December 12, 2008

Dreams and Reality

Aboriginals (Obsession and Logic) are another slept on group that came around in the mid 90's. Their first 12" was 'Keep it Hot/The joint' which was I thought was pretty decent, followed by 'Chemistry', and I don't remember much of their stuff after that. This 12" was one of my favorites, tho, 'The Joint' was my joint.

I see both of their 12's getting good feedback on the internet so I dug up one of their demo songs or unreleased, unpressed songs from 1995. Bobbito played this a few months before that Keep it Hot 12" came out, and I remember buying the 12" and being kind of disappointed this demo track wasn't on there. It kind of reminds me of De La's 'Millie pulled a Pistol' cause they use the same drums, and it's got that slow, mellow feel to it, with a nice piano loop. I'm pretty sure it's never been pressed up on vinyl or released anywhere else, so anyone into them check it out and enjoy. You'll hear in the second verse they use the monopoly theme like Cella Dwellas 'Advance to Boardwalk', maybe that's why they didn't put it out, who knows. Sometimes people use the same beats or same topics, it's all good, especially years later.

Aboriginals - 'Dreams and Reality' (Unreleased Demo)


  1. this is dope man!got their 2 12" you mentioned, which i quite like , but this demo is definitely dope!!

  2. The name of this track is 'Dreams In Reality'


  3. Yo. This is Logic of the Aboriginals. I just happened to see this post. The track is called "Dreams and Reality." Also, we did this track prior to The Cella Dwellas "Advanced to Boardwalk." We never pressed it up. The track was so raw and unmixed that we never thought Bobbito would play it. Who knew?? Thanks for the write-up fam!