September 21, 2008

Diamond D

I think it goes without saying that Diamond D is one of the best, most original, influential hip hop producers around. We're gonna break down some D squizzy production from the sample up, 2 different versions of one beat.

In the early 90's Diamond made a couple tracks using the bass line from the song 'Crazy Girl' from Michal Urbaniak & Urzula Dudziak's 'Tribute to Komeda' LP. Michael Urbaniak & Urzula Dudziak are/were husband and wife jazz musicians prominent in the 1970's and 80's. They are regarded as pioneers of jazz fusion, and they both have a thick catalogue with many sampled LP's, particularly Urzula Dudziak's vocals, which were electronically altered to create strange effects on her five-octave range. The tracks used with 'Crazy Girl' were Big Red's 'Created a Monster', and Diamond D featuring Lakim Shabazz 'I can't take it no mo'.

Diamond D & Lakim Shabazz - I can't take it

Michael Urbaniak - Crazy Girl

Here is a take on the Urbaniak beat, this time featuring Diamond D on the mic, followed by Jersey's own Lakim Shabazz. The track is called 'I Can't take it no mo', talking about crime. I got this off a white label 12" I picked up sometime in 1994. I didn't know where this track was originally from until a few days ago when some of my peoples in the philaflava forums told me about the Class A Felony LP from 1993 where this was apparently some kind of bonus track. Unlike the Big Red version, on this track Diamond uses some jazzy horns for the hook, and I think I even heard a little Grover Washington sample thrown in there.

I'm not sure which of these tracks was made first, but this is Big Red's take. This is a promo only 12" from the Payday label. I'm pretty sure he had an album deal or some kind of deal that fell through when the label went under.


  1. dope stuff as usual!i think i have that create a monster track on a payday comp..might listen to it tonight as i havent listen it for a while


  3. good work, wanna exchange links?

  4. What up Nes! Yea this was dope. That Big Red joint was classic DITC. I see they released a unreleased compilation joint with tunes from 94. Hopefully they will drop some heat.

  5. unreleased DITC with joints from 94? Im all over that