Masta Ace starts it off rhyming with food in his mouth, funny stuff.

August 8, 2008

Post #200

Here goes a clip from an ITF Competition around 1997.
They had both scratching and beat juggling battles,
this is 1st place DJ Craze's set from the scratch portion of the battle.

I think DJ Craze might be my favorite battle DJ. Not only is dude really innovative but he's well developed in both scratching and beat juggling without being too technical to follow along with.