December 15, 2008

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Peace to my boy Carlo aka DJ Jet-C who dropped me a line recently after finding the blog. One of the many perks of having a blog, getting up with old friends. He sent over some pictures of some recent works and asked I re-up the Radio Ruckus 1999 session. I posted this rip last year but got knocked out due to the z-share crash, so just to refresh your memory, this is my first radio appearance on WRSU 9 years ago along with DJ Force and Jet-C. We were featured there to showcase our battle routines so you'll hear some juggles and scratches from us, I think Carlo forgot his records while he was in town that weekend and did some stuff using Force's Duck breaks. Anyway, enjoy. You'll hear me first, Force, then Jet-C, peace to emskee who loves hearing himself talk all over everything. Yo Force where you at, we're rading the studio for another session along with DJ T-Diddy.

Radio Ruckus 12-26-1999

'Mang' aka DJ Jet-C


  1. Just so people don't get it twisted - that 'mang' piece i did in my garage for fun to mess around with some colors. I'm no graffiti writer.

    Peace, Nes. Thanks for uploading that radio show.

    To be honest, even after listening to it, I still don't remember the events of that evening.

    How could a whole night be erased from my memory?

    I searched my brain to find the answer.

    I found it.

    The answer is here:

  2. mad modest Jet, that mang is dope and you killed it that night. You were ahead of Force and I back then, my juggles were decent but I couldn't scratch for shit. that youtube is crazy lol

  3. na I'm not the modest one. I know I'm dope lol. I'm just being straight up.

    When I say "I'm no graffiti writer" I just mean I don't mark surfaces illegally. Don't get me wrong I'd love to - I just have bad knees - runs in the family. Plus I paint slow. Plus writers have to know their spots - something that's a whole different skill than painting - and something I'm man enough to admit that I don't know much of.

    on the music -
    Back then, like a lot of folks, I was obsessed with the latest techniques and flow rather than being clean. But you guys were consistently cleaner and kept the musicality in the routines. That shows through on the tape. Funny I could appreciate your sets but I couldn't sit through mine.

    Heh maybe we can do that show over some time. Maybe I'll film it - so I can have my next trainwreck on video lol.

  4. can u believe that shit was almost 10 years ago!? wtf?