September 2, 2008

DW Jazz

What's up peoples? Not to sound like I'm sleeping on my stomach, but I'm siked to see the Dirty Water Jazz mix reaching 2000 downloads. Not exactly a huge number, but enough to get me excited. In case you missed it, peep it. I want to say thanks to everyone who was nice to enough to post it on their blogs, forums, etc; also thanks to the people who emailed with positive feedback, and track ID questions (which I'm always glad to answer). I'm trying to find out the consensus on this one, so if you have the time, please leave some feeback, positive or negative.


After a long gap, and several different career choices, I've decided to return to college. Today was my first day back and already I can tell this is going to be a long, grueling process that will consume most of my time. Unfortunately, you may see a decline in the amount of posts that go up here, but I will do my best to continue to bring the treats...


  1. I'm hoping to go back to school myself, after I save up some dough.

    What degree are you pursuing?

  2. I love this mix! I've been listening to it non stop since you put it out. Planning on a follow up?

  3. you should man, never too late, going for my BA. I plan on taking some writing and journalism courses so hopefully the quality of my write ups will go up.

    Planning on making some more mixes, most likely not all Jazz again, maybe a rock mix, 80's mix, hip hop mixes, more break mixes

  4. hey mate that mix is fire...dont worry about low comments and stuff like that, you know how the internet goes, when it's time to take everybody is on it, when you have to give some back everybody disappear.keep doing you thing!

  5. thanks 45, I should have put it up as a survey made it easier for people

  6. great job man
    is it possible to get the track list of the "dirty water jazz" mix

  7. would love a tracklist of this as well.