October 26, 2008


Apparently zshare sucks. A shitload of links got knocked out as a result of hosting issues (practically every zshare link on DW). Don't ask me why I'm continuing to use their services (lazy), but Here are some DW exclusive treats that I wanted to re-up for everyone. These are some of my favorites from previous posts, if anyone has any requests let me know and I'll try to find them and get them back up and running... Also I'm starting to re-up some of the older posts starting with the most recent, hopefully I'll have a good perecentage of the stuff available again soon.


  1. Life of a blogger just got harder, eh Nes? There's all kinds of links dead on my site too now. First it was Mass Mirror that screwed us all over and now ZShare. I don't even know where to start really. I'm just going through my blog archives and find all the ZShare links for now. I dig Rapid Share though. Costs money though but for what it costs for a month membership, you can run through a hell of a lot of downloads. I didn't use to like it, but I like seeing all my files and also now I get enough downloads a month that I don't have to pay for the membership anymore either. Plus them and Megaupload have nice little software packages so you can queue up multiple items and leave it be, not having to babysit every upload you know. Best of luck to all of us I guess, we all need it!

  2. no doubt, this sucks more for people new to the site who havent gotten to all of it already, i really don't have the time to maintain DW right now for new and old stuff.

  3. I dl'ed all these the first time around

    crazy good shows!

    William in Indiana

  4. I just found all these blog pages through bumpin Grand Invincible.

    Best thing that's happened to me musically since i ruined my credit on equipment.

    Your page is very pro.

    i've been bathing in all this shit trying to keep up.

    was that guy speaking on Rapid Share really real or is he a plant?
    cuz i've been ready to try it.

  5. good looking bro, lol, Dom is no plant, buying a rapidshare thing is something i would endorse also if you have a lot of stuff you want downloaded from them. They make you wait hours between downloads otherwise.