December 19, 2008

Hawthorne Radio/ Sing Along with Nes

The Stones Throw podcasts seem to be a popular download here on Dirty Waters (even though they are free on Itunes and on Stones Throw), so I definitely have to throw this one up, it may be one my favorites already. If you liked Madlib's 'Motown Mix' you should like this one as well, it's a nice mix of old R&B and Soul records from Mayer Hawthorne, a new recording artist for the label. You can click here for a full track list. Lot of heat on this one, that Marvelettes track Jay Dee sampled is also one of my favorites.

The Dee Edwards track on the mix is new to me, something I definitely need in my collection. It's been stuck in my head the past few days. The break down with the guitar is pretty sick.

Dee Edwards - Why Can't There Be Love?

This Hawthorne Radio mix has a lot of songs that get stuck in your head all day, and make you want to sing along with them when you hear them. It reminds me of this next song that I always find myself singing out of nowhere. It's a sleeper cut on 9th Creation's 'Falling in Love', the same Lp that has 'Bubble Gum' made popular by Artifacts on 'Wrong Side of the tracks. This track is called 'Sexy Girl' and it's on some real smooth shit. I was siked to find it on a 45.

9th Creation - Sexy Girl

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  1. I didnt realise that 'Sexy Girl' was a single either! good to see someone else hitting on that toon. keep up the good work.